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"I don't care what you do to me. I'm not drinking that innocent woman's blood!" I shrieked.

"Why not?" the other vampire I lived with, Jullie, asked.

"You don't get it! No matter how many times I explain to you that people have a past and a future you don't get it!" I yelled.

"You are right I don't get it," she sighed.

"She is supposed to be a mother some day. She is going to be a professor and John Carroll University. I can't kill her, she is going to impact other people," I sighed. "Every time I try to feed and I touch someone I see their destiny, I can't do it. Made I should just leave," I said.

"I couldn't agree more. If you ever change your mind you are welcome to come back," she said.

"We both know that will never happen," I said as I gather my things in vampire speed. "I know I disappoint you and you were looking for a sister, but I can't."

"Where are you going to go?" she asked.

"America, I think. I already know English so it should be easier to adjust there than anywhere else," I said as I picked up my stuff.

"Keep in touch?" she asked shyly.

"Of course. You are like a sister to me. Well, you will have to be the one keeping in touch, you move around more than I'll need to," I said.

"How are you going to live?" the question dawned on her.

"I've been thinking about that a lot lately, I think I should be able to live off of animal blood but I'm not sure. If it doesn't work out I'll come back," I said. With that I turned to leave.

"Bella!" Jullie called.

I turned to face her. I imagined that if we were human she would be crying. "Yeah?"

"Ich liebe dich," she said. (I love you)

"Für hemme?" I asked. (For ever?)

"Nixe, für hemme und ethisch," she said. (No, for ever and always)

I smiled and ran over to her and gave her a hug. "Chouce," I said when I pulled away. (Bye)

"Chouce," she said. With that I ran away. I didn't want things to get anymore emotional than they already had.

I decided to go to the air port. I knew I could persuade them to give me a ticket on such short notice.

(A.N real quick I'll spear you all and myself the trouble and just write this exchange in English. It is hard to type in German when and American key board doesn't have the right accent marks and when the computer automatically changes the words I type so English for longer dialog even if they are in Germany)

"Hello?" I said to the man at the front desk.

"Hello, what may I do for you today?" he asked with what I believe was supposed to be a seductive smile.

"I need a plane ticket to the United States for your soonest flight, I don't care about the cost," I said as I look up at him from under my eye lashes.

He stood astounded for a moment then he snapped out of it. "Yeah, we have a straight flight boarding now, but it is a bit expensive," he said.

"Not a problem, how much?" I asked. I had saved up quite a bit of money since I wouldn't drink human blood I was able to work and since I didn't need food or just about anything else most people need I had a large sum of money.

"2500.00," he said simply.

"Here," I handed him the money. He looked shocked for a moment and after examining it making sure it was all real he gave me the ticket with out a word.

I made it on to the plane just in time. I had a lot of time to think since it was an eight hour flight and I couldn't sleep. I decided when I first got there I would go out into the woods and try to feed see if it would quench the thirst for a while, then I would find a night job and an apartment, last order of business was that if all else went well I would attend high school again. With a full twenty four hours a day I would have to much spare time to not do anything all day.

I also found the perfect place to live. After asking around the plane someone finally told me that Forks Washington bearly had sun and it rained almost every day. That would be my new home.

The plane landed and I went straight to find the front desk and buy a ticket to the air port in Port Anglous. That ticket was much cheaper thankfully. I arrived at the air port and it was rather late. I decided to stay in a hotel so I would have some where to put all my stuff until I found an apartment.

I told the woman at the hotel that I wasn't picky about the room which was completely true, I mean I didn't even need a bed. She gave me the only room they had left it wasn't a bad room, but I didn't really pay much attention to it. I just wanted to take a nice warm bath which is exactly what I did. I didn't really need to but it relaxed me. The warmth of the water felt incredible against my cold, hard skin.

Before I knew it, it was a decent time and I left the hotel telling the woman at the front desk that I would spend the week there, she seemed a little to pleased about it, but I shrugged it off. I went back to the room and grabbed my bag.

As I had told myself earlier, first thing I had to do was hunt. I found a large forest that seemed to be full of deer, bears, and other animals like that. I jumped on the first thing I saw, it was a big grizzly bear. I drank it dry, I hadn't realized how thirsty I was, it probably wasn't safe for me to be walking around that thirsty. I also had a deer just to be safe so I wouldn't have to come back for a while.

With that settled I went to find a job. I wasn't picky about this either, I could work crazy hours and it wouldn't faze me. The first place I walked into was a twenty four hour Target, they offered me the job right away, they needed someone to work every night Monday through Friday from eight at night until seven in the morning. It was perfect, I could go to school in the day do what ever homework they would give me, hunt when needed, and then come to work. The pay wasn't great but it could be worse.

I found an apartment very easily too. How I loved this unnatural beauty. Humans would bend over backwards to make you happy. I'm sure the fact that I had an accent helped ,American guys seemed to be atracted to that too, and the person I was renting the apartment form as well as my new boss were both male. Everything one my list was done by one o'clock. That is except for the last thing.

I ran over to the school and into the fron office which was clearly marked as such.

"Hello? May I help you?" the secretary asked confused.

"Hello, I am Isabella Swan. I just moved here and I was wondering if I could enroll to high school here?" I said politely.

"Of course, I just need your papers, do you have them?" she asked.

"Yes, one moment," I reached into my bag and handed her all of my papers.

She looked them over, "Okay hunny, I just need you to take this test so I can see where to place you and what grade because I'm sure Germany has a different schooling system."

"Actually I went to the American school there. I would be a junior this year. But by all means I will be glad to take the test," I said smiling sweetly as she handed me the multiple choice test.

I took it at a human pace and inteionally got a few questions wrong so that I would be placed as a junior. I handed her the test after about an hour.

"Alright, now can you write in English. I can tell that you have a heavy accent," she said.

"Yeah, I know how to write in English and German. I can also read in both," I said as I smiled.

"Alright hunny, I just need you to write a short essay so we can be sure," she said.

I love it when people don't trust me, "Of course," I said. "What should it be on?" I asked.

"Let's see, how about you write about why you moved here," she said.

"Okay," I said then went to write a lovely essay. Of course I had to lie, it would be hard to explain that I'm a vampire that wants to drink animal blood instead of human blood. I made up some sob story about how my parents had both died in a car accident and I couldn't stand to be where they used to be any longer so I moved here. I figure thirty minutes was long enough.

She read it over then gave me a hug. "I'm so sorry," she said.

I stood completely still as I saw into her past a future. Her future was dull it consisted of staying here but she was happy and the students seemed to love her. In her past her life was full of pain. I couldn't get to deep into it because I knew she would wonder what was wrong with me so I fought it off and I would look more into it later.

"Thank you, but it was a long time ago now. It doesn't faze me much," I said.

"Of course. Well, you can start here tomorrow and I already made your schedule, you are in all advanced classes but you will be a junior," she said with a smile.

"Thank you, I'll see you tomorrow, " I said then left.

As soon as I walked outside I smelled them. Other vampires were here. I looked around and caught one of there attention. She was small and pixie like and walking straight over to me with a confused look on her face.

"Hello?" I greated not knowing what to say.

"Hi, I'm Alice," she said as she extended her hand.

"Bella," I said as I shook her hand. I saw her destiny, she had already found it, she was with one of the male vampires that she was standing with earlier. But I didn't see her past.

"You're past? What happened?" I asked.

She looked at me strangely," I don't know, I don't remember why?"

"I see people's destiny and past, but I only saw your destiny not past," I explained.

"That is so cool!" she said. "I never saw you comeing though? Why not?" she asked.

"You wouldn't have, I never made a decision to come here, it was destiny," I said smiling at how ironic it was.

"I'm not gonna ask," she said.

"It's best not to," I said. "Why are you all at a school?" I asked.

"Same as you, we don't drink human blood," she said.

"How did you know I don't?" I asked confused.

"You're eyes," she said.

"Oh, that makes sense." I had forgotten that eyes change color when you drink animal blood.

"Come meet my family," she said.

"Why not?" I agreed. This was one strange day. I didn't know anyone else would ever consider drinking animal blood instead of human.