A/n: I hate AU, why the hell am I writing one? But its fairly decent so you should read it.

Summary: They say he's trouble, a wildcard; will Fay, a single 'father' to four children (Sakura, Syaoran, Syaoron (I DIDN'T CHOSE THE NAME, CLAMP DID) and Mokona), working as a barman be tamed by reluctant customer Kurogane who unwillingly finds himself drawn into Fay's crisis.

Chapter 1: The living legend

"This is stupid." Kurogane grumbled, for at least the tenth time as he was practically dragged through the doors of the cottage-style bar. The atmosphere was not his style at all, a small room filled with smoke and chatter and the smell of stale alcohol, only dulled by some horrible song playing on a faded jukebox.

He was ushered into a small booth by one of his two companions. Fellow castle-guards though they were, Kurogane did not socialize with them outside of work, and he had suspected one of them (a tall boy, by the name of Doumeki, an apprentice guard and experienced archer) to be mute until that night. Then Sorata had dragged him to this dive in order to 'have fun'. Kurogane failed to see the fun in having his ears mutilated by a washed up irish singer's music distorted over the speakers.
"Lighten up you, it's not a wake." Sorata bullied, as Doumeki disappeared to the bar to get drinks. Kurogane briefly wondered if he was even old enough to be served. The bar attendant he was talking to didn't seem to think so, as his face was red, he was yelling and flailing loudly.

"He likes him. Think he gets a kick out of winding him up." Sorata filled in. "I think that's the only reason we come here." Doumeki placed the drinks on the table, and Kurogane shrugged. He really didn't care. He sipped at the alcohol and it tasted as weak as it smelled. It was pathetic really. He sighed, the faster he finished this the faster it was all over, so, ignoring the taste he downed the beer in one. Sorata looked shocked, Doumeki looked slightly curious.
"Hyuu. Impressive." Sang a sweet voice. Kurogane turned and looked, to see a tall blond man, three glasses between his fingers. "We don't get many real men in here." He smiled and showed dazzlingly white teeth. He then, rather puzzlingly winked, and ran off. He reappeared moments later behind the bar with the dark haired boy in the glasses Doumeki seemed fond of.
"The hell was that." Kurogane muttered in confusion.
"That, was Fay." Sorata said, taking a swig from his glass. "A natural born flirt if there ever was one. Male or female, young or old, I've seen him flirt with cat-people before." He stressed.

"You shouldn't gossip." Doumeki said, though he didn't sound offended in the least.
"It's true though. He does it to get tips… needs the money you see. A lifestyle like his is bound to cause trouble." Kurogane raised an eyebrow, questioning without words. "When you're as… 'friendly' as Fay Fluorite… sometimes the seeds grow… if you get me." Sorata smirked. "Doumeki, get another round in." He ordered, handing the archer some money. Kurogane didn't even protest.

Instead his eyes followed Doumeki to the bar. Once again he was served by the bespectacled youth, who seemed irritated by him, and this time, Fay giggled and leaned into the conversation.
"Anyway," Sorata distracted, causing Kurogane to tear his eyes from the blond. "Allegedly she died in some mysterious accident."
"Who did?" Sorata had only had one drink and he already appeared to be talking nonsense.
"The mother of some of his children." He stressed as Doumeki sat beside them. "Some people reckon he did her in."
"Are you making this up?" Doumeki asked. "I heard she found someone she liked, didn't want to be 'left holding the baby' and ran off." Sorata batted his hand furiously.
"Details aside, either way he was left with 5 little kiddies," He held up five fingers. "So needless to say he's ruthless when it comes to money, a real gold-digger. He can con even the greats." Red eyes settled on the blond, flirting with a lady at the bar.
"This is, by the way, rumor." Doumeki bluntly added, seeing Kurogane's face.
"I'll have you know, I have it on very good authority the man is trouble." Sorata said haughtily.

Kurogane tuned out, as the conversation changed. Not that he was at all bothered, but something didn't seem right. He didn't know why, and damn if he ever would, but when Fay had smiled at him… it had seemed so sad. He was not normally an emotional person, but he had felt his own heart clench at it. Perhaps it was part of the magic of the flirt.
"Oi… cheapskate." As though by a myclonic jerk, he was dragged from his thoughts by Sorata prodding him. "Your round." Kurogane blinked, how long had he been unfocused. He was halfway to the bar before a stone in his stomach dropped as he realised he may have to talk to Fay. Sure enough Doumeki's crush was otherwise occupied talking to a rather pretty girl with long curly hair.

"Three of the piss-poor attempts at 'beer'… please." He grunted at the blond, only adding 'please' as an afterthought.
"Gotta love honesty." He smiled. There it was again. That heartbreaking smile. "I've not seen you in here before." He added, cleaning out three glasses.
"Yeah well, I was pretty much forced here against my will." Kurogane grumbled, leaning on his elbows at the bar.
"I find it hard to believe a big strong man like yourself could be forced to do anything." Fay purred, pulling the first pint, rather haphazardly, as it came out mostly foam and he had to start over. Kurogane rolled his eyes, determined not to let the bishonen's attempt at flirting get to him.
"The boss frowns upon killing." He muttered darkly.
"That's awfully intense…" The blue eyes blinked as he placed two completed pints on the counter and began pulling a third. "I didn't catch your name."
"Kurogane." He said bluntly, handing over the money.
"Fay, I hope to see you around more often… Kuro-rin." Fay smiled again, before doing a double take. He handed back two notes. "You gave me too much silly."
"You got kids right?" His voice was rough. "See ya." And he stepped back down to his booth.

"You played right into his game." Scolded Sorata who had witnessed the exchange. Kurogane growled.
"Believe it or not, I have higher priorities than what you two think of me," He said, placing the drinks on the table. Under different circumstances Kurogane would have just left, snubbing them… but for some obscure reason his eyes were focused instead on the blond flitting around the bar. True to his legend, he seemed to be flirting with anyone and everyone. Though his movements were graceful, a slight lag suggested he was tired.
"You know…" Sorata said gently. "Not that it's any of my business… but don't. Just don't get involved with him."
"You're right, it's none of your business." Kurogane replied acidly.
"He's trouble… he never stays in one area for long… and he's not the kind of guy to hold down a relationship. That's fact not rumor. Tangling with him… you're asking for dangerous situations."
"Maybe." Kurogane said, finishing off his third beer and heading towards the door. "But you're forgetting… living for danger's my speciality."

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