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Chapter 12:

"-Tou-san!" Mokona screeched, hurrying into the kitchen, her schoolbag bashing against her little legs. "-Tou-san guess what!?"
"Did you have a nice day at school?" Fay asked hopefully, looking over Suki's shoulder, the two were sat at the coffee table coolly discussing Mokona's case when the little girl had hurried in.
"Uhm yes, but guess what guess what!?" She urged, gripping her father's forearm as Kurogane came in behind her, sighing exasperatedly.
"Shoes off," Kurogane warned her.
"Hai, hai." She mumbled in complaint, sliding her shoes off. "-Tou-san! Kamui-sensei is a vampire!" She blurted, bobbing on the balls of her feet.
"He's… wait what?"
"Yep yep, after school, we heard him talking with Fuuma-sensei about sucking his… OH I have to go tell the Mokona Modoki about school!" The blonde ball of energy shot off upstairs. Fay raised an eyebrow at Kurogane, silently asking his partner.
"You DON'T wanna know what she overheard… just be damn glad she thinks he's a vampire… oh hey."

Kurogane nodded his head vaguely at the social worker, who smiled kindly.
"Fay-san and I were just talking, she had a good day then?"
"She seemed to." Kurogane didn't QUITE feel comfortable with the thought of Fay in his home with an attractive young woman, but shook it off. Even though they were living together with kids, it was far too early to be getting possessively jealous, so instead he re-boiled the kettle.
"That's good, I hope she can settle into a proper routine… ne, Kurogane-san…" She cocked her head childishly. "I need you to sign a couple of forms for me for benefit purposes, then I'll leave you two lovebirds be," She cooed. Kurogane decided this girl was too sugary, but sighed and nodded, adding a hasty signature to the sheets she put out. "I have to stay longer tomorrow, and check on Mokona-san's development, ja-bye-bye!" She chirped, and Fay let her out.

When he came back he was paler than usual, Kurogane slumped down into a chair.
"That…" He said eventually. "Was nerve-wracking," He confessed. Kurogane could only nod, he knew Fay didn't like to answer personal questions, nor did he like to chat to the same person for a long time. "Hurry home tomorrow, I don't want to be left alone with her for too long."
"Hurry home, I practically ran home today chasing after your kid." Kurogane pointed out, offering his hand to the pale blond. Fay raised an eyebrow and took it, only to be pulled closer. The young father blushed furiously. Since they had moved in, Fay had been sleeping on the sofa in the living room, and the hassle of moving in and decorating etcetera there had been very little time for intimacy. In fact: other than a few hectic kisses the two hadn't really done anything remotely couple-ish since they'd first met.

The guardsman's hand dwarfed his own delicate one, his other tan palm resting on his hip, the thinner man leaned diagonally across his chair into him by the force of the pull. And then they were kissing. And it was good. Very good. Fay's free hand tangled into Kurogane's hair, bringing them as close as possible, their tongues very cautiously exploring. Fay felt warm, his heart was racing. It was… a very strange feeling.
"Heh… uh… we saw her leaving and figured it'd be okay to come downstairs." Syaoron laughed while Syaoran hid his face in his hands in embarrassment. Gross parent kissing! Kurogane tugged Fay onto his lap and broke the kiss, looking at the boys. Fay seemed flustered, he however did not.
"You guys okay up in the attic?" He queried.
"There are a couple of problems. Nothing a bug spray and a roll of duct tape won't fix."
"We'll do your room up next, promise." Fay swore, it was no secret he felt he'd been neglecting the boys. With getting Mokona legally adopted and officially becoming Sakura's part-time father, Fay was worried the boys were feeling left out. When he'd specified this they had batted their hands and told him he was being ridiculous (and Syaoran had INSISTED Sakura's basement bedroom be decorated first)
"Did you have to hide up there all day?" Kurogane asked, hooking his arm loosely around Fay's waist.
"No, she was only here for half an hour." Syaoran confessed.
"If she's here more than two hours you guys can use the hotel."

For a few days the routines were screwy as they settled into family life and fooling the social worker, Fay came to really appreciate Kurogane's general presence. It would be corny to say the warrior completed him, but he not so subtly told him that often. He felt much safer, living with Kurogane than anywhere else, and it wasn't just the physicality of having a roof over their heads. Fay felt safe because for the first time in a very long while: he had something stable.

And kisses.

He had plenty of kisses. Kurogane chose the oddest moments to just grab him and hug him, regardless of who was watching (even though it made Suki the Social Worker giggle). Fay suspected this was due to the slight insecurity that he may just one day up and leave. He had no intention of doing so. He finally had a proper home.
"I was thinking… that I'd go back to work." He told the gathered family late one night.
"Idiot, I make enough for us." Kurogane barked.
"Yes but, I'd lie to contribute, plus with the twins doing all the housework… at their insistence… I'm a bit bored around the house."
"Suit yourself." Kurogane shrugged and scooped Mokona up, throwing her unceremoniously over his shoulder. She cackled in merriment.
"Ooh! Such a bad doggy!" She scolded, thumping the back of his chest. "It is NOT Princess Mokona's bedtime yet!"
"Oh yes it is," Fay said sternly, with a kind smile as his youngest girl was carted off upstairs. He stared at the four remaining children.

Then blinked. One… two… three… four.
"Sequoia-chan… when did you get here?" He asked amusedly, looking at his daughter's twin as she beamed up at him.
"I came home with Sakura from school." She laughed. "Tomoyo-chan wanted me to take photographs of her new room." Fay shrugged.
"Does your father know you're here?"
"He's away on business. Toya-nii knows though." Sequoia grinned, she was actually here on business. Not just for Sakura's room photos (though she had been sure to procure those, lest Tomoyo murder her), but to distract Syaoron while Sakura borrowed Syaoran. Sure enough during Fay and Sequoia's discussion Sakura had taken his hand and lead him down into her basement bedroom.

Everything was cherry blossom pink, very cutesy, and much too little girly to appeal to Syaoran, but he had to think it suited Sakura very much.
"Why are we sneaking off?" Syaoran asked in a whisper. She smiled and sat on the bed.
"Syaoran… I just wanted to know that we're okay?" She looked up at him with her sparkling green eyes. "Is it strange… for me to not be your little sister anymore?"
"Sakura… I don't think you ever were." She blushed in embarrassment.
"Good… then… then maybe it's okay." She fiddled with the hem of her shirt, then leaned up and gave him a tentative peck on the lips. She sat back down looking away with a smile. Syaoran was equally flustered. He sat beside her. For a moment there was a pleasant silence, before they turned, each with their mouths open to speak.
"You first." He told her.
"Nuh uh you first!" They paused, then shook their heads. It didn't need to be said. The brief awkwardness passed, and the two shared a shy kiss.

"Hyuu hyuu!" Fay yelled, bounding into the room from his hiding place behind the door and hugging them.
"Woah there pervert," Syaoron grinned, tackling his brother, ruffling his hair. Both the caught teens turned scarlet.
"Sorry." Sequoia laughed. "I couldn't miss it!" The doorway was filled with Kurogane's shadow, complete with sleepy Mokona-figure on his shoulders as they watched from a distance.

Sakura and Syaoran escaped their blushing, and Fay's bullying long enough to think that for the first time even though things had changed… they were a real family.
They had a real home.

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