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Lavender and Chamomile

"BELLA MARIE CULLEN GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THE BEDROOM!" Emmett screams at the top of his lungs. It's the first day of school in our good old town of Forks, Washington. It's been forty years since we were last here. And I'm not looking forward to it.

"Bella! Don't make me go up there!" Alice threatens. I sigh and throw the rest of my school stuff in my bag.

"I'm coming, be patient!" I hiss out as I shut my bedroom door. All of the sudden I feel a wave a calmness move in me. "Jasper Hale you better stop or I'll use my powers against you!" The calmness goes away as fast as it comes. "Thank you!"

My family is all waiting downstairs by the door with huge grins plastered on their faces. I hate going to school. I've been going to school for the past hundred and so years and it's still the same old boring stuff. Nothing new. But Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie all love to go to school. Especially Alice, she likes to go school shopping. Once they see me walk down the stairs they all pile out of the house towards my car. My nice 2008 Honda Civic Mugen Si. It drives fast. And it's also Rosalie approved.

"What took you so long Bella? Your normally the first one to get out of the house!" Rosalie jokes.

"Ugh, yeah but that was before I got an album out. Now, I don't understand why Carlisle insisted I'd make an album... I never age! Someone's going to find out sooner or later!"

"Oh don't be such a worry wart. It's going to be fine. No one is going to realize that your... Isabella Swan, the famous pop singer! Your Bella Cullen an average student, who's unbelievably clumsy for a vampire!" Alice chimes. I snort, and stare out on to the road.

Let me explain. Years earlier, Carlisle and Esme, my most wonderful parents, convinced me to produce an album because I needed something to occupy my time with. I'm the only one in the house that doesn't have a husband or wife or significant other. Whatever you want to call it. Alice, the cute little pixie has Jasper. Rosalie has Emmett, and Carlisle has Esme. And I'm all alone. I don't mind, I like my piano.

But that's beside the point. Esme heard me sing one time and she's never let it down that I should be a singer. So finally I caved in and produced a "number one on the charts" album. Ever since that I sort of "disappeared". I declared time-off, from the spotlight, and it worked. No paparazzi, but just crazy fans who still recognize me. I'm just hoping that people in Forks don't know who I am so I can just start over.

"Bella, pay attention!" Alice screams as I almost miss the entrance to the school.

"Oops, must have been daydreaming."

"You don't know if you were daydreaming?" Jasper asks.

"You know what I mean!" I hiss and park the car. We got here early. That's good. We all pile out of the car and I lock it as we walk towards the main office. Everything seems to be the same here. Except for a few minor changes with the outdoor landscaping. We pile in to the main office where Mrs. Cope, the office receptionist sits, and stares at us with awe. They're all so beautiful! Her thoughts run through my mind. I repress a snicker.

"Hi, my name is Bella Cullen and these are my brothers and sisters. I believe my mother Esme Cullen registered us?" She stares in to my topaz colored eyes and nods.

"Right! I remember here are your papers." She flips through a bunch of papers and then pulls out five stapled papers. "Just get them signed by your teachers. Your schedule is also here along with a map of the school. I hope you have a wonderful day!" They're like angels.

"Thank you." I smile and walk out of the room followed by my siblings.

"That wasn't very nice." Alice snickers.


"I think you turned her gay." Emmett laughs out loud. I just shake my head.

"Whatever, you should have heard her thoughts. 'They're like angels!'" Rosalie shakes her head.

"You are wicked, Bella." I shrug my shoulders.

"I have so many powers it's such a waste to not use them all. So what do you guys have?" They all take out their schedules and we form a circle.

"I have AP Biology, Advanced French, Advanced Trigonometry, English, and Gym." I groaned at the last class.

"Oh, Bella! I have Biology and Gym with you!" Alice jumps up and down.

"Well I'm taking Advanced Calculus, AP Physics, Advanced Italian, English, and Advanced Gym! Yes!" Emmett pumped his fist in the air. I shake my head.

"I have the same classes as Emmett except instead of Italian I'm taking Mechanics." Rosalie smiles and kisses Emmett's cheek.

"Alice we have the same classes." Jasper smiles as Alice wraps her small arms around him. I want to puke. It's not like I don't like seeing my brothers and sisters happy, I really do. But all their love is just sickening.

"Great! Jasper, you get to see me fall in gym!" Emmett claps my back and laughs.

"You'll be fine Bella. Don't worry." Alice comforts me as Jasper works his little powers and calms me. I shoot him a quick glare before sending him a rush of panic. He stops with the calming.

"Geesh, someone's in a bad mood." Jasper says rubbing his head. "I guess we should start heading to our first class. See you in Biology!" Jasper and Alice run off towards their first class. Rosalie and Emmett smile at me apologetically.

"Sorry, we're not in your first class. But I'm sure you're going to do fine, I mean you seem to make friends pretty quickly anyway." Rose pats my shoulder. "See you at lunch. Usual spot okay?"

"See you." I nod and turn on my heel to my first class. I look down at my papers. I don't need a map. I've been here before. I throw it away at the trash can beside me.

First class. Advanced Trigonometry. My favorite. I walk in to class early, so I can get my paper signed and I won't have to worry about the other kids staring at me.

"Hello there, can I help you?" Mr. Clark stares at my frame before he finds my eyes. I mentally choke, he's like what 49? And I'm supposed to be 17, what a sicko.

"Yes, I'm Bella Cullen? I'm new here, Mrs. Cope said I had to get this signed by my teachers." I reply sweetly.

"Oh yes, let me take that." He grabs my papers and signs it. "Here you go. Why don't you pick a seat? It's not assigned." I smile and turn towards the desks. The back ones seem to be fine. No one will see me, and I'll be able to concentrate in class. Not that I really need to.

The bell rings and the kids start piling in. They're all buzzing about what they did over summer vacation. I lean back and block all the thoughts, except for one. Isn't that Isabella Swan? The singer? I search the room for the voice. I find her. She's actually coming my way.


"It's Bella Cullen." I say with a smile. Her forehead scrunches. She definitely looks like her.

"Oh, it's just that you look so much like someone famous." She smiles and extends her hand out. "I'm Jessica, welcome to Forks!" I shake her hand.

"Thanks, nice to meet you."

"Same here. Where'd you move from?"

"Alaska." I answer curtly.

"Oh. Wow, Alaska? That's... cold?"

"Weather doesn't really bother me that much." I answer truthfully.

"Oh, well then. Do you mind if I sit next to you?" I look over at the empty desk next to me.

"Sure, that's fine." She sits down at the desk. She starts to talk to me about all the neat spots in town and the great hang out places. She even invites me to lunch but I refuse, saying that I'm going to be sitting with my siblings. That is a wrong idea.

"Oh you have siblings?"

"Yeah two sisters and two brothers. We aren't really blood related. We're all adopted. My parents Carlisle and Esme are really charitable."

"Oh? What are there names?"

"Alice and Emmett Cullen, and then Rosalie and Jasper Hale are really blood related." She smiles, Wow, that's amazing.

"How old are your parents?"


"Okay class let's start shall we?" Saved by the teacher. She stopped talking to me the rest of the class. I decide to check in with what others were thinking. Nothing spectacular, everyone is basically saying that they're bored. Except for one person. Actually, I don't even know what they are thinking. I look over to the person who's thoughts are blocked from mine to find it's a boy. His copper-tone hair is so... nice. I just want to reach over and touch it but he's about five desks away.

"Who are you looking at?" Jessica whispers and she looks in his direction. She scowls. Edward Masen, she'll never have him. "Oh, that's Edward Masen. The major heartbreaker in this town. I guess nobody's good enough for him. Good luck."


"Girls, is there something you'd like to share with the rest of the class?" Crap! All the kids turn around and stare at me and Jessica. Some of them with eyes wide open. How could I miss that babe? Some pervert's thought runs through my mind. I close my eyes and block everyone's thoughts. I smile half heartedly.

"No, sir. Sorry." I say sweetly, silently charming my 49 year old teacher. It works and he brings class back together. I sigh and look back over at Edward Masen, who is looking back at me. Oh God! If I was human, I'd be blushing profusely at this moment. But I'm not, so instead I bite my lip and look away from his green eyes. I can feel his gaze on me still but I'm afraid to look back over. What is wrong with me? Embarrassed by a human? Is that even possible?

The bell rings and I quickly step out of the room, half human speed. Alice meets me by my locker with a huge smile on her face.

"What's that for?" I ask, searching through her mind, but she's reciting a poem from Shakespeare, in French.

"Oh nothing. But you know what? I think we shouldn't sit together in Biology."

"Why not?"

"Because then who would Jasper sit with?" She asks innocently. I place my hands on my hips.

"Alice Cullen, if you see something in the near future and it has to involve me, I really wish you would tell me!"

"I can't! It's a surprise. Besides, you'll like it... I swear."

"And what if I don't?"

"Well, I didn't see that." She smiles and winks at me before she walks off to her next class. I shake my head and start walking towards my English class. As I make my way over there, a certain copper-hair colored boy walks in my vision. I watch him walk by. Then a gust of wind blows by me from some obsessive compulsive freshman who's afraid to be late. That's when it hit me. A strong scent... that causes the venom to fill in my mouth. I quickly swallow it before I do anything but it doesn't matter. The scent is still with me. My eyes search for the one who contains the sweet smelling blood. And it immediately falls on the one person I didn't want it to. Edward Masen.

He sees me look at him and smiles at me as we walk by. Being so close to him I could smell his blood clearer. It's smells so sweet, like... lavender and chamomile. I try to smile back, but the venom starts filling my mouth again and I have to swallow.

This isn't good. Part of me wants to kill him and drink all his blood... but the other part of me doesn't want to disappoint Carlisle and all his hard work. I turn my gaze away from him and run towards my English class. I don't care if I'm not going human speed. I need to get away from him, I need to calm myself down. I don't doubt that my eyes are black now. Should I stay here for the rest of the day? What if he's in more of my classes?

I pinch the bridge of my nose, as I lean outside the door to my classroom. I have to calm down, I can't have my eyes be black when I need to charm my teacher in to not introducing me in front of the whole class. When I feel like I'm back to normal, I take a step in to class and push the name Edward Masen towards the back of my head. Focus on now. Figure out the future when it's time...

I bet Alice knows about this.

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