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Chapter 22

Little Moments



It's my birthday, the summer before senior year. I had made sure that my entire family knew, I didn't want to do anything for it. I was sure that this time they were actually going to listen to me. And to my delight, they had.

Earlier that day, I had received a call from Bella to come over around 7. I knew my siblings had plans with their significant others. Emmett was leaving soon, so him and Rose were spending quality time together, and Jasper and Alice couldn't breath without each other.

After receiving gifts randomly through out the day from everyone, I knew I was in the clear. No surprise party or even a sit down dinner. I drove over to Bella's. Her dad was working the late shift and her truck was the only thing in the drive way.

I parked and knocked on the door. No answer. I could hear music coming from inside. It must be too loud for her to hear, I thought. So I knocked once again, harder this time. I didn't want to just walk in and scare the shit out of her. Still no answer.

Then I heard a noise that made my heart stop. The smoke detector blaring so loud, it drowned out the noise of the music. Bella's frantic voice was muffled, "Oh shit!"

I busted through the door. The living room was empty and smoke was coming from the kitchen.

"Bella!" I yelled, as I ran into the kitchen. I found her bent into the stove, pulling out what looked like a cake, charred and almost black.

"Fuck!" she said as she threw it on a towel on the counter. I ran over and turned off the stove, and opened a window.

"Oh my God, Bella, are you okay?" I said, running over to the smoke detector trying to fan the smoke away to make it stop beeping.

When she didn't answer I turned back to look at her. She was leaned over the counter, hunched over the cake, shaking her head. "Bella?" I abandoned the annoying detector, that stopped beeping right after, and walked behind her, placing my hands on her shoulders.

Her eyes were filled with tears, when she turned to look at me. "God, I'm so fucking useless. I can't even bake you a cake!" She dropped her face into her hands, her forehead touching my chest.

"You made me a birthday cake?"

She nodded without looking up at me.

"It looks good, I love chocolate." I tried to make her feel better. I was touched. I honestly was. For whatever reason, it didn't bother me in the slightest that Bella tried to surprise me for my birthday.

"It's angel food." she sobbed into her hands.

In that moment it took all of me not to laugh out loud. Instead I held it in and put my arms around her.


A few months later, the middle of the semester. I was out with a girl I had been dating. We had a huge fight in a theater in the middle of a movie. She told me that she thought the leading girl in the movie was beautiful and I agreed. I guess it wasn't what she wanted me to say. After bickering back a forth for too long, she stood and left the cinema, catching a taxi home.

I was so fed up with all these shallow girls. Sure they were fun for some things, but when it came to everything else. . .

I didn't want to go home and sit with my parents. Emmett was long gone and Jasper was busy. I need more guy friends. I knew the girls were at Bella's having a movie night. I went to bug them. I parked in the street and walked up to the front door. The house was dark but I could see the glow from the T.V. shining through the curtains.

I knocked and waited for it to open. I started thinking of the girls I had been out with lately. They hadn't changed, but they just didn't seem to be enough anymore. I couldn't put my finger on what had changed with me, that made dating them so unsatisfying all of a sudden.

The door creaked open very slowly and only a little. Just enough to be met with the big brown eyes that had been stirring feelings within me, that I didn't think possible, lately.

She sighed, "It's only Edward." and opened the door the rest of the way. She walked back into the living room, leaving me in the door way.

"Geez, I can go if you want."

She turned and looked at me. Her brows furrowed, "No don't be silly. Come in. You just scared the crap out of us." She placed something down, beside the couch, a police issued night stick.

"What were you gonna do with that?" I asked. Alice and Rose were huddled together on the floor with blankets and pillows.

"What if you were some crazy psycho killer, coming for a good time?" Alice asked.

I laughed and took a seat on the couch. The movie they were watching was of a young babysitter being tormented by a crazed man, while she watched over two young children.

"Ah." I said. "That explains it."

"What happened," Rose started, "your date didn't give you what you wanted?" Bella came and sat down next to me on the couch, my hand brushed her bare thigh as she adjusted herself.

I swallowed. "Something like that." Bella grunted and pulled the blanket over her. "You don't mind if I stay here with you for a while, do you?"

"Not at all." Bella said. Lifting the blanket, and giving me a peek of her in her shorts again. "Here, get comfy. You can scare the crazy psycho killer away when he comes." She threw part of the blanket over my lap and I had to try hard to keep my hands to myself.

Soon, we were in the middle of Harry Potter. Bella admitted to having a crush on one of the guys in the movie. He wasn't bad looking, but I couldn't help but compare myself with him. I was as good looking as him if not better. God what am I doing?

Bella's giggle brought me out of my pathetic thoughts. "I guess the girls are out. I knew they wouldn't last long."

Both Rose and Alice were fast asleep, holding each other and wrapped in blankets. I knew that meant that Bella would be going to bed soon as well and that I should leave. But I really didn't want to. I was wide awake. What would I do for the rest of the night?

She sighed, "Well, guess it is kinda late. You must be tired. Don't stay on my account. I'm not worried about crazy killers anymore. Now I'll wait for a dreamy wizard to knock on my door." she laughed. I wanna be that dreamy wizard! Oh wow someone kill me!

"No I'm not tired at all. I think I might go for a drive. See the sights."

"Really? That sounds like fun."

"Come with me." I demanded. My heart sped up.

She bit her lip and look at her two sleeping friends on the floor. "I don't know. . ."

"Come on!" I smiled at her. A sigh escaped her and her eyes locked on my mouth. "They're not waking up anytime soon." I stated.


She ran up to her room and came back down, a few moments later, in jeans instead of shorts.

We snuck out the front door quietly, locking it behind us. "Just in case the crazy psycho killer comes when we're gone." Bella said.

I opened the door for her and she quickly slid in and whispered "Thank you." Once I was in I turned to look at her. I was suddenly excited about being alone with Bella. She had never looked so beautiful to me as she did then.

I probably would have sat there staring at her for hours had she not spoken, "So, where are we going?"

"I don't know. Where do you want to go?"

"I don't care." Was her answer.

We drove around for hours. I thought to myself how I hadn't had that much fun in years. It was so easy to spend time with Bella. Things were so simple. She wasn't like any other person I knew. We simply got in the car, and drove. I didn't have to try with her.

The conversation stayed pretty superficial. Nothing too deep or personal. That is until we got back to her house. I parked in the drive way. A blue glow from the T.V. came through her windows.

"Oh wow, I can't believe how late it is. I'm going to be regretting this in a couple of hours when your cracked out twin wakes me up for shopping or something equally painful."

"I'm sorry." I really meant it. I knew how horribly cheerful Alice can be, way too early in the morning.

She reached up and pulled down her high pony tail, letting her dark hair fall on her shoulders. Her head fell back on the head rest and she let out a long breath. Instantly, the car was filled with the most beautiful smell. It was floral, freesias maybe.

I could tell she was preparing herself to go inside, and I realized I couldn't stand the thought of being separated from her. But what was I to say? Don't go. Stay with me. Let's run away together. Wow, this is bad.

"Thanks, Edward. I had a lot of fun tonight."

She leaned over and quickly kissed my cheek. And then she was gone.

I don't recall the drive home that morning. What I do remember is thinking how crazy it was, that I was in love with Bella Swan.

There are countless other moments in my head that stick out over the past years. They all revolve around Bella. I keep repeating as many of those memories that I can in my head. These little moments are what's going to get me through the next few months. Moments like this one, right now. Her small soft body pressed against mine in the dark. The feel and the smell of her hair as it tickles my nose. Even though I know my time with Bella is almost up, I will try to hold on to this for as long as I can. Because when the sun comes up, it's time for me to go.