" Y-you stole my hair."

Shion turned. She had been visiting the Leaf village to see Naruto. However, a girl with white eyes and a fearful pose stood before her. They had the same hair style.

" Who are you?" Shion said impatiently. I want to see Naruto-kun! she thought, tapping her foot. It's priestess making time!

" H-Hinata Hyuuga." said Hinata, cringing. " Y-you also s-stole N-n-Naruto-kun from m-me."

" Oh." said Shion.

" A-and I just want to say I'm v-very cross about it." said Hinata. Then she bowed. " E-excuse me. I have t-to go."

Shion watched Hinata race away.

" Oh, hey!"

She turned. Naruto was walking towards her.

" We're you talking to Hinata?" said Naruto, looking into the distance.

" Yeah. Hey, Naruto-kun, want to fulfill your promise to do anything to help me make sure there's a new priestess?"

" Yosh!"

When Shion gave birth to a baby girl nine months later, Hinata was very cross indeed.