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"In the … the basement… h-he … and then I… and … if Fin hadn't… he would have- Oh, God, Elliot!" she sobbed brokenly in his arms.

Although she hadn't been able to tell him what happened with Harris in the basement, Elliot knew exactly what she was saying. He understood her perfectly without her saying any words.

He pulled her closer, being careful to not put too much pressure on her bruised body.

"God, Liv… there's got to be something we can use to put him away for the rest of his life."

She sniffed and chuckled. "I have all the evidence we need; I was going to wait till tomorrow to bring it to Casey for a warrant.

Elliot pulled back just enough to look in her bloodshot eyes. "Liv?"

"Please… not right now. Would you… would you just hold me, please? El?" she begged softly.

Elliot tucked her head under his chin again and wrapped his arms around her more tightly. As much as he wanted her to tell him what happened, he knew not to push her. She would tell him when she was ready. For now, he was content to just rock her back and forth as she sobbed herself to sleep in his arms.

"We're going to get the bastard, I promise," he whispered into her short russet tresses. "I promise."

After she cried herself to sleep in his arms, he carried her to her bedroom where he laid her down.

As he turned to leave, he heard a small voice.


"Yeah, baby, what is it?"

"Stay with me?" she asked with glassy eyes.

"I'm here as long as you want me," he told her leaving it open for her to want him on a more permanent basis.

Olivia felt warm and comfortable. More importantly, she felt safe and secure.

She stirred, waking slowly from what should have been a hellish night. Instead, she spent it in her partner's arms. The man she loved.

There was something she had to remember… something to do with why he was there…

"El! We need to call Casey!" She reached over to her bedside table and picked up a cell phone. She hit the speed dial for the ADA.

"Hey, Elliot, how's Liv doing?" Casey answered having seen the ID.

Oops, must have picked up Elliot's cell.

"Casey, this is Liv, I'm fine. We need a warrant…"

Forty-five minutes later Olivia was once again walking down the cell block she had inhabited only recently, only this time, there was a confidence to her stride; a sense of justice hung about her and her partner.

She saw him giving her old cell mate trouble, the scar from where she hit him a stark contrast against the integrity of his uniform.

"Don't worry, Amber, he's gunna get his own cell soon," she called out with a note of confidence she was nowhere near feeling in the presence of her attacker. The only reason she was able to keep her voice from wavering and her stride from faltering was to remember that Elliot was right there with her.

"I've got nothing to say to you. Talk to my lawyer," came his response.

Olivia did her best to cover her fear at the memories that voice brought.

Sensing her nervousness, Elliot spoke up. He knew that the best way to keep Olivia in the here and now was to act as much the hot headed detective as he normally would, to come back with a smart ass comment. "You first, you are gunna need him."

"Warden?" Harris asked hoping for her to absolve him in some way.

She returned his look with one of disgust. "Get him out of my prison."

Elliot's pseudo cocky attitude and the warden's condemnation was all Olivia needed to do what she desperately wanted to do. "Lowell Harris. You are under arrest for rape. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you."

Cheers from all of the surrounding cells began to erupt as she and Elliot escorted Harris out of the building.

Outside, Elliot handed Harris off to a uniform to take to the precinct and turned to Olivia.

"Liv, you ok?"

She took a deep breath before answering him. She considered her options. Tell him the truth, or lie to the man who knew she was going to lie even before she did.

"Scared out of my mind, relieved that that part is over, dreading what's next at the same time…"

"What's next?"

"ME's office."

They brought Harris to Warner who told him to drop his pants and stand in front of a camera.

Melinda was already aware of what was needed for the trial, so she took a picture of Harris' penis.

Throughout the entire process, Olivia had to look away from Harris. She stared blankly at the wall, the floor, anywhere but at the man who had terrorized her, under the façade of affording him some sort of privacy.

Elliot tried to brighten Olivia's mood a bit more by making a jibe at Harris' expense. "Captain, huh? Looks more like a Private to me."

Melinda picked up on Elliot's blatant poke at the bastard's size and decided to make one of her own, albeit a bit more subtle.

"We'll have to enlarge it for the jury, but it's right where Ashlee said it was."

Harris put himself away and Elliot escorted him out of the ME's office.

"See ya in 20 years, Captain," Olivia tried to gloat, but it came out tired and almost scared.

He didn't say a word as he made his way past her.

Melinda waited until her and Olivia were alone before asking. "How did you know to ask Ashlee about the mole?"

Shit. "She remembered," Olivia deflected.

"But you couldn't have known she was right."

Shit. Shit… SHIT!

Olivia felt her walls begin to crumble a bit, knowing she'd have to explain it eventually. "I saw it… when he had me in the basement."

Deep concern washed over the ME's face. "Olivia… did he rape you?" she asked both as a medical professional who saw this on a daily basis and as a friend.

"… It's the closest I've ever come."

Closest I've ever come? What's that supposed to mean? Elliot had overheard Olivia's soft whisper.

She exited the office.

"Liv, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, El," she said as she brushed past him.

Okay, I'm going for it. "Then why do you have tears in your eyes? C'mon, Liv, talk to me… please."

She had continued walking, but at his plea, she stopped with her back to him.

He quickly walked to her. "Liv, please. What happened to you?"

She exhaled a breath she hadn't known she was holding. "He nearly orally sodomized me. Fin stopped him before he had a chance to. He beat me, and cuffed me to a door so I couldn't flee," she told him with absolutely no emotion in her voice.

But he heard the waver as she told him clinically what had happened to her.

"Liv, let's get out of here. You need a break."

He knew she wouldn't be comfortable telling him exactly what had happened to her while she was in a place that they frequented while working. She wanted to keep her emotions separate from her job.

He took her back to her apartment.

"Liv, I know you told me, but you were so clinical, so detached. You know I'm here for you, right? I want to be able to help," he pleaded with his eyes.

Her dark orbs were swimming in unshed tears. He looked in her eyes and saw all the pain Harris had caused her, all the suffering she would still endure.

Finally, all of her walls crumbled as she did into his arms, sobbing.

"Oh, El!"

He listened as she sobbed her story to him. She replayed each blow, each shock of terror that went through her while she was held captive in that dreadful basement. The entire time, he held her, stroked her back, rocked her gently.

When she finished, she had cried all her tears. "… the whole time, I was wishing that you had been there. I was hoping that you'd come save me."

Oh, God. "I tried, honey, I did. I wanted to save you so much. No one should go through that, especially you. God, I'm so sorry!" he told her, choking up as well.

"I know, it's not your fault. You have nothing to feel sorry about…"

"God, Liv, don't you get it? I wanted to save you, not just because you're my partner and friend… I wanted to save you because I'm in love with you!" he exclaimed.

Wait. Did I just say that? What if she doesn't feel the same? What if it is too soon? What if I scared her off?

She looked at him, shocked. "Elliot, I… I love you, too. So much!" she cried before reaching up and drawing his head towards hers for a kiss.

A month later, Elliot had moved in with Olivia, getting Kathy to finally admit that their marriage had been a sham for more than long enough. Originally, it had been a temporary thing, he was only planning on staying until she could sleep an entire night without a nightmare, but she slept soundly in his arms.

They were sitting in the sedan sipping coffee while waiting for a suspect to come home when Olivia's cell rang.

"S'Casey," she told him nervously.

"Has to be the verdict for Harris," he replied.

"Benson," she answered. "Hey, Case, how'd it go?... I see. Thank you."


"Jury came back in 15 minutes." They both knew that that could either be good or bad.


"Guilty on all counts!" she exclaimed, leaning across the center counsel to kiss him. "I've never been so happy about a guilty verdict."

"Thank God!" Elliot replied. "Oh, there's our guy. Let's go!" he told her noticing their suspect past her shoulder.

So they went back to business as usual… with a little something extra waiting for them at the end of a hard day: They had each other.

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