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Missing Clothes

Lucy stood in the shower letting the warm water wash over her rinsing away the last of the dirt that clung to her from their last job. Ezra, Natsu, Gray and Lucy had eradicated a demon from a village and being them managed to destroy over half the village in the process. Sometimes Lucy wondered why she went with them. Most of the time they either don't accept the reward or end up owing more than that in damages leaving Lucy with little money and as today covered in dirt and grime. But at the same time she couldn't imagine teaming up with anybody else, they were by far the most amusing team in Fairy Tail if not the strongest.

Satisfied she was completely clean Lucy turned the tap off and stepped out of the shower. Wrapping herself in a big fluffy towel Lucy towel-dried her hair the best she could then left the bathroom with plans to enjoy her time alone with a cup of tea.

"Aargh!" Lucy cried out when her couch came into view.

There sprawled on her nice new couch as if he owned it was Gray wearing nothing but his boxers. Lucy was about to yell at him for just coming into her place and remind him of her strict clothing rules when she noticed what was in his hand.

"My manuscript! What are you doing with that?" she yelled racing over and snatching it from his hands.

"Hey Lucy, how's it going?" Gray said calmly oblivious to her anger

"You're not supposed to be reading this" she continued, ignoring his greeting

"Then you shouldn't leave it out"

"It was in my drawer under some books!"

"Oh yeah... hey you're not wearing any clothes"

"Me? Look at you!" Lucy cried indignantly

"Ah! I forgot! Give me your towel Lucy" Gray cried out grabbing for her towel.

Lucy watched in mortification as Gray grabbed the towel at the same time as she stepped backwards in an attempt to dodge him. The combination loosened the towel and Lucy stood frozen in shock as the towel fell to the floor between them leaving Lucy naked. Gray too seemed to be in shock his eyes darting between the towel and Lucy. After what seemed like eternity Gray jumped into action and thrust the towel at Lucy his hand accidentally brushing her breast as he did so.

"Ah sorry! I got to go." Gray called and ran out of the room supposedly heading back to Fairy Tail.

Lucy just stood there in shock her towel clutched to her chest the manuscript fallen to the floor. There was an odd sensation in her gut and her skin tingled from where Gray touched her. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a pile of clothes that looked like they belonged to Gray and she couldn't help but smile.