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Lucy sat at the bar her bad mood not getting any better. She felt guilty for being so harsh on Gray especially when he had apologized and all but he couldn't just go around kissing people. You just couldn't do that even if he kissed like a pro and any girl would be lucky to get a chance to have his lips on theirs. But it was all a game to him and unfortunately Lucy found her heart getting involved in the play and she just couldn't risk it. She'd had her father break her heart time and time again and it was painful and she couldn't bear the thought of Gray doing it as well. So she had decided to shut him out. If he was no longer in her world then he wouldn't have access to her fragile heart.

Or so she had thought because now instead of feeling better and secure she felt like crap. She had destroyed one of her closest friendships and her heart still ached. She felt a familiar surging of anger towards the ice alchemist. If he hadn't been stupid enough to grab her towel none of this would have happened. If he hadn't done a lot of things Lucy wouldn't be in this situation right now. He could have kept his clothes on, stayed out of her apartment, and most importantly not kiss her and walk away as if it were nothing more than a game.

She was so busy grousing over all the things he shouldn't have done that Lucy didn't notice the sudden silence that fell over the guild. Suddenly she was spun around on her barstool and in front of her stood Gray wearing a pair of loose fitting black pants that were slung low on his hips. The Fairy Tail stamp on his right chest was rising and falling as he breathed and Lucy couldn't help but stare at his well-defined chest and abs.

"I take it back." Gray said calmly


"I am not sorry for kissing you. I'm glad I did it."

Lucy stared at Gray in shock trying to convert her anger into words. She opened her mouth only to close it again no words coming to mind. Then Gray leaned down tilting her backwards and he was kissing her again. His lips were like fire on hers and she couldn't stop herself from kissing back. His tongue slipped into her mouth stroking her own and grazing over her teeth. He pulled back slightly sucking on her bottom lip before kissing her fully again. His hands rested on either side of her gripping the bar behind her. When they pulled apart he kept his hands were they were so that he was over empowering her and she was surrounded by his scent.

She blinked a few times before pushing him backwards enjoying watching him stumble and the shocked expression on his face. She stood up working on being menacing despite her small stature.

"You moron! You can't just go around kissing people."

"I don't want to; I only want to kiss you." Gray said with confidence.

"You can't. This isn't some game." Lucy said struggling to keep the hope out of her voice.

"I know. I'm not playing."

"You're just bored you don't mean this. You..."

Lucy was cut off by Gray's lips closing on hers once more. His hand snaked around her waist pulling her close and dipping down to rest on her butt. His other hand threaded through her hair, firm but not demanding. Lucy resisted for as long as she could but in the end she dropped all her hesitations and gave herself completely to the young man who had captured her heart.

Lucy threw her arms around his neck rising on her toes to bring them closer and kissed him back with everything she had. Their tongues danced together stroking and sliding as the kiss got heavier. The kiss went on until they were forced to pull apart to suck in some much needed oxygen.

When they broke apart but didn't move a cheer went up from the guild and there were several catcalls and cries of "It's about time". Gray smirked and Lucy hid her face, which was growing redder by the minute, in his chest breathing in his musky scent. Suddenly there was a loud crash and the cries died down. Lucy turned her head to see Natsu standing there his legs and fists on fire.


Gray also turned to look at the fiery mage an expression of boredom on his face.

"She's still my partner though! And if you hurt her I'll kick your ass."

"Like you could." Gray retorted

"Come here and I'll show you."

Before Lucy could stop him Gray had disengaged himself from her and was sending ice spears at Natsu. The two boys continued to fight causing their usual destruction and this time Lucy couldn't help but giggle a little. This was definitely where she belonged watching her two favourite guys beat the crap out of each other. Their fight came to an abrupt stop when Erza entered the guild a dark aura surrounding her as she glared at the unruly boys who had immediately switched into "best friend" mode when they saw her. Lucy laughed and turned back to the bar.

"I'm not going to hurt you though." Gray said suddenly from behind her.

Lucy turned back around to look up into the handsome face of Gray who now seemed to only have on a pair of boxers. He moved so that he was standing on either side of her legs and rested his hands gently on her hips. Lucy pulled him down for a soft kiss tasting him once again. When she pulled back she whispered softly so only he could hear.

"I'm still mad about the towel."