A quick synopsis of the story, there was a majorly popular TV. show named Rebels on TV and everyone tuned in every night to watch said show, it had two popular teen idols named; Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha they were the stars but there were four other main characters of this drama and they were: Shikamaru Nara, Naruto Uzumaki, TenTen and Hinata Hyuga, they formed a pop group then soon after they became a band they become a world phenomenon you couldn't walk anywhere without someone listening to their songs on their i-pod or anything like that; their songs were played constantly on the radio, all the magazine stands had pictures of them weekly featured on the covers, they were just everywhere, and now twenty-five years have passed since then, we still hear their songs on the radio kids these days rummage through their parents old CD's and keep listening to them, DBR were like the Beatles of our time and now we get to read the real story behind DBR, we get to hear their side of the chaos, the romances, the hate, fame, fortune all the big juicy secrets will be exposed so keep still and get ready for the bumpy ride that is up ahead!!

Okay, so this is one of my new stories and I got to admit I'm totally psyched about it, I hope you all like it just as much as I enjoyed coming up with the idea, and please look forward to more stories from me, so I leave you with:

Chapter One: Twenty-five years later from when it all began!!

The reporter in charge of getting all the actors stories takes a deep breath as she stands at the huge black iron gates of the mansion of the actress she admires the most. She starts to hyperventilate; Moegi still can't believe she gets to interview Hinata Hyuga! One of the six members of DBR!

Oh my God, I can't breathe! I walk away from the intercom at the gates; I still can't believe I get to interview her! I want to scream and dance for joy, well really, I did that so many times when my editor told me I was going to interview all six members of the most popular pop group of all time! Their music is still heard today. They are my idols, I used to watch their show every day it came on, and I never missed it, I have all four seasons on DVD and I still watch it.

I wasn't this nervous when I interviewed the newest President of the United States of America, the new King of England or the Nobel Peace Prize winner not even the Pope. I wasn't fazed by the other three members' I interviewed but to me Hinata is different.

Hinata's character in the show; Mary Franco was the one I related to the most, I mean I wasn't the rich-princess girl who had everything or the rebel that went against the system and fought on behalf of those who couldn't but Mary she was different. She was the mother-hen, the one that broke up the arguments between the band, but sometimes the stress would get to her and she'd let it out leaving her band mates surprised yet relieved to see the perfect girl be not so perfect, I mean even her home life wasn't the best but she didn't let it get to her, she was just cheerful and there if you needed anything, guys just naturally fell in love with her. Even in real life I could relate to her; her fashion sense, the way she spoke in interviews, the women she acted as in the movies she starred in, everything she does just makes me admire her more, all the choices she makes are the right ones.

I walk back to the intercom and before I can think about it I push the button.

"Yes?" I hear that voice I would recognize anywhere, my hyperventilating starts all over again, I feel a bit faint.

"Hi, I'm the special reporter from DBR's 25th Anniversary magazine special, your old manager sent me here, my name is Moegi," I was about to go on but she kindly stopped me from making me sound further like an idiot.

"Yes, of course Kakashi told me, please come in, it's open," she says as the huge gates open up by themselves like those automatic doors in supermarkets, I stand here as my jaw drops at the view inside the huge cement and rock fence with spikes over the top, the lush green grass with what looks like a forest for a backyard, I look at the unbelievable mansion; that looks like a mansion inside another one, there are so many things inside that my brain can't register them all.

I walk in a daze up the driveway to the front entrance, my eyes wandering all around catching a glimpse of bunnies, ducks, puppies running around I even saw a few huge turtles just standing in one place, I read that she loved animals but I never imagined this much. I was about to knock on the door my hand goes up but then the door opens before I get a chance to knock and there standing in the doorway is Hinata herself.

Is the Hinata smiling at me? Why is my face heating up like this, and why do I feel as if I might faint at any minute?

"Hello, Moegi, welcome! Please come in and make yourself at home," she says to me making eye contact with me and her memorizing smile grows wider.

"T-t-t-t-thank y-y-yo-you," I stuttered! I must look like a complete bimbo to my idol! What is she going to think of me if I keep acting like this?

"There is no need for you to be nervous," she says as she walks next to me down her foyer and down a hall that's wide and a few potted plants on either side with the occasional bench and table with a mirror on the table top and a huge bouquet of fresh flowers in the imported vases. "I'm just an actress there's nothing about me that can compare to the other people you've interviewed." I look at her my jaw dropping once more letting my shock show, she smiles sheepishly at me. "I've read them all to try to get to know you better," she says with a slight guilty expression on the face that has been named the most beautiful person in the world so many times that we have all lost count.

"You read my articles?" I ask stunned I can even speak coherently.

"Yeah, and I loved them all! I love how you are able to express your views without imposing them on your readers. Or how you make the interviews come to life making us feel as if we were in that room while the interview was taking place," she says as we stand in the kitchen and she goes over to the refrigerator then looks back at me, "would you like something to drink?"

"Water," I say politely she nods and takes out two bottled waters, she hands it to me, "thank you," I tell her, she nods, I twist the cap and take a big gulp of water, she smiles again.

"I called our chef to make us lunch since you are going through all the trouble of coming to our house and all, do you want anything to snack on before you start the interview?" she asks me sounding like the perfect hostess.

"No, I'm fine," I tell her honestly.

"Where should we have it?" she asks me turning to look back at me.

"Anywhere that you are relaxed in; that way it's easier on you," I tell her, she nods and walks out of the kitchen, I follow; we walk into a big living room. She motions for me to sit down and I do. It feels as if I'm sitting on a cloud! This sofa is that comfortable.

"If we have to sit for hours we might as well sit somewhere comfy," she says as she throws herself back a content sigh escaping her lips.

Who would've predicated that I would be sitting on my idols sofa, I dreamed of it but I never would've believed it'd come true!

"As you know I was sent by your former manager; Mr. Hatake to interview you, I have already had the privilege of speaking with three other members of the group."

"Yes, I've spoken to them and they told me that you are great and professional."

I look at the elegant lady sitting before me dressed in tailor fit clothing; a pale pink blazer that looks like something off the runways of Chanel, a silk white blouse under, some black pedal pushers with pink metallic flats, she dresses like a modern Audrey Hepburn. Hinata Hyuga is a classic beauty with that dark blue hair that's shoulder length and the bangs pushed to the side, pale porcelain skin the kind you'd find on dolls, round owl-like innocent pale lavender eyes, high cheek bones, a fit figure not too skinny nor too big, a pink mouth with a light blush on her cheeks.

I heard that no directors or producers wanted her for their leads because she was too pretty and believed that she would call too much attention and people wouldn't see the film for what it was. But she fought against all that and now she's a two-time Academy-Award winning actress but that isn't the reason I'm here today. I'm here to interview her about what brought her all this fame it's because of a show titled; Rebels, it was the most viewed show in America, it stayed on top for the whole four years it was on air. It would've lasted way longer but the cast decided not to renew their contract with the network if they did it probably would've lasted much longer, I even heard rumors that they offered them all millions of more dollars to renew their contract but they all decided against it.

From that show a pop group was born, the biggest and most popular group of all time. In every corner of the world they know of DBR, to this day twenty-five years after, their music is still heard by all ages. I have a feeling that their music will continue to be heard another twenty-five years from now. Their music just connects with the listeners. They sang about love and heartache, but the lyrics…the rhythm...the singing…everything about DBR is loved by their fans. I look over the fireplace to look at the family portrait and there along with Hinata is her husband, a former member of DBR, three sons and three draughts look down at us, their smiles are not forced, they are genuine. I look at the husband in the canvas and feel my cheeks heat up as I look over at her.

"Is your husband home? That way if he is here I can interview you two together," I tell her feeling the words rush out of my mouth.

"No, I'm sorry," she says looking up at her family a fond smile comes onto her mouth as she look at her husband her love for him shining in her eyes. "He is actually on location in Africa, directing a new movie. If you'd like I can give you his number of his hotel room so you can interview him over the phone if you are in a hurry," she tells me kindly.

"No!" I shout getting up a bit, she leans back a shocked look on her face, I sit back down, "I couldn't do that to him, I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate it you know, me interviewing all of you in person then I interview him over the phone, that just wouldn't be fair for him," I mumble as I look down at my lap.

"Ahhhh…" I hear then I look up to find her smiling kindly at me, "I get it, you must have a crush on him, am I right?" she asks in a complete non-threatening voice, I feel my face heat up as I look down at my lap once more not being able to meet her eyes.

"N-n-no!!" I shout out, I hear her chuckle at my denial.

"Don't worry I've actually grown accustomed to it, you my friend aren't the only one most every girl is in love with him, I understand it," Hinata tells me with a smile, I feel my face turn even redder, she chuckles good-naturedly.

I clear my throat and cough into my cupped hand; I look up at Hinata finally feeling not so flustered.

"Is it okay with you if I record our interview?" I ask her she nods.

I open my purse on my lap and dig into it, my hand circles around in it, then I touch something long and rectangular then take it out, I put my bag back down next to me and bend forward to put the recorder in the middle of the coffee table pressing the record and play buttons at the same time, I lean back sitting on the sofa with a notepad and pen on my bent knee.

"Now," I start then rest my clammy hands on my lap as I meet her eyes, "Hinata Hyuga why did you go out for the role for Mary Franco?"

I smile as I remember back to the day I was in my agent's office, he was trying to convince me to go for the part, I didn't want to which resulted in a fight and my storming out of his office.

I look up at Moegi, "I've never actually said this before but I for one didn't want to go for the show at all but my agent and manager gained up on me saying I had to go for the part."

"Why did you become an actress? I mean you had no need for it, your father is the owner of the Hyuga Corporation," she tells me something I already know, I look down at my hand that are joined in my lap.

"I needed an outlet," I begin, "my family for centuries have been Nobles well Lords and all that so I was raised as one also. Ever since the age of four I took etiquette lessons and was told to mask my emotions but one day on the weekly visit I had with my dad I said to him I wanted to be an actress," to this day I remember I was trembling and scared he'd say no. "I thought for sure he'd turn me down saying that's none sense someone of my class was not be allowed to do that or something but to my surprise he agreed. My dad said okay because I took initiative and he hired the best acting teacher to give me private classes."

"Was the original cast there when you auditioned for the role?"

"Yes, Naruto and Sasuke were both there. They were the leads and they were reading with the other actresses."

"Do you remember that day?" Moegi asks me leaning forward resting her elbow on her knee, her fist under her chin looking real interested in what I have to tell her.

I nod as I think back.

I'm not nervous as I walk into the small hallway that is crowded with fifteen and sixteen year-old girls, they look up to see me but then their eyes go back down to their script that's on their lap or holding it up in their hands. I look at the plain white walls and rose colored carpet that has gum stuck to it, I don't like it.

I go over to the long folded out table, and the woman at the table doesn't even look up at me from her magazine.

"Name?" she says while turning the page.

"Hyuga, Hinata," I say to her.

"Head shot and resume?" she says as she points down at the table, I put it where she was pointing, then hands me a pink script, I take it and walk over to my cousin Neji. I watch as girl's check him out they start to giggle and blush as they discreetly watch him, he ignores them as he watches me walk to him. The hallway is so quiet the girls who sit on the floor or in a chair even lean against the wall all brought their mothers with them and all the mom's are off far away from us as they whisper amongst themselves unless their daughter looks up at them they all stay seated just watching.

"I don't get why I had to come to audition for this show," I tell him what I feel, he puts his hand on my hair and messes it up, I frown up at him as I fix my hair looking at him.

"You keep saying the same thing," he says sighing as he leans back on the wall.

"I told my agent I didn't want to audition for this show but he wouldn't let me say no," I tell Neji for what seems like the hundredth time.

"You're a pushover that's why your agent walks all over you and never lets you audition for the roles that you want."

I agree with Neji but don't voice it instead I look over the script that was handed to me.

I know what the show titled Rebels is about. There are six students from different backgrounds that go to a private boarding school in L.A. they all have different views on life and different ideals. But those six students join together to form a band to perform their songs and rebel against society and their private school.

The character I'm auditioning for is Mary Franco the girl-next-door. My mom is the DA of Los Angeles, she raised me; well I raised myself since my mother was never really around. Mary Franco is everyone's ideal of the perfect girl, I means she has the looks, brains, kindness, shy, friendly, and a pushover. Mary is the mother hen taking care of everyone, resolving everyone else's problems and keeping peace between them all, everyone likes her no one can hate her.

"Hinata Hyuga, they are ready for you," I hear a woman say to me I get up off the wall and smile back at my cousin, he smiles back.

She opens the door for me and I look up to see a long table with six people sitting behind it and a few more standing behind them, I see an old man with long white hair on one end, another man with gray hair and his coat covering the bottom part of his face, he must be the main producer of the show: Kakashi Hatake then the white haired man must be the Director of the show: Jiraiya, the only reason I'd like to be casted in the show is to be able to work with these two great men. One of the guys next to Mr. Hatake must be from the studio and the other must be another Producer. I look behind them to see a camera pointed at me, behind me is a white screen.

Then on the other end of the table I see two guys both look to be my age the black haired boy is Sasuke Uchiha, I've seen pictures of him and his girlfriend all over the magazines; he has signed on to be the main lead of the show he is by far the most famous one of the two the other boy is Naruto Uzumaki he like me is a new comer. He used to be casted in only kid shows; this is his first show as a teenager that is aimed for our age.

"Hyuga, Hinata, why have I heard your last name before?" Kakashi asks me as he look at the papers in front of him and doesn't even bother to look at me.

"It must be because of my dad, he owns the Hyuga Conglomerate," I let the cat out of the bag, I smile at them hiding my unease at letting them know about my background, they all look at me most of their jaws dropping.

"You mean you are the heiress to the Conglomerate?" a stunned Jiraiya asks me, I nod.

Kakashi moves his hand at the guy in charge of the camera and the guy starts to record.

"State your name to the camera," he says, I look into it.

"Hyuga, Hinata."

"Your height; weight?" he asks I say them into the lens.

"Why are you auditioning for the part?" he asks me without looking up at me.

"I didn't want to my Agent pushed me into it," I confess they all silently look at me surprised I would say the truth. "Oh? Do you want me to lie? Okay," then I look into the camera. "Well how can anyone not want to work with Kakashi Hatake and Jiraiya? I mean they'd be crazy right?" I ask sounding like a valley girl.

No one says or does anything they just lightly gasp at me but out of the corner of my eye I watch the two boys smirk.

"What do you think of the character?" he asks still not looking up from the papers before him, I watch him write he's probably playing Sudoku or something. I stay quiet for a bit as I shuffle my feet and fidget with my fingers.

"I kind of feel sorry for her," I tell them truthfully, "I mean having to grow up alone because her mom was too busy with her career and Mary had to fend for herself; not having a real childhood and getting lost in studying and reading. Having everyone use her for their own gain, you know? In my opinion she's kind of pathetic."

With that Kakashi finally looks up to really look at me, I take a step back. Why is he looking so intently at me? Why do I suddenly feel naked? I want to cover myself with my hands but I feel it'd be useless.

"Can you sing?" he asks me looking into my eyes.

"The performing arts school I went to in New York made it mandatory for us to take some music classes and my teacher said I have a great voice, umm…my resume has all the information of the school I went to," I say nodding toward the resume the woman is handing him.

"This school is famous! Didn't Al Pacino and Robert De Niro graduate or attend this school?" Jiraiya asks, I shrug my shoulders not really knowing if they did in fact attend my alma mater.

"I read it's really prestigious and not anyone can enter that school," the guy on the other side of Kakashi says looking amazed as he watches me, examining me closely.

"Well money does open up doors that are locked for most," I joke around.

The truth is the school doesn't even care if you have money, they let you in on talent alone there is this long auditioning process most of the students there are on scholarship because the school is run by the state and a studio and it's the same studio that's going to broadcast the show. They donate money to the school so the students could sign up and audition for their shows. That is also another reason I'm auditioning who knows and my teachers might recommend me and I'll be able to have a solid job then my dad won't order me to give it up and go back home so his people could mold me into the perfect bride for whichever guy he wants to marry me off to.

He warned me to land a solid job in three months, if not I'll have to go back home and finish high school in the school of his choosing and enter an Ivy League University to study business so that he can hand me the family business and I really don't want to do that.

I feel someone watch me I look over to find Kakashi and Jiraiya closely look me over, I swallow down my saliva and force my smile. They must know the truth about the school.

"Sasuke read the lines with her," he tells him, Sasuke sighs as he gets up leaving the script on the table and walks over to me. I turn to the side and he stands in front of me looking down at me, that intense gaze meeting my eyes head on.

I feel nervous and a bit scared.

"Okay, you'll be acting out scene 104," Jiraiya says, I fumble with the script as I look for the scene, I hear Sasuke sigh once more, my fingers feel sweaty as I keep looking for the scene trying to hurry up.

Why do I suddenly feel stupid? He sighs louder, the script falls out of my hands and onto the floor, I feel my face turn bright red, I bend down grabbing the script.

"I-I'm s-s-sorry," I whisper at him as I finally find the page.

This is stupid, I memorized the scene just a little while ago but why can't I remember the lines?

I look down at the script but the words seem foreign to my eyes and don't make sense at all.

I hear his dark, deep voice as he starts but I haven't even found where we are beginning from.

"So I hear your mom is starting a trial against my dad," he says looking down at me not hiding the fact that he thinks he's better than me, I look down trying to find the line he just said.

"Y-you m-mean that corrupt p-p-politician i-is y-your d-d-dad? I ask him weakly.

This isn't how I'm supposed to read the line! I'm supposed to look him in the eyes and be just like him thinking I'm superior also.

He sighs again this time louder then he looks over at Kakashi, just whit that look he's directing at him it's as if he's silently asking "is this girl really worth it?"

I get even more nervous as I hear Kakashi sigh also but Jiraiya smiles at me.

"Let her do it again she's just nervous, I mean who wouldn't be with Sasuke looking down at her like that?" he says with a tight laugh.

"Yeah! Sasuke? Don't look at her as if you're pissed at her! The script doesn't call for that!" Naruto yells, Sasuke looks over my head to look at his friend.

"Shut up! Don't tell me what to do, idiot," he mutters the end but Naruto bolts up off his chair.

"I heard you!" he semi-yells.

"Seeing the both of you argue like this would make anyone think you hate each other," Jiraiya whispers.

"We do!" they both yell in unison.

"Stop it," Kakashi tells them with a sigh, he looks at me, "we'll try it once more," he says, I feel nervous again, I bite down on my lower lip as I look down at the script why does it look like it's written in Japanese? I can't read Japanese!

I feel like I might hyperventilate.

"Kakashi, may I talk with her before they start?" I hear Naruto asks. I turn my head to look back at him to find him looking at Kakashi, he nods.

Naruto slowly gets up and looks into my eyes as he walks over to me, why don't I get nervous when I meet his gaze? What is it about those; bright-cerulean eyes that brings me calmness?

Did my heart just skip a beat? He comes over to me that easy-going smile on his mouth is directed at me but then he looks over at Sasuke with an angry look, he gets a loose hold on my elbow and walks me to the corner close to the door I walked in from. He puts my back against the corner and stands closely in front of me; he puts his arm up against the wall next to my head.

He smells nice, like dove the soap, cinnamon and cologne that is light and intoxicating. I close my eyes to take a whiff.

"Look Hinata, that's your name, correct?" he asks me, I nod not being able to form coherent words. "How weird that I remembered you name and not any of the other ones," he says with a loud-happy laugh that's not fake, I look down to find my feet spread because he has a foot between both of mine. I look up to find him watching me, his smile widens as he watches me blush.

"You're cute," he whispers, as he looks into my eyes, I gasp my face becoming redder he chuckles lightly. "Okay, look Hinata; I see something in you that tells me you have talent. I don't want anyone else for this role; something in me tells me that you are Mary Franco. You were made for this role!" he tells me with such confidence that it brings a smile to my mouth. "Don't let Sasuke's sour face get to you; he's just bored and a poor sport. Ignore him and do you thing Hinata, show him that you can be better than him." He says with that huge smile of his, I find myself smiling back.

"I'll try," I say to him.

"Good! I want to work with you," he confesses as he lightly touches my hand, I look at him shocked. He holds onto my fingers and takes me back to where Sasuke is standing; I stand to the side of the camera to look up at an angrier Sasuke with his arms crossed over his chest and his foot tapping rapidly on the floor.

"Are you ready now?" Kakashi asks me.

"Just a minute," I say as I close my eyes, getting rid of the world around me and just focus on the man before me, I take three deep calming breaths, my heart beat slows down and the scene comes back to me, I open my eyes slowly to look up at an irritated Sasuke.

"So I hear your mom is starting a trial against my dad," he starts again standing closer to me. I stand up straight not letting him get me down; I smirk as I raise my head to meet his dark eyes with my light ones.

"Oh, you meant that corrupt politician is your father? I should've figured as much," I tell him with a laugh, and cross my own arms over my chest then bring up my hands to examine my nails.

"What do you mean by that?" he asks me slowly and softly, barely holding in his anger at my words, I look up.

"I mean now I know where you get it from, it runs in your blood now doesn't it?" I ask leaning in closer to him, he takes a step back.

"Get what?" he asks cautiously I can hear a slight fear at as he waits for my response.

"That cockiness and thinking that you are better than us, your dad is like that. He thought he wouldn't get caught pocketing the money that people actually need. How does it feel to know that those clothes you are wearing could have helped a low income family?" I ask him with a soft edge to my voice. He looks outraged and ready to burst but then we hear Jiraiya and it stops him from going on.

"Cut!" Jiraiya says his voice sounding amazed, I let out a shaky breath and I look over at them to find them looking at us with grins.

"Was I the only one who felt that sexual tension?" Jiraiya asks with a laugh, trying to lighten the tension between Sasuke and me.

Sasuke looks down at me angrily, I look up at him with a smirk on my lips, I hear a low growl deep in his throat as he walks away from me.

"I think I might have to re-write the whole script," I hear one of the guys at the table says as he looks at me amazed and a bit infatuated with me.

"That is Iruka Umino, the head writer for the series," Kakashi says to me then he looks over at Iruka, "why do you say that?"

"Because I got inspiration from my new muse, she would be perfect for our vain; rich boy William Hamilton!" he says as Iruka stands up from his seat.

"Wouldn't that push back the filming?" the man next to Iruka asks.

"He is the talent director of the studio, Ebisu," Jiraiya tells me.

"Who cares? This has to be my best work and for that to happen Hinata must be the star of the show along with Sasuke; there is this undeniable chemistry that not everyone has!" he says as he walks to me circling me, I look over at Jiraiya feeling a bit nervous, he gets up and grabs Iruka to forcefully sit him back down in his chair.

"Slowly turn for the camera," Kakashi says to me he continues to write stuff on the paper in front of him, I do as he says.

"I think the three main females of the show should wear shorter skirts then the other ones," Jiraiya says, Kakashi moves his hand at the guy filming he stops the camera, then Jiraiya comes up to me with his hand under his chin examining me closely. He takes something out from behind his shirt and I see a mini-mini denim skirt. "Change into this so we can get a general idea of how short the skirt has got to be," he tells me as he bends down in front of me to look at my breasts leaning forward I go back then to the side.

I've heard stories of him being a pervert but I never imagined him like this, I ignore him as I look at Kakashi.

"I'm sorry," I direct it at him but he isn't even paying attention.

"You are hired!" I hear Jiraiya yell out; I look at him wondering if he could hire me. "You are by far the girl with the biggest breasts who's auditioned for the part," he tells me, I feel my cheeks burn.

"Be my muse!" Iruka yells at me throwing his chair back.

"I think I'll leave Mr. Hatake, you have all my information if you need to contact me," I say as I go to the door and open it only to find Neji there I stop as I hear Kakashi.

"You are going to play Mary Franco in Rebels; you just have to come again to audition for the network executive's to get their take on it but from my personal opinion you got the part," he informs me, I can't help but smile at him.

"Thank you! I won't let you down Mr. Hatake! You will not regret your decision!" I say to him but he ignores me as he points at one of the guys in the back then points at the door, all of it without looking up from the paper or uttering a single word, the guy goes outside.

"I'll call you in two days to give you more information and later today I'll send someone over to take you the four scripts for the first four episodes," he tells me, with that my cousin and me leave. Once I'm outside the door I jump up and down squealing in the empty hallway.

Neji smiles down at me.

"I thought you didn't want the part?" he asks me as I keep jumping and squealing like a twelve year old girl.

"I thought so too but, I was wrong," I say as I put my hand at the crock of his elbow and walk down the hallway.

"Did you read again?" Moegi asks me intrigued by what I just told her.

"No, Kakashi said that I reacted just like Mary Franco and I didn't have to read for the part again, we only read it one the whole cast was hired."

"What you told me is that Sasuke read as William, am I right?" she asks me, I nod, "but he played; Marco Anderson in the series," she tells me puzzled.

"True, he was originally hired to play the snobby-rich kid with problems but at the last minute Kakashi decided to have Naruto and Sasuke switch roles. In my opinion I think Sasuke better filled the role," I tell her as I remember how much Sasuke enjoyed reading as William at the audition.

"I never knew that," she whispers, I nod.

"Mostly no one knows, I really don't get why they kept it a secret. I think they switched the roles because there were so many fans of both Sasuke and Sakura that wanted them to date in the show," I tell her what the make-up artist told me all those years ago.

She takes a few notes as I watch her, she looks much more alive than when I first saw her.

"This was your first major role, correct?" she asks me looking up from her notepad, I nod, and she can finally meet me in the eyes without getting nervous.

"Yeah, I mean in a primetime slot and on a popular network, I mean not just to me but to all of us it was a huge deal!"

"Did you know about the singing?" she asks me leaning forward, her elbow resting on her knee as she puts her chin in her open palm.

"Not really, just when Kakashi asked if I could sing during the audition but I didn't really know it would be a show that incorporated music like it did. But when he talked to me three day after I auditioned for the show he told me the true story of the show Rebels, and I must admit I was truly intrigued," I say leaning back on the sofa and taking my shoes off to put my feet up on the sofa.

I sit with my legs bent to the side one hand resting on my leg the other hand is on top of the back of the sofa.

Rebels, was a show with a simple concept really. It was about six different teenagers, they all had different backgrounds and different friends: one of the main girls was Maya Gavinchi played by Sakura Haruno; she was the spoiled rich girl, with a huge heart and someone who liked to give girls makeover's the most popular girl in school, the Queen Bee so to speak and the most beautiful girl on campus she was a bit immature, childish, and conceited her father was a world-renowned fashion designer, her mother died when she was just a child. Roberta King was played by TenTen, she was a rebel through and through, he mother was a super-popular soul singer. Roberta always felt she lived in her mother's shadow so to break free she rebelled against society, getting piercings, constantly doing crazy things and not getting along at all with Maya they always clashed leaving their mutual friend Mary in the middle of the chaos and she couldn't get along with William Hamilton at all but slowly started to fall in love with one another although they denied it and they always tried to hide their feelings with their arguments.

The boys who were the main characters were: Marco Anderson played by Sasuke Uchiha, he came to the school to get revenge on his dad's "accidental" death but instead fell in love with the girl he was supposed to break the heart of and complications arise with them because just like the other couples they won't admit their feelings for one another and even more because he's on a scholarship and most every person hates him for not having money like them. Gustav Morales played by Shikamaru Nara, he was poor all his life but suddenly his parents struck it rich and he let the new found money get to his head and decided not to let any of his classmates know of his poor roots.

Everyone had a different story, a different take on all of their lives, some hated each other and couldn't stand one another and they never dreamed of getting along but their love for their music brought them together.

There were lots of critics that wrote of the show off as vain and a sure fire one hit wonder saying that it wouldn't last after the pilot but ohh, they were so wrong, no one listened every single person in America sat in front of their television as a family to watch at 8pm every night on channel four to see Rebels.

"Did you know it was going to be such a huge hit?" I ask the two-time winning Academy award actress, she smiles at me, a faraway look in her pale lavender eyes, that have slight wrinkles at the corner of them that show when she smiles.

"I thought it would be mildly popular like only a couple million people would watch but I never imagined the magnitude of popularity the show would get. I mean we were the first prime-time program to get our show on every day of the week except weekends and get decent ratings," she tells me with a modestly, I chuckle.

"If by decent ratings you mean thirty-five million people tuned in every night and for the finale there was a record seventy-three million viewers in the United States alone," I tell her she just smiles and shrugs her shoulders. "I mean a new hour long episode every night of the week you guys were the first and only American television show on prime time to do it and succeed!"

"I know, we were all surprised, really, and amazed at how fast it became popular, much less the CD."

"Now there's another amazing fact, none of the stores could keep that first CD in stock; it broke all sorts of records didn't it?" I ask her she shrugs her shoulders not really wanting to admit that it beat Michael Jackson's CD "Thriller" as the highest selling album of all time. "In total I have bought it about seven times to this day."

She laughs, "I've heard that a lot," she chuckles. "We recorded it in two days, I remember because we finished the day of shooting for the show then we were whisked away to a studio of the producers to record the album, then we got to sleep for two hours and were taken back to the set to tape the show the next day, then did it again. We were so tired after that they gave us the day off the next day and we all just slept in, we had no energy to do anything then the following day we started to shoot again. Now that I think back to those days I still don't understand how we lived through it," she says shaking her head in disbelief.

"I want to know how you guys lived through the concerts," I ask her she shrugs her shoulders then throws her body back looking tired just thinking about it, I smile. "Don't worry we won't talk about that yet because we are still on the topic of DBR's first record by the way why was the band named DBR?" I ask her wondering why no one really has asked them, she smiles up at the high ceiling.

"Did you ever hear of the Mexican soap opera Rebelde?" she asks me.

"No," I tell her.

"They did a show like Rebels, and they too formed a pop group, we met them and they were truly nice and very much grounded; they named themselves RBD, so in honor of their success we just switched the letters backwards and got: DBR. But later towards the end of the band we or more like Shikamaru changed it into: Don't Buy into Rebels. We were really tired of it about two years before the band actually broke up we actually counted the day until we announced our definite end. Don't get me wrong we loved our fans to no end but we just wanted to work on our own projects and not to be linked to Rebels or DBR; we wanted to be ourselves," she tells me with a sad smile on her lips. What she failed to mention is when they announced their break-up the whole world mourned, all the kids that grew up with the six young actors kept following them they still had the huge fan base from the beginning.

I really can't imagine what they went through and never will understand them.

"But you guys got along so well," I say to her bewildered.

"I know to this day all six of us still get together when we can, Sakura, TenTen and I still go out to eat lunch or shop together whenever we can. But it was just tiring to keep playing the roles of the show we couldn't be ourselves, then having the network restrict our movements, not getting vacation time because we were too busy touring and promoting our 'brand', it just took a lot out of us."

"So what you are saying is the network owned you? But I thought it was the record company?" she asks me tapping her chin with the pen in her fingers.

"Well the network owned the record company, so they owned us," I say to her leaning forward and sitting Indian style on the sofa. "Out of everything we made as the group we only got to keep forty percent and we had to split it six ways," I confess to her.

"That is all you got?" she asks me outraged, I smile nodding. "That's fucked up!" she shouts pissed, she looks into my eyes hers wide with surprise. "Why didn't anyone else mention it?"

"Because they maybe thought no one would mention it but I'm fed up with keeping the truth that's exactly why my husband and I will talk about what really happened behind the scenes," she tells me looking into my eyes with such honesty.

Why do I feel after this interview everything we believed about DBR will be a lie? I scoot forward ready to hear everything there is to know, the truth behind the lies of the pop group that dominated the World and still continues to.

I hope you liked it and please look forward to more, by the way I do not own Naruto nor Rebels any of it, so thanks once again!!