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Chapter 10: Confessions

I've always had problems with people but, I mean who hasn't? For one, I've never had real friends. I mean Shikamaru isn't really a friend he's more of an acquaintance, I know him but I don't actually know him. I could lie and say that he's my best friend. That we share our secrets and we have sleepovers. But that isn't me so as I talk to my dad about how my life is going, I'm not sure how to answer his following question.

"So, how are your friends?" he likes to call the band, my friends. I think he pictures us hanging out together all the time. Going out and eating, watching movies, hanging by the pool everything people our age do. But, since I pushed them away I may have just made it impossible for us to become friends. The sad thing is that it doesn't upset me. I mean shouldn't I want to be friends with them?

Shouldn't I actually want friends? What is wrong with me?! Is there anything wrong with me? It's most likely normal. Yeah, this has to happen all the time.

"They aren't my friends," I confess to my dad. He doesn't interrupt me because he knows there is more. "You know I've never had any friends. Even the ones you paid to be my friends left me. I just can't get along with people and have no desire to," I sadly admit. My dad says nothing on the other side of the phone. I wait knowing that he has something to say.

"I understand that you never had good experiences with people. Most of the people you met were paid to be around you. Many more just used you for your money. But Hinata, not everyone in the world is like this. I want you to know that there are in fact decent people in this world. You might have found them on that set. I don't want you to lose this opportunity to actually have friends. To actually know people you could count on. Don't let a few awful people ruin what could be a lifelong friendship with these people," my dad says to me in a soft and kind voice, which is weird because I've only seen him yelling at people. I mean he was nice to Hanabi and me but I always pictured him yelling. I find myself quiet on my end of the line. Even if he says all this it doesn't take away the pain I felt all those years. The disappointment, the fear, the hate, everything was just so awful. It's why I became a loner of sorts. I never tried to get close to anyone in the performing arts school I went to. I was always glaring at everyone because I wanted to be left alone. The only one that didn't run away was Shikamaru.

He used to tell me that I looked like I was trying to take a shit but couldn't, that I shouldn't glare at people because I wasn't good at it. After that we sort of hung out during lunch or during our breaks. But we never actually hung out, outside of school, it was always inside of school unless there were field trips then we would pair up. He wouldn't call me during the weekend to hang out or just to see what I'm doing; we never had that type of friendship. We were just friends in school nothing more or less. I never even realized that he could like me…I always thought he saw me as an annoying pest.

"I should go now dad, I'll call you next week," I finally say to him after a long pause. He sighs knowing that he didn't get through to me.

"Okay, take care," he replies and hangs up. I hang up the phone and look around my trailer. I've suddenly grown hungry and I'm too comfortable to get up. I text Neji and ask him to bring me some food. He replies quickly and says that he will. I look around my plain trailer I haven't even added personal touches to it. It's the same as when I first stepped into it.

I lie down on my stomach and burry my face in the pillows. I've been hiding out in my trailer ever since Sasuke told me all that junk. After I'm done filming I run back into my trailer and wait to be called back out. I've brought tons of comics and mangas to read but I just haven't had any energy to pick them up. His words still hurt me…why do I always retreat when I get close to people? Is it a coping mechanism or what?

Ever since Sasuke called me out on my bullshit the studio stopped putting a studio audience in with us. They've closed the set and aren't letting anyone in. They don't want the public to know what is going on in the group. They want to keep it quiet and wait for us to cool down. But I guess they don't know Sasuke at all…even if I went and said sorry he'll just laugh in my face and call me a sucker or worse.

Why do I hate connecting with people? Shouldn't I try to get along and junk? I sigh into my pillow. I should be home packing instead of hiding out in here. We are supposed to leave for Europe at the end of the week. I'm done with my filming so why I'm I still here?

Ugh! I just want to get out. I slowly stand groaning all the way up and text Neji to tell him that I'll see him at the house. I grab the keys to the car that was loaned out to me as soon as I landed my role as Mary. The studio thought I could use a car to get around and I've avoided using it but right now it's the only means in which I can escape from here. I walk to the private parking lot that can be found in between two filming studios. I push the open doors button and I watch as the Grey Violet Continental Bentley lights up. I open the doors and find the interior brown and blue. I smile finding it actually quite nice. I never knew all three colors could match like this. I wonder if they custom ordered it with the company itself? Because I highly doubt they have these types of cars on the lot. I shrug my shoulders and I sit in the car and turn on the ignition. Right away I put the top down and sync my iPhone with the radio system as I let the car warm up before I drive it.

My dad actually taught me how to drive at the age of fourteen and I got my license when I was eighteen. I don't usually drive because father drove Hanabi and me around, he never let the chauffer take us anywhere. He used to say that we were too precious so he wouldn't let anyone else drive or take us anywhere. He was very protective…But now that I actually have a car I may just drive all the time instead of being driven around... I reverse and put it into drive and maneuver it slowly out of the back lot. I see Gaara talking to a guy and he looks over to me and wave's good-bye I honk and notice the guy look back at me with a glare. Isn't he supposed to be my new love interest for the coming season? He gives me his back and returns his attention to Gaara who is still looking at me as I drive past them.

I just have this need to run away from everything. To just say: fuck responsibilities! Just to hide away from everyone. I don't understand this need but it isn't right. It feels wrong to feel this to…desire this. I suddenly break as someone walks in front of the car. My loose hair falls over my lowered head. I know who it is and I won't look up until he's gone. I don't want him near me. Before I even have the strength to look up I hear as the passenger seat next to me is occupied and I sneak a look over and find Sasuke sitting there. I turn off the car and wait knowing that if I have patience he'll leave me alone.

Instead he surprises me by just sitting there in silence. I have this desire to knock him out and throw him out of the car. I force my hands to grab onto the steering wheel so tightly that my knuckles turn a bone white. I will not beat him senseless. I will not beat him senseless. I will not beat him senseless. I tell myself hoping it will help my self control. He doesn't try to talk to me at all. And I don't look over at him. I attempt to pretend that he isn't in here invading my mind.

It's been about twenty minutes and he's just sitting there trying to hide his smug grin. I imagine since I don't have the power to stare at him at all. I won't give him the satisfaction of driving off with him. I won't! I want to scream at him. I want to yell at him so many bad words I feel them forming in the back of my throat and the words burn me. I just really want to scream. I have this desire to just scream until my voice is gone. To yell so loud that you could hear it across the city. I just want to be alone…

Twenty more minutes pass by. By then I've imagined forty different ways I could kill him without leaving evidence of homicide in the interior of the car. I finally give up and sadly turn on the engine and slowly make our way out of the studio. I break all of a sudden and stupid Sasuke forgot to put on his seat belt and he falls forward hitting his forehead against the dashboard. I smile in delight and I hear as he murmurs a few choice words. My iPhone is connected to the radio system and search for The Doors albums I have bought, and put them all on repeat and drive. There is no destination for me. I just needed to get away from everyone but I had to have a pest with me. As I look into my rear view mirror I notice a few paparazzi following after us in a close distance. I text the number I was giving by Minato and alert them that I'm being chased and a second later they reply asking me where I'm heading and I give them the streets and direction I'm going and they answer that they'll be with me in five minutes.

To my shock they actually get to me in three minutes. I glimpse in the rearview mirror as some patrol cars block the street after me and I get some distance away from the paparazzi. On my left I notice some more shady vans on my tail and more cops follow close behind me until the paparazzi try to out maneuver them but they are suddenly put to a stop by the patrol cars that once again close the street behind me. Suddenly, I feel something fall on top of my head and I look up a second and notice a big floppy black straw hat overhead. And some ray bans fall to my lap. I don't glance at Sasuke as I grab the sunglasses and put them on my face. Although I do steal a glance and notice that he has a baseball hat on and some similar looking ray bans on his face. I ignore the light and happy feeling in my stomach as I focus on the street ahead.

"Love Me Two Times" begins and suddenly my speed increases. This is what happens when certain The Doors songs play. This need to speed off takes over my body and I just want to drive faster and farther away. It's dangerous but their music drives me, pun totally intended.

Now I know where I'm heading. I put up the roof of the car and throw the hat at the backseat as I reach out for my phone and open the GPS app I bought. Sasuke doesn't ask me anything. He doesn't question where we are going. If I didn't dislike him so much I would thank him for hitching a ride. But I won't do him any favors. Not him, not after everything that went down. I take the freeway and head to the Long Beach docks. I used to spend time at the docks back in my home town. My dad bought a shipping company and he spent so much time down there and he would take us with him. I actually really enjoyed my time there. I loved the smell of the water and the loud sounds and the shouts coming from people on the docks and ships. Not to mention the horns…I just always had a problem with silence. I always have to have some sort of music playing anywhere I'm at. I can't stand the silence…there is something unnerving about it. It just brings back so many awful memories that I wished I forgot. I feel Sasuke turn and stare at me a few times but I ignore his glares and focus solely on the freeway.

But because I remembered about my hate for silence the memories are flooding me. I have to stop driving or else it's going to get to me…

"I'm sorry I was such an asshole to you," Sasuke blurts out. I forget everything I was remembering and keep my surprised gaze on the road. "I can't be anyone else than myself. I just didn't like it at all when you were pushing us away. It upset it me too much and I said things I didn't mean to."

His words take me out of the darkness, he let me out. Did he know something was going on by my expression? He just keeps surprising me.

I feel my breathing become quicker as I force the tears back

"You were a douchey asshole," I confess to this man. He laughs and I feel better and at ease. "I tend to do that," I begin for some reason. "When people get too close to me my instinct is to push them away. I just shut people out because it's easier. People always betray me so my first instinct is to push everyone away. It's better that way, to break apart first, before they get a chance to." This is my phobia. My deep dark secret. "I'm a pathetic woman who has no friends," why am I saying this? I feel like I have to tell him the truth. Sort of like…I can trust him…

I don't like that feeling…trust isn't…its foreign and weird…

"Don't force yourself," Sasuke tells me as he pats my head. "It's hard to believe but I'm your friend, you dork. It's why I was able to tell you the truth. That's why I'm in this car with you even though you've given me the cold shoulder."

"I don't like you as a friend," I joke around.

"You always have that one friend that you don't like. It's part of life," he tells me semi-serious.

I laugh at him and a smirk appears on his face. I notice it out of the corner of my eyes.

"You were different before, right?" I question him. "In interviews and magazines you never really spoke and didn't smile. You were the mixture of Kristen Stewart and Victoria Beckham, rolled into one. What's changed?" I find myself asking.

He doesn't answer at first almost as if he's thinking deeply about how to respond. I always remembered him as an asshole, that best explains Sasuke to me. He seemed like he had this big chip on his shoulder and just hated everyone. Like he felt the world was out to get him. But, now he's a completely different guy. He could easily smile, he talks more with everyone and he can actually laugh at jokes. I'm shocked at his change.

"I have a brother complex," he admits. I tighten my lips as I focus on the freeway. I won't tell him that I know Itachi…I know him very well. "I've always been compared to him. I'm always thought of as inferior to him. I was the idiot compared to the genius. I' am the hideous younger son whereas Itachi is the handsome older son. I could go on with these but you get the idea. So of course I would react in an angry way. I believed the whole world thought of me like that. That I was nothing compared to Itachi. I never wanted to be in front of the camera you know. I mean Itachi won his first Academy Award when he was nine, how could I even think of matching him? But, I read a script and something about it called to me…and I just accepted it," he pauses as he looks out his window. It seems as if he's lost in thought. I lower the volume of the music so that he could think in a quieter environment. Itachi, he never talked to me about Sasuke. He never mentioned these problems. Did he not see it? Or did he ignore it? "Kakashi came to my parents and asked if he could guide me to be a TV star. My parents agreed because that way they have a successful son in movies and theater while I barely make it in TV and commercials. It's pretty twisted how this all came to be. I was the one who wanted to do movies. I wanted to direct to produce to create movies but now I'm stuck in TV and don't see a way out of it…" I don't know what to say. There is nothing to say really and he knows it. That's why he was so adamant on working on his movie. He wants it to be a success.

"But you already produced a movie and are working on one, aren't you?" I question him as I get off the freeway and head in the direction the GPS is guiding me.

"They haven't been released yet. I think Kakashi is stopping them from seeing the light of day," Sasuke tells me. For some reason his words don't shock me. "Enough about me," he suddenly says "what about you? Do you want to talk about what's troubling you? Tell me why you pushed us away from you," I feel my throat become dry.

"If I talk about it now we'll get in a car accident so just let me drive," I say still feeling this need to consume gallons of water to get rid of the dryness of my throat.

He stays silent and I sense his eyes on me as I concentrate on the streets. He stops talking and looks down at his cell phone. I hear as he types something into it. After twenty minutes I find myself standing on the docks. I look up at the ships and over at the docks, I just try to take everything in. I remember my time with dad and Hanabi as we just ran around. My dad bought the docks so we were able to run around without fear of anything happening. I just feel this pang in my heart as I recall those days. I want to go back to those days…

The tears fall out of nowhere. I look over at Sasuke and find his eyes widen at my tears. It's just so hard to continue. To keep on being who I' am being. To drive everyone away from me. I don't want to put up walls anymore. I don't want to be alone. Suddenly something bubbles up my throat and before I can think I open my mouth and just scream. I scream until my lungs feel like they are on fire and my throat feels like it's about to burst into flames. I let out another scream, I feel when Sasuke takes his eyes off of me and looks somewhere else. He understands that this is something private. He gets that he's seeing a side of me that no one knows, not even Hanabi. The tears fall faster and they blur my vision so that I only see the blueness of the water. I look up at the sky and scream again this time longer and stronger. I fall back on my butt and just stay sitting as I sob. I feel like I can't speak. Like no words could get out. I really needed this. I needed to let it out finally. To let out everything I was holding in escape. There were no words to describe how I was feeling instead I just screamed it all out together. I yelled to let out the demons that have been haunting me since childhood.

Sasuke sits next to me and rests his arm around my shoulder as I keep crying.

"…I thought you wouldn't stop. I'm pretty sure some of the guys called the police," he tells me after a long silence. I don't look at him. I can't. This isn't the Sasuke I've seen.

He was always like me. He wouldn't get close to anyone because he was indifferent towards people. But, he's right here next to me holding me…

"You asked me what changed…why I changed. It's because of you," I stare at him unable to say anything. "I mean not you alone," he tells me quickly and with a slight blush. "I changed because of the group because of all of you. I don't hate the fact that I'm stuck doing TV shows anymore. I'm glad I'm doing Rebels, because I was able to meet all of you. To get to know each of you and to let you all in. You don't know just how difficult it is to talk about myself or my family. I don't like to let people know personal information about me but before I knew it I needed every single one of you to understand me. To know me. It sounds really stupid but it's the truth. I just want you to know that I need you just as much as you need me," he confesses to me and the tears fall faster.

"Were you ever lonely?" I whisper to him.

"No, I always had stupid Naruto trying to be my friend," he admits to me. I keep my eyes on the sky.

"I've always been a loner," I find myself saying. "People would just get close to me because my father paid them or because they wanted money from me. It's why Sai's betrayal affected me so much. That is what my life has been. I trust easily and get hurt even more painfully. It's the reason I push everyone away if people get too close. I've been hurt so many times that I just want it to stop. I don't want to go through the pain over and over again. I don't want to suffer. I know in my mind that none of you want me for my money but I've just trusted so many of the wrong people that I feel everyone is the same. That everyone is just using me. I hate to have that mentality but it's the truth. But I want to stop also. I want to trust, I want to grow close to everyone but I just can't. I can't allow you in. I don't want to. I don't want to suffer. I can't trust you so easily. I can't…it's just so hard to be this person. To push everyone away but I have to protect my heart and soul. I have to protect myself from the world…" I finally admit my truth. The one that has haunted me since childhood. I must seem pathetic. I really am. But the pain I've suffered it's defined me for so long that I have no way out. The only way to stop feeling is to stop letting people in. I feel as his warmth leaves me and he gets up. I look over at him to find him standing on the other side of the railings of the docks. I stare at him shocked.

"If I jump will you trust us?" he questions me.

"Wh-what are you doing?" I ask slowly standing.

"If I put myself out here for you will you let us in?" he asks me one more time. I look around wondering if anyone is filming this or watching us.

"Stop it Sasuke. Jumping into cold waters won't solve anything. I will still protect my heart from you and everyone else," I shout at him.

"Then what do I need to do in order for you to trust us?" he questions me as he holds onto the railing with one hand. His left leg is dangling over the murky waters.

"I need you not to jump. If you jump and die then it won't be my fault!" I scream at him. He suddenly lets go and my legs don't run fast enough to catch him. I can't breathe as I search for him. Then I find him bobbing in and out of the water. "Why?" I shout down at him feeling the tears warm my cold cheeks.

"It may not have solved anything," he yells up at me. "But at least now you know that I would do anything to prove to you that you can trust me and the rest of us," I glare down at him and run from him to search for help. I can't stop my face from forming a smile as I look for people. It's a really idiotic gesture but it does prove something…that I might actually like this side of Sasuke…

We were lucky that the men who offered Hinata help had daughters who were fans of DBR. We gave them free concert tickets and backstage passes and they promised not to discuss what happened today. So no tabloid stories for us.

Hinata is telling me all these things but I tune her out. She keeps going on and on about what would happen if I got pneumonia and all that stuff. I can't stare at her. I did the most stupidest thing on the planet to prove to her that she can trust me. I acted like a guy from a Korean drama!

I'll never live this down. At least she didn't record it or anything. But I'm pretty sure she'll talk to everyone about this…

But I seriously don't mind. I steal a glance at her to find her mouth still moving.

So she's still lecturing me…

She seems so normal on the outside. But the truth is that she's all messed up on the inside. Who could be so fucked up that they would use her like that? I mean couldn't they realize the damage they caused Hinata. It all began when she was a kid. Fuck, that's some deep scars she holds and hides very well. I wonder why her dad had to pay people to hang out with her?

I mean she seemed like an okay girl to hang out with so why pay others to be with her?

Unless…no he wouldn't do that to her…

"Are you close to your father?" I suddenly blurt out. She doesn't stare at me as she keeps her eyes on the freeway.

"Sort of, he's always been there for me and has a weird obsession with Hanabi and me why?" she questions me.

"What weird obsession?" I ask her further.

"He never let us have sleepovers at other people's houses, we weren't allowed to hang out with friends on weekends and he made it a point to stay with us as much as he could, he would be really hands on with everything we did…is that not normal?" she ponders softly.

"Is he very…possessive of you?" I inquire further. Her dad sounds like those crazy ones from animes. That always say that they'll never let their daughters marry and they'll only be allowed to marry them and stuff.

"Maybe…" she whispers turning her head to the right to make sure there are no cars close so that she can switch lanes.

He must have done all that in order to make sure that Hinata would have trust issues and only rely on him. He's a pretty fucked up guy to do that to his own daughter. All that so that she can't trust anyone…he has no idea just what he did to Hinata. It's seriously disgusting.

"Why did you ask all of that?" she wonders as she steals a glance my way. "You weren't listening to anything I was saying before right?" she astutely concludes. "But wait all these questions about my dad…you think he did all that on purpose? For what? So that I can be close to only him or something? That can't be it…he couldn't be that psychotic could he…?" she is seriously able to come up with her on conclusions from the questions I asked her? How did she not come up with this sooner?

"You know him so I couldn't really answer you but I think he may have…" I confess to her.

She doesn't say anything as she focuses on the freeway before her. I can see right away how pissed off she is. Her face contorts to an angry smirk as she looks at the direction ahead. I must remind myself not to be on her bad side ever again…

We keep quiet on the way back and I don't feel like talking to this new Hinata.

After a half-hour on the freeway we find ourselves on our way home. She doesn't ask for my house address since I gave it to her a while back. Once she stops in front of my gate she turns to look at me.

"I want to drink some alcohol in your house," she tells me not giving me a choice in the matter. I nod and give her my pass code to the front gate and she pushes the numbers given. The gate opens and she drives into the driveway.

"You shouldn't drink. You're underage you loser," I tell her as I get out of the car and wait for her until she walks around it to me. "And you shouldn't drink your problems away. You'll become an alcoholic that way."

"I don't need a mom right now, I need a friend you idiot," she tells me. Her anger is directed at me as she walks ahead of me into my house. The door is never locked so she just opens it and I glare at her back.

I don't really like this Hinata right now…once I enter the house I find her in the living room at the bar. She grabs the whiskey and pours herself a very large glass. Suigetsu comes in before me and watches Hinata with amazement on his face. His face turns red as he watches her drink her large glass of whiskey. She doesn't notice him but I do. I turn my glare to him.

He senses my anger and looks over at me. His mouth hangs open in amazement and he points at her, his mouth opening and closing. It looks like he thinks he just spoke legible words but he didn't. I just heard a bunch of sounds together. Once she's done drinking the glass she cleans her mouth with the back of her hand. She pours herself another glass and turns to look at Suigetsu.

"Who the hell are you?" she questions him angrily.

He still can't seem to form words so I answer for him.

"That is my assistant: Suigetsu," I reply as she takes a long sip of whiskey.

"The famous Suigetsu huh?" she says for some reason. I don't think I talk a lot about him…

"Y-you're the famous one!" he finally says his face becoming redder by the second. "I'm Suigetsu, Sasuke's assistant," he says again to her.

"The famous Suigetsu huh, it's nice to finally but a name to the face," she says incorrectly. I knew it was a bad idea for her to drink. She begins to walk and kicks her left heel back and the right one follows after that. She walks towards the low glass table with the bottle of whiskey and her glass.

"He talks about me?" Suigetsu says excitedly as he follows after her like a puppy follows its mother.

"All the time," she answers as she sits down on the floor.

"What does he say about me?" he questions her as he sits next to her.

"Tons of stuff," she evasively answers. She leans into him and bites down on her lower lip. "Do you want to make-out?" she whispers her request to him. I watch as he sits up straighter and quickly leans in closer to her.

"Y-yeah…I'm a huge fan of you…" he murmurs as he closes in on her mouth.

"She's drunk you idiot. She doesn't know what she's doing," I angrily stop the two dumbasses.

"I know perfectly what I'm doing!" Hinata sounds outraged as she shouts at me. "I'm a bit horny so I want to make-out and junk!" she admits with a blush and she falls back into my plush carpet. She laughs as she spreads her arms out onto the carpet. "I could sleep here…" she admits to us. "Suigetsu let me see you naked," she commands him. The idiot gets up and grabs the bottom of his shirt and is ready to pull it over his head.

"You do that and I'll fire you," I warn the idiot man I hired as my assistant. He seriously contemplates whether to pay attention to me or not. I guess he knows that he'll never get a chance like this with Hinata again. "I can't believe you are even contemplating sleeping with a drunk girl. Who the fuck are you? Do you have no morals or some shit?" I ask him growing pissed at his failure of reacting like a human being.

Hinata just laughs for some reason. Suigetsu's expression changes and he gets up and walks out of the living room and down one of the many halls.

"Aww, now he's going to go and cry in his room. Why were you so tough on him? Chill dude," she directs me as she slowly sits up to fill her glass again. "You know I've been told that I'm a great kisser, do you want to find out?" she asks me as she drinks her glass. She sets it down on the glass table and suddenly goes on all fours and crawls to me. Her eyes are glazed over as she stares at me. I give her my back and walk to my sofa. Seriously who is this girl? Next thing I know she is sitting next me and her breasts touch my left side. I move away. "I was telling the truth before, I'm really horny right now," she whispers into my ear and bites down on my earlobe. I get up from the sofa and turn my angry glare at the smirking Hinata.

"Tell me all of this when you are sober you idiot. And even then I'll say no. You don't even like me so why are you reacting like this?" I ask her feeling a bit embarrassed on her behalf.

"You make it seem as if sex is this big commitment, guess what old maid it's not," she says as she reaches down for her blouse and slowly begins to take it off but it gets stuck on her just under her bra.

"When you wake up tomorrow and realize what you did and said you are going to hope that the earth swallows you whole," I tell her. But the truth is that I do want to kiss her. I want to see if what she says is true. Is she really a great kisser? Is it okay to make out with her and not expect anything in return?

But no, I'm not the kind of guy that would take advantage of her like this. She doesn't deserve it and I have morals to know that trying to kiss her or anything further would be incorrect and a violation of her.

"Boo! Sasuke is no fun. Let me go look for Suigetsu," she teases me as she gets off the sofa and walks towards the hallway.

"Go wait for me in my room it's the door at the end of the hall, I'll go in right now," I proclaim to her. She glances back at me and slowly looks me over and she sighs. I suddenly feel like one of these women who get whistled at in the street. Seriously who is this? Hopefully she'll fall asleep before she can remember what I said about joining her. I lie on the sofa and look up at the ceiling.

Why am I the one that sees all these sides to Hinata?

I wake up to a throbbing head. Oww…my brain is too hurt to function…

I twist to the other side hoping that I can get away from the hurt brain but there is no use it is following me…

I open my eyes to find my arms halfway into my shirt it looks like I tried to take it off but gave up because it wouldn't come off. My jeans are unzipped and down at my ankles. What did I do? Wait…I look around and slowly realize that I'm not in my room. Where am I?

"Did you have fun last night?" Sasuke shouts at me. I cover my ears before I cover myself. Oww…I become bright red as I try to quickly put on my blouse correctly. What did I do? Who did I do?!

I reach down for my pants and zip them up.

"What?" I whisper hoarsely. "Did I scream so much last night in ecstasy? Is that why I have no voice?" I question him with a blush. His face becomes red.

"No you idiot! Don't you remember anything?" he continuously shouts at me. He's doing it on purpose because he knows that I'm hung over. He's such a jerk…

"Oh, the docks!" I exclaim proudly. Then I become gloomy, "Dad…" I whisper. How could he do that to me?

"You still don't know for sure though," Sasuke interrupts my gloomy thoughts concerning my father.

"He's seriously capable of doing that. But it doesn't matter because from today onwards I will stop talking to him as punishment. I'm going to look for an apartment or something to move into also. I don't want to live in his house anymore. And knowing him he probably had cameras installed in the house. He's probably been watching me all this time…" I suspect out loud. My dad is such a creep that I wouldn't put it past him…

I quietly contemplate everything that has occurred recently. I look up at Sasuke to find him watching me.

"Well best friend I need someone to go with me to look at houses," I tell him as I get off of his bed and stretch. "Your bed is surprisingly comfy, why didn't you join me?" I tease him as I reach for his high ceiling. He glares at me.

"I'm not your best friend," he proclaims easily.

"You are, you jumped into the ocean for me~" I sing to him with a smile. I watch as a blush re-appears on his cheeks.

"Forget about that," he orders me. I look into his eyes and shake my head.

"No one would've done that for me so I won't ever forget it. It's because of you that I can seriously try to let people know the real me. I mean you most likely know me the best than everyone else. I've let you seen me at my worst Sasuke, so you are my best friend," I easily reply to him. He stares at me showing how amazed he is at me. "Plus I need to get you really drunk to see how you would react drunk~" I sing again. He lunges at me but I dance my way out of his lunge and he lands on his bed. "I'll see you later bestie~" I sing as I run out of his room and down the hall, not caring if I have shoes I just walk outside his front door and suddenly the hot sun seems too bright. I walk to my car and unlock it. I turn it on and put the air on full blast as I sit here for a bit. Then I drive down the driveway and start going towards the house I'll be leaving.

Seriously how did I not notice my dad doing all that to me? I'm so ignorant! It doesn't matter though because from today onwards I'm a new woman one who won't be scared of opening up to her friends.

I walk onto the set to find everyone there but Hinata. I go to my chair and go over the script once more. I can never be too prepared. As I focus on the script someone stands in front of me. I pretend that person doesn't exist. If I ignore her she will go away.

"SASUKE!" Hinata shouts my name forgetting about her hang over. She groans and grabs her head. "You idiot! Why didn't you…tell me," she grabs the front of my shirt and shakes me hard. "Did I really say all that?!" she screams shaking me violently. I try to nod but I can't.

"Yes, you dork," I reply she lets go of me and falls to the ground. I glance down at her to find her murmuring something's. It looks like she's cursing me or something.

I look down at my script and ignore her.

"Bestie, I can die because I'm so embarrassed," she tells me in a deadpan tone.

"I've seen you at your worst so you coming onto me is nothing compared to seeing you sobbing with mucus coming out of your nostril," I admit to the lady lying on the dirty concrete floor. "You should really get up from the floor. It's not clean you know."

"You're going to think I like you in a sexual manner but I don't!" she shouts getting up. I turn to look around us to find the whole crew and cast watching us with interest. "And also that I'm horny all the time! But I'm not I promise! I mean sometimes I want to have sex and stuff but I shouldn't be talking to you about this because then I'll die of embarrassment! See how I'm all red and stuff!" So when she's nervous she just rambles on and on.

"Be quiet, if you don't then I won't go with you to look for houses," I announce. She beams and becomes quiet all of a sudden.

"I was just joking before bestie but thanks so much you loser!" she says as she walks away with her back light brown from the dirt of the floor. I don't tell her about her clothes and look back down at my script. Suddenly, four more pests stand in front of me. I do my best to ignore them but I can't focus with four pair of eyes watching me.

"What?" I question them.

"Since when have you been that close to Hinata?" Shikamaru asks me in an accusing manner.

"Since yesterday, do you have a problem with it?" I retort. Something in his tone sets me off. And knowing how he feels towards Hinata is another thing that I don't like.

"She's a different person," TenTen is pretty perceptive in some things.

"Yeah, she's going to be different from now on," I admit to her as I pretend to focus on the script.

"Why were you two hanging out yesterday?" Sakura asks me in an uninterested manner but I can tell she's dying to know.

"I decided to be the adult of the group and approach her even if she wasn't speaking to me and well our talk went well," I reply looking up at her. She raises her eyebrows at me and I raise them back.

"A secret meeting?" Hinata questions us as she sips on her coffee.

"It wouldn't be a secret if we are all out here now wouldn't it?" I say sarcastically. She smiles at me then slaps me behind the head.

"Don't be an asshole you asshole," she tells me sweetly. Naruto bursts out laughing and he points at me as he loudly laughs.

"What an idiot!" Naruto says to me, I turn my glare at him and Hinata watches him. She tries to hide how she feels about him but it's pretty evident to Shikamaru and me, the rest are ignorant of the fact. Once he finally stops laughing he turns to look at Hinata. "You're different aren't you?" he questions her with a smile.

"She's letting the idiot side of her out in the open," I comment and it earns me a punch in the arm.

"Stop bad mouthing me in front of everyone. Any best friends know that it must be done behind our backs you idiot," she says sweetly. I look at Sakura and she watches us. Without saying anything she leaves and Naruto follows after her.

"She most likely thinks it's a dig at her," TenTen informs us.

"She's become really sensitive since she started dating Naruto," Shikamaru easily admits.

"I wasn't though," Hinata honestly tells TenTen that.

"Well you should tell her," she says before walking away from us and towards Neji.

"Shikamaru you want to come with us today? We're going to go see houses since I want to move out of my dad's house pronto," she invites the boy who has feelings for her. I don't look up and force my gaze down at my script. I can feel Shikamaru try to look into my eyes but I avoid his gaze.

"Nah, I want to get home and continue to pack then take a nap," he informs her as he walks away. She softly slaps my cheek and I have no choice but to glare at her. She sighs as she watches Shikamaru slowly walk away.

"Do you think it'll ever be the same between us?" she whispers to me.

"Who knows…?" I reply seriously having no idea if he'll get over her soon or not.

"It sucks…" she admits to me and I have nothing to say. She sighs loudly. "You suck as my best friend," she tells me in a semi-serious tone.

"It doesn't really suck for me," I find myself replying. And it's true. I don't really mind her being close to me like this. I actually find it quite nice.