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And on we go...

I push through the door to the kitchen, nearly losing my balance. Its heavy, and to be honest I wasn't really watching where I was going. Have I mentioned that Mello has a nice ass?

"Hey," I hear Mello and my attention snaps up to his face. When did he turn around? "Get your head out of the clouds and start bringing the plates and stuff in. The sooner we get this shit done, the better." He takes to digging in a cabinet under the sink.

"Whys that?" I ask, heading over to a bin on the other side of the room. The kitchen is, for lack of a better word, humongo. Yes, humongo. Well, this is an orphanage for geniuses; we need our brain food. I'm slightly perturbed by the lack of staff. What if some kid got into something? I mean, there are knives in here. Then again, I don't really care.

"Ah," Mello says, pulling his blonde mop back out from under the sink with a bottle of dish soap in hand, "I'm not telling you." He grins at me and stands back up. Not telling me? The fuck? I wanna know. I have this thing about being left out, which Mello knows and is most likely using to annoy me. Well it's working.

"Mel, that's not fair," I whine, grabbing two arms full of dishes from the bin and carrying them back over to him at the sink, "C'mon, its my birthday." I dump the dishes into the sink with a loud clatter. Some of them probably broke, but hey, it's not like I'm paying for it. Mello looks at me, a half amused expression on his face.

"Don't be such a baby, geesh," he tells me as he grabs the drawstring on my hoodie and pulls it all the way out. He uses it to tie his hair up and begins to attack the soap bottle with his teeth, trying to pry it open. God, he's adorable. If I said that out loud he'd hit me, but its true. And honestly, what other adjective is there for a blonde messy bun topped off with a red make-shift bow, who's owner is tearing away at a bottle of dish wash? None.

Heh, I have odd taste.

"Open this," he says suddenly, thrusting the bottle at me. I take it and twist the top off easy as pie. Mello pouts at this. I'm surprised he even gave it to me; Mello doesn't like asking for help. He hates it even more when the help turns out a bit handy. I sigh. Him and his damn ego. But he wouldn't be himself without it, I suppose.

He holds his hand out for the bottle and I give it back. He's still pouting slightly as he pecks me on the cheek. That's as close as I'll get to a 'thank you', which is quite alright with me.

"So," I say leaning back onto the granite counter. Mello is dumping the soap into the sink right where the water lands from the faucet, "we're actually going to do the dishes? I didn't think you'd be so compliant." He scoffs at me and puts the top back on the dish wash. By now the sink is filled with suds.

"Matt, you've known me since we were four; when have I ever been compliant?"

I shrug. He's right. Ten years of knowing him has taught me many things. One being that, if you want Mello to do something, you need at least one of the following: a) chocolate, b) a gun, or c) a semi-attractive body. Roger has absolutely none of those, especially c. I inwardly cringe at the thought.

"Kay so, we're just filling up the sink for nothing then?," I ask, being ever so observant. Mello smiles coyly at me and throws a rag onto my lap.

"Course not. You're doing them." He walks over to the enormous fridge, pulls out a chocolate bar and proceeds to chop happily on it. I stare at him for a second. He's kidding. He has to be.

"Mello, that's totally unfair!" I'm not yelling. Just talking with enthusiasm. "It wasn't just me; you didn't do your chores either!" I have to admit, I am a bit irritated that he would treat me like this, especially on my birthday. He finishes his chocolate and grins at me. The hell?

"Matty," he says, still smiling, as he discards the chocolate wrapper on the floor, "I was only messing with you." He folds his arms across his chest and leans back on the giant fridge. If ever Mello looked more feminine, I'd like to see it.
No really, I'd like to take a look. "Aw, did you really think I'd be that mean to you?"
I didn't notice him cross the five-foot distance between us. "Make you do all those nasty dishes all by yourself?" He's right in front of me now, walking his right hand up my chest. "Did you? Hm, Matty?"

I nod. God damn it; I'm blushing. Why is it exactly, that every time he touches me, I heat up like microwavable soup? Wow, what a horrible metaphor. Not that I have anything against microwavable soup...

"Aw, well Matty thought wrong," he says, and licks my bottom lip. He quirks an eyebrow at me, and damn that smirk! I kiss him quickly and pull away, not that I get very far considering the counter is all of an inch behind me.

"And where do you think you're going?" Mello's hands find their way to my hips and he grips them tightly. I am now pressed between him and the counter, and I'm guessing the blush has only gotten worse. Ah well. Mello has that gleam in his eye, which suggests the dishes will probably be left to their own accord within the next few minutes.

"No where," I say. I smile a little as he lifts me up and sets me on the counter. He's really strong considering the fact that I'm taller and weigh a bit more than he does. His hands are resting on my thighs as he shifts to stand between my legs and against the countertop. "We aren't going to do the dishes? Won't Roger be mad?" I place a finger to my lips in mock confusion. Yea, I can be pretty damn adorable when I want to be.

"Fuck the dishes," Mello says smirking. I smile and swing my legs in the air. "You trying to be cute or something?" He asks and I nod. His bangs fall into his face as he laughs a little.

"Am I?" I ask. I place my finger between my lips. He nods. I smile as I feel him remove my finger and press his lips to mine. His arms encircle my waist and he deepens the kiss, his tongue lightly prodding at my bottom lip. Well obviously I let him in. He's rubbing circles in my lower back as he massages my tongue with his. I let his hands wander under my hoodie for a moment before I gently remove them, never breaking the kiss. He groans and attempts to wriggle his wrists free of my grasp. Nope, not happening bud! Its bad enough we're making out in the kitchen of all places... Someone could walk in. Anyone! Roger even!

"Mel...quit it..." I mumble against his lips. I was so distracted by the thought of getting caught; I didn't notice him free himself until I felt his hands on my backside. He squeezes and I jump in surprise. "Mello!" I scowl down at him and he smirks.

"Hm?" He then takes to burying his face in the crook of my neck and nipping lightly at the flesh there.

"Mel...stop...we gotta do the dishes...we're gana get in trouble if someone walks in." But even as I put up this half assed little argument, my hands find their way to running themselves through his silky blonde locks; betraying me just like another part of my body is starting to.

"Matty, are you getting hard?" No Mello, not at all. Making out with you in a very public setting where we could be caught at any moment, coupled with you grabbing my ass repetitively and sucking on my neck like a goddamn vampire dying of starvation is completely turning me off. Stupid.

"Yea..." Holy shit! I managed a whole syllable with Mello all over me! I am amazing! All hail Matt and his mighty powers of overcoming raging teenage hormones for all of point two seconds!...

WHOA! Hand down my pants! Okay, enough of this, re-assume fawning boyfriend!

"Mel!" I gasp as those nimble fingers of his find their way past my sweat pants and into my boxers. He smirks at this and begins playing with my half-baked erection. My grip around his shoulders tightens and my knees buckle. Damn it Mello! We're in the fucking kitchen! They make our food in here! Its clam chowder for lunch today and I for one DO NOT want little swimmers dancing around in my goddamn soup bowel!

Then again, its not like I've never swallowed before...

Did I just imply something? Just because I suck dick doesn't make me a whore, right?

I don't get paid. Well, maybe once or twice...eight times...but that was the week X-box 360 came out! I needed the money!

Why am I trying to justify this to myself? And while being jerked off no less! I should be enjoying myself! I've got my own little blonde bombshell who loves me and is currently groping my balls, this is awesome! Geeze Matt, you're on the receiving end and for once, it actually feels good! Stop analyzing everything and have a good time!

"You know," Mello whispers seductively into my ear, "its quite annoying, really. Here I am, trying to be the nice guy and attempting to give you a hand job, and you just sit there." He runs his thumb in circles over the tip, and I cant help but thrust a little.

"That's better," he says quietly. And suddenly his hand is gone.

Just like that. One minute, hand job heaven, and the next... What the hell?!

I'm not even going to try to hide my distaste. I want to be touched, damn it!

"Mellooo," I whimper, and just for dramatic effect, I make my bottom lip tremble. He steps back, both hands on his hips and surveying me amusedly. Hm, the lip usually gets him... Activating needy bitch mode. "W-why'd you stop?" I break out the puppy eyes and look back and forth from his hand, to the now bulging fabric over my crotch.

He smirks and places one hand over the rise between my legs. Hah! No one can resist my puppy eyes! Not even Mel!
Oh... That feels nice...
I look down with heavy lidded eyes to see him palming my hard on.

"Hm," Mello begins, and already I can hear the mock concentration, "Matty, it seems as though you are rather happy down there, yes?" I nod just to humor him. "And it seems that the happier I make you, the less you seem to notice the sink overflowing right next to you, yes?" I nod ag-- Wait, what?!

I turn to my left to see water pouring out from over the basin of the stainless steel sink.

"Mello!" I yell at him and jump from the counter top. Dashing quickly to the sink, I nearly have to jump to reach the tap at the back. I'm not short, the sink is huge!
Somehow I manage to cut the water off, but now my hoodie is soaked from nearly doing a belly flop into the basin as I pulled myself up to reach the knobs. There's water all over the floor; we're ganna get in trouble.

"You look good like that, Matty." Damn Mello and his sexy, sexy, sexiness. He's practically purring as I feel his hands slide up my thighs to my rather, erm, exposed hindquarters.

"Stop it," my voice cracks. What's with me and sounding pathetic around him lately? Like, more so than normal... Seriously, its one thing to be blinded by lust, but...
That's not how it is anymore. I'll admit, the second I laid eyes on Mello, my only thought was 'must get into pants'. Hell, that's still the prominent thought when I'm around him, but recently... I don't know how to explain it. I mean, I've always cared about him, but lately my feelings for him are deepening way past lust and what I would consider normal, boyfriend-y-ish butterflies.

Wow Matt, boyfriend-y-ish? Wow...just, wow...

"Don't wanna," Mello laughs a little as he says it. He leans over and presses his body into my back. I can feel that he's a bit hard, since his crotch is now aligned with my ass.
I'm not sure I like where this is going...

"Mello," I say quietly, "please don't..."

"Don't what?" He actually sounds confused. I turn to look back at him. "Matty?"

To my surprise, Mello actually does get off of me. Now his arms are loosely wrapped around my neck, and the look he's giving me is somewhere between confusion and concern. "What's wrong?" Alright, what is he playing at?

"Mel, I thought you were... Weren't you about to?..." I. Am. Confused. But apparently Mello understands what I'm saying, because his eyes are widening and he hugs me tightly.

"No! Matty, I was only kidding!" Geeze, I must've looked pretty pathetic bent over the sink or something... I mean, to make him react like this... "And besides..."

"Hm?" I say as I hug his waist. I feel kind of bad now for scaring him.

"When we do, get to that point..." He's saying slowly into my neck. He almost sounds...shy? Mello is many things, but shy is not one of them. And what the hell is this 'point' he's talking about? What point? Oh, I think he just said something.
I should stop narrating things in my head...

"What was that, Mel? Sorry, I was distracted. Say again?" He pulls back from my neck. Whoa, I really wasn't paying attention! He's almost as red as my hair!

"I... I said that, whenever we decide to...," To what?! What are you talking about?!,"Well, you know...," No Mello, I don't know! "I want you the one in charge..."

I must be really slow, because I still have no idea what he's talking about! In charge of what?! When?! The fuck is going on?!

"Matt...," Mello looks up at me, blushing furiously and doing a horrible job of hiding it, "I was thinking...that maybe... Since it's your birthday and all... We could..."

"Go into town!" I pull him forward and kiss him quickly. That's what he's been talking about this whole time? Geeze, he needs to work on his people skills. I was totally lost!
"C'mon! Lets go ask Roger!"

I'm grinning widely as I lead Mello by his hand and out of the kitchen. When I look back, there's still a pink tint to his cheeks, and he's watching the floorboards pass under his feet.
Is he talking to himself? I turn back around, listening closely as we walk.

Yea, he's mumbling something about 'stupid idiots' and 'missing the point'.

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