Author's Note: I know Daleks do not have names, but for sanity's sake, they will here. Also, Remember I don't own them. BBC does.

April 12

Today, Dalek Phaw brought up what we would do if we ever met The Doctor. "Do we exterminate first, ask questions later, or do we question him and then exterminate?" What kind of bollocks is that? It is clearly written as rule number two in the Dalek Handbook of Daleks that, in case of The Doctor, exterminate first. But, it is common knowledge amongst the Daleks that Phaw needs his eye stalk oiled.

April 18

Yesterday, Dalek Oruyi almost found this diary journal. Must find a better hiding place than under the brig mattress. Maybe if I hide it under one of the human containment pods. Or perhaps in that cupboard above the refrigerator. Hide it where no Dalek ever goes. Yes. I think I'll hide it in the cupboard.

April 21

Today is my yearly review by Dalek Inky. Just a quick interview to be sure I still belong in this troupe. Let's hope that it goes well. It would be a lovely birthday gift that it does.

April 22

The yearly review went well. After it was finished, Dalek Pinky wheeled in a large cake with my picture painted on the top. Then the group proceeded to screech sing to me and Dalek Inky cut the cake with his death ray and each of us picked up a piece with our plunger, opened our armor and enjoyed the heavy chocolate heaven.