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And now, the last month of Dalek Diaries:

March 3

Not much space left in this journal. The Inquiry to Dalek Oruyi's 'trip' bringing up only more questions, and no answers. Things are running smoothly other than that.

March 5

The humans have found one of us in a pond. A pond! My sector - Dalek Inky, Dalek Blinky, Dalek Pinky and myself were put in charge of securing the images. And upon inspection, we concluded that it was Dalek Arav, whom was listed amongst the missing after the attack last Halloween. There is no chance for retrieval of the remains. It is a sad day on the ship.

March 18

Most of Sol3 seemed to have done their annual ritual of wearing green and drinking yesterday. Very odd custom, that. Dalek Phaw decided to try it this year and somehow managed to turn his casing green. And he squealed when one would zap his casing as he passed. He is getting stranger by the day.

March 24

Today is the Emperor's birthday. We spent the last day preparing like mad for the feast that today always is. A day wasted on cake, drinks, food, party games (Pin the eyestalk on the Dalek, mostly) and just the general party chatter.

March 29

Nothing to report. We are back to our normal functional state. The ship is in top form, and even Dalek Phaw is not causing havoc at the moment. One can only assume he's saving it up for when something comes up. Can never be sure though. He could do something un-Dalek-like tomorrow for all we know. I must start getting ready for next month's annual review. Get my section clean, and keep it clean and efficient. Must clean out the piling cans of eyestalk oil that seem to have been piling up from the others. Having the sector closest to both the passage and wastebasket does have it's drawbacks. Other than that, am ready for review.

Well, that is it for this diary journal. Good luck,

Dalek Clyde.