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Tatsuki's nerves were clearly visible as she progressed slowly through Chizuru's house for the first time. The excited smirk on the face of the girl who's arm intertwined with her own only served to heighten her apprehension. She didn't know what was to happen. She was scared of what might happen. She was terrified of taking the next step. She was terrified of what it would mean.

"Here it is: my bedroom!" Chizuru squealed gleefully as they approached a door. Tatsuki gave a loud gulp as the door was slid open and they walked into the room behind it.

The bedroom of Chizuru Honsho was definitely what one might expect. It was somewhat under-kept but adequately furnished. Several bookshelves filled with DVDs and manga took up one wall of the room. The rest of the walls were covered in posters of different Japanese idols, actresses, pop-stars, and celebrities. The basic theme to the posters was that they were all of really cute looking girls with long hair and large breasts.

Between two larger posters, taking up much of an entire wall was something strange. Approaching it, Tatsuki easily recognized what it was. It was a collage of photos. There were almost a hundred separate pictures on the wall and they all had one subject: Orihime Inoue.

"You like my Hime wall?" Chizuru asked teasingly, following the other's eyes.

There were pictures on the wall of Orihime doing just about everything. There were pictures of her sleeping, pictures of her eating, pictures of her doing schoolwork, and pictures of her not doing much of anything. Tatsuki knew that she should probably ask how Chizuru had obtained so many pictures of Orihime and she knew that what ever answer she would get would probably creep her out. She didn't ask this though; she couldn't.

Chizuru had taken these photographs, but to Tatsuki it was as if they were from her eyes. It was as if she was seeing every one of her memories of Orihime all at once. It was overwhelming. It made her tremble and a tear roll across her cheek as a gripping pain cut across her heart. She suddenly felt like just breaking down in tears, crying out for the one closest to her heart to return to her.

Then a warmth filled her hand and prevented any more ears from streaming out. Tatsuki looked up to see Chizuru smiling faintly as she gripped her hand firmly.

"I should have realized... so many moments at once... it would he hard..." Chizuru said somberly as she tried to lead Tatsuki away from the wall collage.

"I'm sorry... I just haven't seen her in so long... and so suddenly..." Tatsuki said miserably, beating a tear off her cheek.

Chizuru then let go of Tatsuki's hand. She proceeded to sit atop her unmade bed. She spoke in an even, serious voice, "Am I wasting my time, Tatsuki?"

"No! Of course not! I-I like you, Chizuru, I really do... I-it's just... me and Orihime share a... special connection..." Tatsuki's voice was intense yet vulnerable at the same time.

"Special connection?" Chizuru was shaking a bit and looked full of uncertainty.

"I can feel her," Tatsuki said, high emotion apparent, "No matter how far away she is, I can feel her warmth in my heart." Tears began to fall from her eyes once more. "Even though it's faint I can feel her even now..."

Chizuru continued to wear a solemn expression as she didn't budge from the bed. She said with sentient anger, "I understand, Tatsuki. That's why I won't force you into anything. I won't hold it against you if you walk out right now."

"I can't do that!" Tatsuki near yelled as her tears stopped. She didn't even know why she was angry.

"And why not? If you and Orihime are so deeply connected then how could there possibly be any room for me?!" Now Chizuru was the one with tears in her eyes.

"I need you, Chizuru," Tatsuki spoke with a certainty in her voice that made Chizuru visibly shake.

"W-what?" Chizuru's eyes widened at the words.

"I can feel her... I can feel her but sometimes it's faint. Sometimes I can only just barely feel her," Tatsuki tried desperately to keep her voice strong, "I fear that one day... I'll wake up... and I won't be able to feel her warmth at all." Tatsuki looked directly into Chizuru's eyes as she then said, "I fear that one day my heart will be empty... and I-I'll... be alone..."

"I don't want to be alone either, Tatsuki," Chizuru, said crying helplessly as she sat.

"I know. That's why I need you, Chizuru..." Tatsuki said softly as she walked forward slowly and sat down next to the other girl. Her hand went to stroke Chizuru's cheek and wipe away her tears.

"Tatsuki..." the redhead cooed as she blushed. The typically forceful and aggressive girl looked vulnerable as Tatsuki lifted her jaw. Tatsuki's lips formed the slightest smile as they found Chizuru's.

Chizuru seemed immediately taken aback by the other's actions. The two of them had kissed plenty of times in their first week together but Chizuru had always been the one to initiate things. Now Tatsuki was the one holding Chizuru, a hand through her hair and another to her back, as she kissed her tenderly. It was but an instant before surprise faded and the glimmer in Chizuru's eyes returned.

Chizuru's arms soon wrapped snugly around Tatsuki's frame as the two kissed lovingly. With little hesitation Tatsuki flicked her tongue across Chizuru's lips causing her girlfriend's eyes to only further brighten. Chizuru let her tongue meet the black-haired girl's as the kiss escalated to full passion. Their saliva mixed as their tongue's danced erratically in either of their mouths. When Chizuru finally pulled away it was with a deeply satisfied expression.

"Wow, Tatsuki, you've been holding back all this time, haven't you?" Chizuru teased, with an oversized grin.

"Guess so," Tatsuki nonchalantly chuckled.

"So do you actually wanna...?" Chizuru blushed shyly. Tatsuki had never imagined Chizuru Honsho as being shy. It was quite cute.

"Would I still be here if I didn't?" Tatsuki retorted, showing Chizuru her own teasing smile.

"I'm certainly lucky," Chizuru giggled, "I never expected you to be so eager."

Suddenly Tatsuki stood up. She wore a serene, sensual expression as she reached for the hem of her T-shirt. "You wanted to see what I'm wearing under here, didn't you?" she said as she turned around and started pulling the shirt over her head.

Tatsuki could see the drool coming from her girlfriend's mouth as she turned around once the shirt and shorts had been discarded. Tatsuki was now clad in nothing but the swimsuit she had put on for the planned beach excursion. It was a small two-piece suit decorated with a leopard print pattern. It was a little embarrassing putting her nearly unclothed figure on display for Chizuru but at the same time it felt great seeing how captivated the other was with her toned, athletic body.

"You're absolutely beautiful, Tatsuki. It makes me just want to kiss you all over," Chizuru said with a girlish squeal.

"Sounds like fun, but why don't you show me what's under your clothes first?" Tatsuki laughed.

"Whatever you want, my beautiful Tatsuki," Chizuru said with a soft smile as she too stood up. She turned and shed her clothing quickly before presenting her own swim suit to the other.

Tatsuki wasn't prepared for what she saw. The suit her girlfriend was wearing was downright scandalous. Tatsuki had to wonder what sort of place would even sell a swimsuit so revealing. Like Tatsuki's it was a two piece. it had pink flower design to it but there was so little fabric that was really a moot point. The small triangular cups of the top ineffectively covered Chizuru's average sized breasts, while the bottom made no effort to provide any coverage beside what was needed at the crotch.

Despite the arousal seeing a cute girl she had feelings for in next to nothing caused Tatsuki, there was something she had to ask before jumping into things, "Chizuru! We're you actually planning to wear that to a public beach?!"

"I sure was. I bought it just so you could see me in it. I didn't care who else might see," Chizuru said softly, cutely, fueling Tatsuki's growing lust.

"You certainly are brave." The spiky-haired girl shook her head.

"D-do you like it or not?" Chizuru blushed as she suddenly sounded vulnerable.

"What do you think?" Tatsuki said harshly as she threw her arms around the other girl and forced their mouths and then their tongues together. Her hands quickly traveled to Chizuru's rounded, all but exposed rear which was squeezed forcefully while Chizuru began to massage the sides of Tatsuki's toned stomach. After only about a minute of this Tatsuki pinned the other girl to her bed.

"When I imagined my first time, I always thought I'd be the one to take the lead." Chizuru said with a soft giggle as she stared up at the girl atop her.

"You don't mind, do you?" Tatsuki smirked.

"'Course not..." Chizuru cooed softly as Tatsuki began to kiss her neck passionately.

Both girl's hands went to the other's breasts then while they kissed some more. Tatsuki could already feel much of the soft flesh against her cupped hands as the majority of Chizuru's breasts were left uncovered by the ridiculous swimsuit, but Tatsuki wanted to feel even more. Her hands went to Chizuru's back and found the tie to the top; slowly she saw it undone.

When Tatsuki lifted herself slightly so as to remove the miniscule garment from her partner she noticed that her own top had at some point been untied as it fell down along her arms. She smiled as she tossed it and Chizuru's aside and resumed their last kiss passionately while forcing their chests together. Chizuru panted slightly as Tatsuki filled her mouth with tongue and her nipples pressed roughly into Tatsuki's soft breasts.

A thin line of mixed saliva was left trickling from Chizuru's mouth as Tatsuki left it behind to take up a suck at one of the girl's pert nipples. Chizuru moaned girlishly as Tatsuki's tongue darted across the hardened, sensitive flesh and roughly into the softer surrounding flesh. Tatsuki's hand cupped the other supple mound and began to coarsely knead it while pinching the hard nub between two fingers. Her other hand slipped down between the girl's legs where it was surprised to find the crotch of Chizuru's swimsuit practically as wet as it would have been had they actually gone swimming.

Eager to move things along, Tatsuki dropped further down the other girl's body. Her hands found the tiny piece of string that held the bottom portion of Chizuru's swimsuit together. A tinge of nervousness entered her smile as she puled the inadequate garment down and off Chizuru. She positioned herself between Chizuru's sexy smooth legs and stared at what was between them.

Chizuru's sex was such a pretty, lustrous pink color. The area all around it shimmered with Chizuru's naughty juices. Just looking at it was intoxicating. Tatsuki put her hand to her new lover's core and let her fingers slip in and across the beautiful slit. Chizuru moaned hard as Tatsuki reveled in the warmth and wetness she felt encompass her fingers.

Tatsuki withdrew her hand to find the other girls clear fluid clinging hotly to her fingers. She brought the hand to her face and inhaled Chizuru's lovely scent. Her tongue was then freed to lap up the delicious juice while Chizuru watched and squealed with anticipation.

"Stop teasing me, Tatsuki! I need your tongue now!" Chizuru begged helplessly as her body shook from waiting.

"As you wish," Tatsuki said with a husky laugh as she neared the dripping pink opening in front of her. Her tongue escaped her mouth deliberately.

Chizuru's back arched and her leg kicked forward slightly as Tatsuki's tongue found it's way between the lips of her sex. She filled the room with heavenly moans as Tatsuki's tongue began to flicker wildly through her most sensitive parts. Tatsuki let her licks become hot and heavy as her tongue tried to please every square inch of the girl's delicate sex.

Tatsuki's licks became more centralized; Chizuru's moans became louder. Tatsuki's tongue worked deeper; Chizuru's cries became higher. Tatsuki's motion became at once uncontrollable and unpredictable; Chizuru's breaths became harder. Chizuru was kicking and screaming in pleasure under Tatsuki's able tongue. Then, very suddenly, a high moan escaped Chizuru's lips as a quick burst of delicious fluid hit Tatsuki's tongue. Tatsuki gave a few more licks to the slick slit while Chizuru panted before pulling off the girl.

"You don't know... how incredible... you were..." Chizuru spoke between difficult breaths.

"Well, you don't know how delicious you taste, " Tatsuki teased, not believing the words were actually leaving her mouth.

"Why don't you give me a sample then?" Chizuru licked her lips in a highly sexual fashion, collecting some of the saliva that had poured out during all her moaning.

Tatsuki gave hard laugh as she crawled over the girl. "You mean like this?" she asked as she forced their lips together yet again, thrusting her tongue deep inside Chizuru's mouth. Chizuru sucked her tongue lovingly, shivering in delight as her own juices and Tatsuki's saliva dripped off to pool in her mouth.

"Delicious..." Chizuru swooned as Tatsuki pulled away, a clear string of fluid still connecting their tongues.

"It's your turn now," Tatsuki said softly with the slightest blush, eager and scared at the same time of the sensations she was about to feel.

"Yay. Does that mean I get to pet you and kiss you all over now?" Chizuru asked with a bright-eyed smirk as she and Tatsuki switched places.

"If you want..." Tatsuki's face further reddened as she lay down on the bed.

Chizuru smiled as she initiated another heated kiss. This time it was Chizuru's tongue filling Tatsuki's mouth. It broke to Chizuru letting her tongue run across Tatsuki's cheek into her ear while her hands went to cup the black-haired girl's supple breasts. Tatsuki let out a high girlish moan of her own as Chizuru's tongue kisses found their way to the contours of her neck.

"Aww, what an adorable sound, Tatsuki. I wanna hear more!" Chizuru said excitedly between short wild kisses to her lover's neck. Tatsuki began to moan and coo more readily despite the fact that everything was leaving her quite embarrassed.

Chizuru progressed slowly down to Tatsuki's breasts. She planted soft kisses at either nipple as her hands moved down to knead Tatsuki's backside. Her kisses soon became long and filled with snaking tongue as she took up a suckle at one of the decent-sized mounds of delicate flesh. After some high moans left Tatsuki's lips, Chizuru left Tatsuki's breasts and continued her tongue's trail downward.

The redhead began to stroke Tatsuki's thighs as she kissed and licked up and down her stomach. Sweet pleasured moans escaped the usually tough girl's lips as Chizuru's hands came to the inside of her thighs and progressed deliberately upward. Then Chizuru's hand ran across the crotch of her swimsuit while the girl's tongue pressed down hotly against Tatsuki's navel. The oft fierce girl couldn't suppress an incredibly high moan as her body was rocked with pleasure.

"You had enough foreplay yet, Tatsuki? You ready for me to stick my hot tongue deep into your naughty slit?" Chizuru licked her lips hungrily.

"Please..." Tatsuki said, choking on her embarrassment.

"Good, I can't wait any longer to lap up your sexy juices either." Chizuru giggled excitedly as she helped Tatsuki out of the bottom half of her swimsuit.

It was immediate and it was intense. As soon as Tatsuki's sex was displayed to her Chizuru just dove in and started assaulting it with her relentless tongue. The ecstatic series of sudden movements was mind-numbing for Tatsuki. It was incredible. She no longer had control of herself. Moans were escaping her lips, her hips were moving in time with Chizuru's incredible tongue, her upper body writhed about like mad and there was nothing she could do about any of it.

Chizuru then took a sudden break from collecting her lover's fluid to tease. "You taste so good, Tatsuki..." the words made Tatsuki blush. "How does it feel?"

"Incredible..." Tatsuki half moaned out, the feel of Chizuru's hot breath against her most delicate bits causing her to shiver.

Without another word Chizuru resumed her diligent licking. Tatsuki cried out in pleasure as she felt her racing heart beat faster with every hot motion of tongue. Breathing regularly became hard s she lost focus and everything became a blur. A piercing moan left her mouth has she felt a wave of indescribable pleasure overtake her entire being.

Tatsuki had only just begun panting when Chizuru joined their mouths together for yet another kiss. She was short of breath but that didn't stop her from thrashing her tongue about Chizuru's own with ardor as they held each other tightly.

"So good..." Tatsuki sighed as the kiss broke off.

"Yeah... but now it's time for something even better..." Chizuru said with a smirk as she found her feet and walked over to a set of drawers. She pulled out one drawer and fished for something outside.

"What'cha lookin for?" Tatsuki asked, finally cooling down a bit.

"A nice toy for us to play with..." CHizuru answered softly. Then pulling form the drawer a very large, insanely thick black plastic strap-on sex toy, she asked, "How about I fuck you with this big thing?"

Tatsuki chuckled. "Don't you mean, how about I fuck you with that big thing?" she said with a deep smirk as she sat up, amused.

"I think I'll pass on that..." Chizuru said with a meek laugh as she replaced the piece, which had likely been bought with the intention of being used on Orihime should Chizuru ever get her back to her room. Tatsuki stood and proceeded to examine the drawer with her.

Inside the drawer was an assortment of various sex toys. There were smaller electronic pieces as well as larger manual ones. "You sure have a lot of perverted toys, Chizuru," Tatsuki said, somehow not surprised at all.

"Gotta find some way to amuse yourself with no girlfriend..." Chizuru giggled.

"Well, you got one now, but I'm guessing these things will still come in handy for us, " Tatsuki said as she continued to look at all the things.

"See anything you wanna try right now, lover?" Chizuru asked softly.

Tatsuki fished around in the drawer for awhile before removing an article. It was an incredibly long relatively thick double-sided toy made of soft pink plastic. It was another one of the objects Tatsuki surmised was planned for Orihime rather than Chizuru's masturbatory use.

"I think this looks like fun," Tatsuki said with a smile.

"Great pick, this way we can both feel it at the same time..." Chizuru smiled at her lover before kissing her gently and taking the long piece from her hands. The two quickly returned to sitting atop the bed.

Chizuru spread Tatsuki's legs first and guided the long plastic toy between her thighs until it was resting against her sex. She rubbed it up and down the gradually re-wetting slit for awhile until friction became minimal. Then Chizuru eased the piece gently into her lover's tight opening. Tatsuki watched then with Chizuru as her half of the toy disappeared inside of her deliberately with a degree of pain; she had after all never really experienced any sort of hard penetration before.

Tatsuki suppressed and eventually forgot the pain as she watched Chizuru guide the plastic piece toward her own narrow, flooding opening. She moaned as she forced it inside roughly, the thick plastic entering her with relative ease. Soon the long plastic toy had all but disappeared inside of the two girls.

Very soon the distance between them was miniscule as their legs intertwined. Chizuru thrust hard onto the piece causing Tatsuki to thrust back in response. A rhythm developed as their hips began to move back and forth instinctively. Tatsuki could feel it pulsing in and out of her rapidly, filling her up completely, and knew Chizuru was feeling the same thing.

They both began to pant and moan loudly as thrust followed thrust. The entirety of the toy was inside them now and the insides of their thighs were in contact. Pleasure was overwhelming Tatsuki yet again. She could feel her heart beat loudly, faster than her hips moved; she was sweating profusely and could hear the juices flying from between her legs. And of course Chizuru was feeling all the same things.

Both girls panted uncontrollably as passion overtook them and forced their hips into wild uncontrollable motion. Tatsuki could feel her release as being eminent and from the intensifying moans flying from Chizuru's lips she assumed that girl was close as well. Thrust became harder and deeper, the long piece being pulled and pushed in and out of either girl repeatedly. Eventually CHizuru thrust hard enough that Tatsuki was thrown violently over her limit, ecstasy enveloping her in the form of a massive orgasm that shook her entire frame. The intensity was only greatened as Chizuru began moaning wildly in climax as well.

Both girls collapsed onto the bed and didn't move for awhile. Tatsuki felt strange. Her heart was warm. Her mInd was clear. She couldn't help but smile.

"Amazing..." Tatsuki whispered.

"Yeah..." Chizuru sighed as she gently eased the sex toy out of either of them, resulting in a suppressed moan from both.

"I'm happy, Chizuru," Tatsuki spoke in a soft voice.

"Me too," Chizuru replied with a degree of enthusiasm.

"I don't need Orihime to be happy," Tatsuki said in a serene manner.

"I'm glad," Chizuru smiled lovingly at her girlfriend as she crawled up next to her on the bed and draped an arm over her.

"You're enough. You're enough to fill my heart. You're enough to give me happiness. You're all I need, Chizuru," Tatsuki said wispily, surprised she was saying such a thing aloud at all.

"Aww how sweet. But Hime's your closest friend. You can't just abandon her completely because of me." Chizuru said with a slight frown.

"I wasn't planning on it. I still wanna be Orihime's friend. I still wanna protect her and watch over her. I still wanna know where she is. I still wanna kick Ichigo's ass. I still wanna find out the truth about everything going on around us. I just now realize none of that stuff's as important as I thought it was," Tatsuki said warmly, Chizuru's hand locked with her own.

"In that case I'm happy," Chizuru said in a soft voice, "I'm the same you know. You just helped me realize pretty much all the same things."

"Did I now?" Tatsuki said with a soft laugh.

"Yep! I was torn about giving up on a girl as undeniably sexy as Hime. I wasn't sure if a less-sexy girl like you was going to cut it. But you just proved to me that it doesn't matter. You're sexy enough to where sex with you in incredibly hot. In other words, you're all I need to be happy too, Tatsuki," Chizuru said with excitement and passion. Tatsuki sighed at her words.

"You know saying stuff like that after I said my bit kinda makes you sound like a pervert, Chizuru..." Tatsuki shook her head and giggled.

"Sorry, I can't help it," Chizuru said meekly.

"It's okay. It's actually kinda cute," Tatsuki gave another laugh and then placed a soft kiss on her lover's lips.

Chizuru gave a cute giggle and then sighed. She said, "It's still pretty early. What do you want to do the rest of the day, Tatsuki?"

"I don't know, what do you want to do?" Tatsuki asked with a smirk.

"Well... let's see... we could go somewhere fun and do something... we could go see another movie, grab some lunch, hang around, go shopping... I don't know," Chizuru said unsure.

"You mean you aren't going to ask me to stay here and cuddle with you all day?" Tatsuki asked, surprised.

"Did you want me to?" Chizuru asked surprised, her head cocked to the side.

"I-I... wouldn't have minded..." Tatsuki averted her eyes as she spoke.

"Gee, Tatsuki, who was the pervert again?" Chizuru giggled wildly as she teased her lover.

"Shut up!" Tatsuki said with hard glare at the other. Chizuru laughed. Tatsuki laughed. They kissed lovingly as their arms wrapped around one another. At that moment they were both truly happy.

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