Okay. I saw Flyleaf 3 days ago and I now love them. I had to write a fanfic with the songs so I thought, "why not make the fanfic about Flyleaf?"

Declaimer: its all Meyer

If you ever look up the word 'player' in the dictionary, you will find one name- Edward Anthony Mason.

As of right now I am watching him suck face from my secluded lunch table. Who is he sucking face with you ask? Lauren Malory. You can find her name under the word Whore.

Now see this wouldn't be a problem if I had not just him go into a supply closet with Jessica Stanly. But you see it is because Lauren thinks that she is his main squeeze, that it is so sad. Which stereo typically you would think so- she is the Cheer captain, and he is the football captain. But that's not how things are going down. Edward screws around like a rabbit. Sadly she is oblivious, not that I am surprised (she is as dumb as a fish). What is even sadder is that all the girls in the school know this, yet they still supply Mr. Masen with enough mono to throw out an African village. See that makes me sad to know that I am part of the female race and they are ruining all of our self respect.

You see I'm likely the only female who has not made out with Edward (including the teachers). Well actually I don't think that he has ever made out with his sister, Alice. I have never talked to her, but she seems nice, unlike most of the cheerleaders. And I don't think he has made out with his brother's girlfriend Rosalie. Emmet is his brother and also the star quarterback, but is faithful unlike his brother.

It's kind of freaky that I know all this. I am not some crazy gossiper. I just live in a tiny town called Forks (aka my personal hell) were everybody knows everything about everyone. And I hate that I know this.

This brings us to me, Bella Swan. I moved here when I was ten. It sucked for me. When you move to a small town were everybody has grown up together you are automatically a topic for gossip. In my case I was Police Chief Swan's long lost daughter. Here let me fill you in…..

My mom (Renee) had me when she was a teenager, and Charlie (my dad) left. My mom raised me with the exception of welfare until she got sick with breast cancer and died when I was eight. I loved her and it hit me hard to lose her. I was sent into the world of faster care. I went to family after family. If the family was loving, rich, and normal they thought I was a freak who showed no emotion. So I would get sent back for not being good enough. But most of the time I was sent to someone's family to be beaten and worked. This continued for two years. Two years that changed the rest of my life. Two years that I still have nightmares about.

They finally found Charlie who seemed shaken and ashamed to here about Renee. To my surprise he took me in. probably out of pity. We don't really have a relationship. Okay I admit that I am mad at him. Maybe if he would have stayed and supported Renee like he was supposed to we would have had the money to pay her doctor bills. She might still be around and I would have never been a foster child. But he seems to want me around….. I think?

So that's my life story. The one that no one knows about. That is unless you include my band. You see my only escape ever was a church down in La push, the only place I ever felt at home. That's were I met Jacob, Embry, Quil, Paul, and Jared. They are my best friends, and we all have 2 things in common-God and Music. So around 9th grade we put together a different kind of Christian band. called Flyleaf. We aren't all that corny and we are pretty bad ass.

When I am with my band I am the awesome and cool Bella. When I am at school I am the nerd that is in honors choir.

So here I sit, alone at a lunch table reading a book and observing other peoples social lives.

The bell and I grabbed my book and my tray and scurried from the cafeteria, but with my luck I scurried right into Edward Masen. Did I mention the pizza that was on my tray was now on his very expensive looking shirt? I was now sitting on my butt being laughed at.

"Watch where you're going klutz." He grumbled.

I not so gracefully pulled myself from the ground. Mumbling a quick apology and getting the hell out of there. That was not the first time Edward had been rude to me.

Unfortunately I had biology next which meant I had to sit next to Edward and do all the work on the labs. I don't know why he never puts forth any impute. I see his grades and I have a feeling that even though he is a dummy of a person, he is smart in the classroom.

Of course I was the first one in the room as usual. When you don't have a social life you don't linger in the halls. Edward of course is usually the last one in the class room. I pulled out my note book that contained all my music and began working on some lyrics that I had started last night.

So I was in class writing when all of a sudden my note book was not there any more. My head jerked up to meet the amused emerald eyes of Edward holding my life above his head.

"Give it back." I said through clenched teeth.

"Hmm I don't think I will." He said in a sickly happy tone.

I felt my tear dots tingle. I remember something just like this. Its like that man in that one home. He had found my poems and I was beaten. The flash backs began switching through my head. My breathing became difficult and my head began pounding.

"Edward! Give it back to her!" said the voice of Alice Masen.

He chuckled a couple of times and dropped it in my hands.

As soon as I had it I clutched it to my chest. I couldn't catch the single tear that rolled down my cheek. Edward didn't even notice because he was to busy flirting with Shelby Winder. Alice seemed to. Right when she was about to leave her stool the class was called into order. Luckily it was a movie so I would not have to socialize with Edward.

Finally the bell rang and being shook. I realized that I had fallen asleep and someone was trying to wake me up.

I immediately jerked up to see to gray eyes that belonged to Alice.

"Hey sleepy head! Are you awake?" I only nodded, a little surprised that she was talking to me.

"Well I better get to class. Oh and sorry about my brother, he can be a real jackass sometimes." She said.

"I've noticed" my hand shot to my mouth. Did I just say that out loud.

To my surprise she just laughed. "See ya around!" and then she skipped from the room.

I stood there for a moment trying to gather my thoughts.

This has been an odd day.


My muscles relaxed as soon as I drove into La Push.

When I pulled in front of the tiny red house an avalanche of Native American boys busted from the House.

"Bella!" they all yelled in union.

I stepped from the car and strait into the arms of Paul. He picked me up and whirled me around.

"We did it! We did it! We totally did it!" he yelled.

"Did what?!" I questioned.

They all got a real excited look in there eyes. They all began talking at the same time and I only caught the words called, dreams, and the sentence- "I shit a brick."

"Hold up Hold up! I don't speak gibberish!" I yelled.

They all went silent. I was sitting on Paul's shoulders. Jacob decided to come forward with the news. He looked up with happy black eyes.

"We landed an addition." They were still silent, waiting for my reaction.

I was silent for a moment. I let it sink in while staring into space. Someone liked our music. A big goofy grin spread across my face. And that is when I exploded.

"Oh my Gosh! Are you fucking Kidding me!?" I screamed, laughing at the same time. We all laughed and jumped and they all tossed me around.

Today has been a good day.

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