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The girl blushed when Atobe kissed her hand. Oshitari watched the proceedings with a wry smile and when the girl walked away with a happy stride in her steps and a dreamy look on her face, he drawled out, "Amusing how the smallest gestures from you make them deliriously happy."

Atobe turned to look at him, the corner of his mouth quirked upwards in a mock of a smile, eyes twinkling with mirth. "Amusing?" he asked. "You could say that." And he laughed. It was a rich laugh that made Oshitari's stomach clench and his heart race.

He loved it. Hearing Atobe's laughter. It was always the height of his day, when he succeeded in making Atobe laugh. But it was also a masochistic pleasure because there was always something that made him think Atobe was laughing at him, not with him.

"You stress too much," Gakuto said, jogging next to him when they were doing warm up laps around the courts during afternoon practice. There was a resigned tone in Gakuto's voice; this wasn't the first time they were talking about the subject, and it was clear Gakuto was getting tired of it. "So what if he's laughing at you? Let him. Why does it matter?"

Oshitari wasn't looking at his friend, but at Atobe, who was standing next to Kabaji, giving out instructions to a group of second years whom Coach Sakaki had deemed as 'worthwhile to be of use next year'.

"I don't want him to laugh at me. I want him to take me seriously."

"Why don't you just tell him you like him?" Gakuto asked and Oshitari nearly tripped. "If you won't, I will. You're no fun like this!"

"You wouldn't!" Oshitari nearly shrieked, imagining the inevitable embarrassment that would occur if Gakuto was to confess for him.

"Watch me!" Gakuto grinned and changed his direction towards Atobe, shouting, "Yo Atobe!"

In desperation, Oshitari reached forward and managed to get his fingers around Gakuto's collar and pulled. Gakuto staggered backwards, twisted around and tripped Oshitari so that when Gakuto fell, Oshitari fell on top of him.

"Look on the bright side," Gakuto said when Atobe's laughter had died out. "At least now you know for sure he's laughing at you."