A/N: Spoilers for Twilight Princess ending!!


I placed my bare foot onto the step, turning back I saw the young hero. He stood tall and strong, his cerulean blue eyes gleaming with wonder and his dirty blonde bang waving in the wind. Beside him was Princess Zelda, her light brown hair wavered like his bangs.

Steadying my weight on the one lit step, I said, "Well, as long as that mirror is around I'll be able to see you again…"

I couldn't help the tear slip from my eye; I quickly blinked the sole tear away, allowing it to drift away in the air. I pushed it with my hand and then ran up the illuminated staircase.

I spoke my last words to him, "Link…I…" I couldn't let them loose. They were on the tip of my tongue but I couldn't speak them.

In that sole tear was everything. It was all the things I wanted to say to him that I did not. It was all the things I wish I could do with him. Inside its aqua walls it was brimming with emotion. It contained happiness and anxiousness and care and remorse. Yet most of all it contained the words I never spoke that I always wanted to admit, 'Link…I…I love you.'

And so I hurried up the steps, not wasting a glance on the tear with everything in it for I knew what had to be done. I knew with all the feelings encased inside it was powerful enough to shatter the mirror. It had enough force in it to break the Mirror of Twilight into a million pieces.

I watched his amazed face. He was entranced by the tear floating, and then he saw me. I smiled, aware I would never see him again, hoping he would remember my happy face. I tried to keep the fake smile plastered on, but I knew it would not last. It slipped away as I was highlighted with the brilliant light cast by the Mirror of Twilight.

Then he knew, he took a step forward as I was transported, regretting everything yet knowing it was for the best. And I remember as I was exiting the Light Realm, the tear colliding with the circular mirror; the caged emotions, feelings, fears, wants and pleasures all being released at once. The power released allowing it to shatter the mirror into a million pieces. So I can never see him again.

His shocked expression is burned in my memory. The picture will always be in my mind of him with his foot forward, his hand reaching out and his expression of bewilderment.

I wish I could've told him that I loved him.


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