I do not own Naruto series/manga. It was raining a couple of days ago and I really couldn't help myself. Good news is that it's only 100 words. Enjoy

edited by my new beta XxMysticMariexX

"Only those who understand the pain of the sky..."

The beckoning wind pulls us outside
As does the swirling canvas of pearl greys and milky blues

Raindrops speckle the concrete.
Raindrops soften the ground.

The bright star in the sky hides.
It really is a grey day.

The village is silent
A dog barks in the distance,
But only the thunder answers its call

Counting the seconds from the lightning strike.
Two people wonder where it hit.
Konoha or was it Sound?

The tears come one more time

"Only those who understand the pain of the sky cry with it."

Yes this is my way to stall for Chibi Jutsu... -.-'' ... in a couple of days I'll have a NaruSasuNaru oneshot called Kiss Me... just thought I'd throw that out there... so leave a review now.