Fandom : Yu-Gi-Oh GX

Rating : M

Title : Caught

Author : Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Pairings : ManjoumexJudai

Warnings : Lemon, Lang, YAOI, MxM

Summary : Sho catches Judai and Manjoume at an inopportune time...

Dedication : Bayleef-. For sending me YGO:TAS, and making me addicted to the GX:Harlem scene XD

I apologize if the Chars are OOC. Never written GX before :) - Kuro

A/N 5-1-08 : Thank You to SilvorMoon for clearing up my name problems :) It has been fixed.

Manjoume leaned down,shifting inside his lover as he moved in him. Judai keened, wrapping his arms around Manjoume's shoulders and moving with him.


Manjoume smirked, leaning down to kiss Judai but jumped slightly as the door to Judai's room slammed open.

'Judai! YOU HAVE TO SEE THI – OH MY GOD!" Sho turned around, holding his eyes and giggling. "Sorry Aniki."

Judai laughed slightly, holding Manjoume to his chest, stroking his hair. He was glad he and Manjoume had decided to do this in the bed, so they were wrapped up in blankets.

"It's fine, Sho. What's up?"

'I just wanted you to see what Misawa and O'Brien were doing."

"Which is...?"

"Making out."

Judai's eyes bugged for a second, the he laughed.

"It's about time."

'YES! YES AMAZING! NOW GET THE FUCK OUT!" Manjoume screamed, throwing a pillow at the aqua haired boy.

Sho giggled again, leaving the lovers to their fun.

Manjoume sighed, leaning over Judai again. "He does that every time we're just about to get to the good part."

Judai smiled, stroking the others cheek. "it's okay." Then the Red duelist smirked. "You can try again."

Manjoume smirked, leaning down to Judais lips.

Sho smirked at everybody outside the door.

'Come on. That's seven times i've stopped them now, and not got killed. Cough up."

Everyone grumbled and paid Sho the money they owed him.

XD I love this story. A very good first GX story, if i do say so myself...