"Mm…!" our beloved heroine wakes up to a new day. Her long black hair is currently a mess, due to just having woken up. She appears short and rather underdeveloped for her age, but, nonetheless, she's the heroine. She's wearing pink pajamas, by the way.

"Mm? What time is it?" she picks up an alarm clock, shaped like a kappa, on the table near her bed to check the time…

"Wh-WHAT?! I promised the others that I would meet up with them earlier! I'm so late!" And this…is our heroine the young, idiotic, friendly Tsukamoto Tenma.

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Detective Tenma-chan! #1

"Eh! How did my alarm clock not ring, at all?!" Tenma says as she rushes out of her room, without making her bed.

"I know for sure that Eri-chan and Mikoto-chan are gonna get mad at me!" Tenma says to herself, as she rushes straight to the bathroom.

"'Ah? I knew you would use "Tenma time" again…' that's what Eri-chan is going to say!" Tenma imagines.

"I'm not going to be late! This is the power my friendship and promise!" Tenma quickly halts to a stop and poses with her fist in the air…annoying yet uplifting.

"…This rumor's getting a little out of hand, Yakumo," Tenma hears the voice of Yamazaki Keiichi behind the door to the room of Yakumo, her little sister.

Background Info: A few months earlier, Keiichi, Tenma's twin brother, returned to Japan to finish his high school there…and due to some events (not yet mentioned in the fanfic Oniisama wa Sugoi desu ne!), he decides to take up his college course at Japan, as well. Although Tenma and he are twins, they are almost complete opposites including, but not limited to physical stature, academic skills, athletic skills, fighting skills, and personality. Their similarities, however, lie in their, including Yakumo, having psychic abilities. Tenma's ability is still latent; Yakumo can read the minds of people who either love or are interested in her; and Keiichi can read the minds of any girl and any who are interested in him. Anyway, now that the long introduction to Keiichi is over…continuing…

"Hm? A rumor?" Tenma eavesdrops. She then opens Yakumo's door to a crack, small enough for her to see them.

"I don't even know why just about every third year student would even believe that rumor at all!" Keiichi sighs. He has his long black hair already tied into a ponytail, except, of course, for his bangs and the sides of his head. He even has his blue sunglasses above his bangs. He's also already outfitted in his school uniform in his usual way, unbuttoned. His dark brown eyes seem to emanate a feeling of trouble, for the moment.

"What rumor?" Tenma wonders.

"I wonder who started that rumor," Yakumo replies to Keiichi. She has her (not that long, yet longer than short) black hair combed neatly and is also outfitted in her school uniform. Her amber eyes reflect her sympathy for her older brother.

"Hm…" Keiichi pauses for a while before answering Yakumo, "Whoever started it must have seen us at the water show at the aquarium. So far, the only suspects I have are Mikoto and Eri…since I didn't see anybody else at the aquarium, except for Tenma and Kenji."

"Ah!" Tenma say then quickly realizes her blunder and covers her mouth, "So, the rumor's from the water show!"

"But…I don't think that we should assume that Sawachika-san and Suou-san are the most likely suspects to have started the rumor," Yakumo explains.

"Wah!" Tenma screams slightly again before covering her mouth again, "Eri-chan and Mikoto-chan were the one's who started the rumor?!"

"I know! I'll have to consider everyone…including the one's who aren't third year students…or students, at all…or from Yagami High, at all!" Keiichi sighs.

"Kei-kun…So, the rumor spreader could be anybody?" Tenma grows more concerned.

"I see…" Yakumo sighs then looks to Keiichi's wall clock, "Ah, we should wake Neesan now…otherwise she'll oversleep again!"

"Oh, no!" Tenma jumps back and turns to run back to her room.

"I'll stay here, where I should be in the first place, and think for a while," Keiichi's words somehow makes Tenma realize that it would be smarter to hide in the bathroom.

"Tenma, you idiot! I should have been hiding in the bathroom in the first place!" so, she rushes to the door that leads to the big room that connects to the bathing and resting areas, slides the door open, rushes inside, and closes the door. She quickly puts her ear to the door to listen to what her siblings are doing.

"Hm? Yakumo, where's Tenma?" Keiichi's voice can be heard slightly.

"Neesan isn't in her room, so she must have woken up and went to the bathroom to take a bath…" Yakumo's voice can be heard.

"That's it!" Tenma quickly rushes to the room with the bathtub and locks the door. She stupidly jumps into the bathtub (while she still had pajamas on). As soon as she hears the door leading to the connecting room slide open and close, she panics…so much that she turns the faucet on. She waits for a response to the sibling that entered the connecting room. She hears a scoff then finally feels at ease once she hears the door slide open and close.

"That's great," she sighs in relief…at least until she finds out that she's still wearing her pajamas, which are now soaked.

Tenma moans, "Great! How am I going to explain this to Yakumo?!"

She decides to take a bath, since that was what she was going to do in the first place. So, she undresses and twists her pajamas dry (well, still quite wet, due to her weak strength).

"Okay! Ikuyo!" after doing so, she shoots them into the laundry basket, pretending to be a basketball player…with zero aim.

"Ah!" she gets out of the tub, pick her pajamas up, returns to the tub, and tries again…only to fail again, "Ch, you!"

Well, she does that several times before actually making them both go in. Apparently, her basketball skills have rusted…or reverted back into nothing.

After the quick bath, she hurries to her room and dons her school uniform. After doing so, she rushes to comb her hair for ten minutes or so and tie her two little ahoge ponytails. With that done, she grabs her bag, rushes downstairs, and heads to the table for breakfast…and finds that only Yakumo is waiting for Tenma.

"Yakumo, where's Kei-kun?" Tenma asks.

"Um, Niisan left earlier to meet up with Harima-san," Yakumo answers.

"Oh…I see," Tenma thinks for quite a while, "I should ask her about the rumor! Oh, wait! Would it be smart to ask her about the rumor? They were being very secretive…"

From her sister's long outer silence and long inner noisiness, Yakumo grows concerned and speaks, "Um, Neesan?"

"Awww! What should I do?! Kei-kun wants to keep it a secret from me, but I have to do something! Awww…" Tenma continues thinking.

"N-Neesan?" Yakumo repeats.

"Huh?" Tenma snaps back to reality.

"Is there something you need to know about Niisan?" Yakumo asks.

"Ah, nothing!" Tenma replies quickly, "I'm not a bit curious of Kei-kun right now! I'm just thinking of, uh…ah, the quiz that we're gonna have today! You wouldn't know about it since you're not a third year student!"

"But…Niisan wasn't cramming last night, so there wouldn't be a quiz for you today," Yakumo reasons.

"WAH! I forgot!" Tenma cringes a bit from the comeback, "Ah…well, Kei-kun's just really sure that he'll pass the quiz, since it's just Japanese History! Heheh…I hope that got her!"

"…But isn't Niisan weak in Japanese History?" Yakumo's reply catches Tenma's attention, "So, wouldn't he have been studying?"

"WAH! I forgot that, too!" Tenma begins to panic, "Uh…d-did I say 'Japanese History'? I meant 'English'! Yeah, it's an English quiz, not a Japanese History quiz! Please tell me that I'm in the clear!"

"…But you weren't studying last night…" Yakumo replies.

"Doh!" Tenma feels as though an arrow had been shot through her.

Yakumo continues, "Don't you have problems in English?"

"WAAHH! I could never really trick Yakumo at anything…except paper-scissors-rock…Powerful scissors!" Tenma yells, "I don't know! For all I know, it's a pop quiz!"

Yakumo replies, "…But how can you know—"

"NEESAN POWER!!" Tenma takes a large bandage (from hammerspace) with the words "Neesan power" on the back of the bandage and seals Yakumo's mouth, "Just listen to Neesan: there's an English quiz that you don't know about, since you're not a third year student! Kei-kun doesn't know about the Japanese History quiz, so he's not studying! And I don't know about the English quiz, so I'm not studying!"

Yakumo can only respond with a nod and a muffled "Mm…"

"Okay!" Tenma replies then greets "Itadakimasu!" before eating her breakfast.

Yakumo had to remove the bandage before being able to greet "Itadakimasu" and eat.

Once breakfast is over, Yakumo takes her bag and gets ready to leave, but once she notices that Tenma still hasn't picked up her bag, Yakumo asks, "Neesan, is there something wrong?"

"Hm?" Tenma responds, "Um, I forgot something. I'll just go get it. Um, just go on to school without me, I'll be fine!"

"Okay…Ittekimasu," Yakumo leaves for school.

"Itterashai!" Tenma greets then closes the door before continuing her thinking, "Hm…if I am to solve this mystery for Kei-kun, I'll have to be a detective!"

"Hm…but how?" Tenma paces around for a while.

"Ah!" an idea finally struck Tenma, "Kei-kun says that he reads a lot of books! He might have detective books!"

With that thought in mind she makes her way upstairs to Keiichi's room…which is obviously locked.

"Argh! Kei-kun, I'm doing this for your sake, but you lock me out!" Tenma tries to tackle the door down…the act shows little to no damage to the stubborn door.

"Maybe this!" Tenma kicks the door…and ends up stubbing her toe, "Ita-Ita-Ita!"

After hopping on one foot for a while, she gets ready for her last attempt.

"One more time!" Tenma goes back to tackling the door once more but rubs her shoulder before doing so. With that done, she attempts to tackle the door again, "Ah! OW!" only to end up loosing her footing and slamming her cranium onto the door.

"Ow! Itai…" Tenma slowly gets up and rubs her head, "Oh, wait! Kei-kun keeps a spare key behind that picture frame! Why didn't think of that before giving myself brain damage!" Tenma slightly overreacts.

Anyway, she rushes downstairs to the living room and to the picture frame, which holds a picture of her, Yakumo, and Keiichi, when Keiichi came back to the Tsukamoto home. She takes the picture frame and smiles at the picture, since she remembers how she felt the day Keiichi returned. After a short reminiscence, she turns the frame around and takes Keiichi's room key, which is taped to the back of the frame. With that done, she rushes back upstairs to Keiichi's door and unlocks it. "Yoshi!" Tenma cheers, before entering the room.

Once inside, she looks at the bookcases, completely full of books. She notices that two entire bookcases are full of manga. Another is full of textbooks, study guides that he has never lent to her, and books explaining how to learn Japanese. (By the way, Keiichi spent the last eight years of his life in America, and his knowledge of the Japanese language had diminished. Around this time, however, he's getting better.) The last bookcase is full of literature, including Shakespeareans, poetry, novels, and (BINGO!) some detective books! She finds a book entitled, "Compilation Number One of Conan Doyle's Stories of Detective Sherlock Holmes".

"Ah! 'Detective Sherlock Holmes'?" Tenma gets interested from its having the word "detective", so she takes it and opens to the first page.

Instead of having publication information, it just had:

"…Compilation: M-zakI K1
Illustrations: Harima Hario and M-zakI K1
Not yet published, do not use in a report
References: …"

"Hm…I wonder who drew the pictures! They look really nice!" She looks at the "manga-esque" drawing of Master Detective Sherlock Holmes and thinks that the things that he's wearing might be the things she needs to find clues. So, she looks around Keiichi's room for— as listed in the book— a magnifying glass, a calabash pipe (although she looks for a fake calabash pipe, since Tenma obviously doesn't and can't smoke…a fake one should blow bubbles instead, which Tenma likes), and a deerstalker cap.

"Okay! A magnifying glass!" she scans the room and quickly finds a magnifying glass on Keiichi's computer table.

"Hm…now a calabash pipe!" she quickly searches through the clothes in Keiichi's cabinet and finds nothing to help her.

"What about the closet?" she quickly looks to the closet, "Hm…"

"Huh? What's this?" Tenma, after a while of searching through the boxes at the bottom of the closet, finds a deerstalker cap and a coat that matches the cap, both sealed in plastic, "Wa! Huh? Why would Kei-kun have this in the first place? But thanks, anyway, Kei-kun! You really saved me the trouble of having to buy them after school!"

The last thing made Tenma recall then start pacing, "Ah! I have to hurry or I'll be really, really late!"

"Okay, Tenma, stop!" Tenma halts to a stop in front of the closet and takes a deep breath, "I just need one more thing—a calabash pipe…A calabash pipeA calabash pipe…"

While thinking, a random item falls from the top of the closet and hits Tenma in the head. She rubs her head again, "Ah! Itai…Oh, wait! Akira-chan gave me a little pipe for my fifteenth birthday!"

Before rushing to the storage room, Tenma looks around to see what hit her…a glass ball with a diameter of six inches. She picks it up and throws it back into the closet, then rushes downstairs to the storage room.

"Ah! Where is it? I'm sure I left it in one of these boxes!" she digs through the miscellaneous toys and knickknacks inside a box.

"Ah! A pokéball!" Tenma gets sidetracked and finds a model pokéball.

"What's in this again?" she presses the little button and the ball opens, revealing a Pikachu toy.

"Hontou ni kawaii desu!!" Tenma squeals but remembers the bigger problem that she might be late, "Not now! Okay, calabash pipe…calabash pipe…calabash pipe…"

"Ah! Here it is!" she finds it and a bottle of soap both inside a plastic bag, "Yatta!"

She takes a bigger bag and packs the coat, the hat, and the fake pipe. She takes the magnifying glass and the book and packs them inside her school bag. After doing so, she sighs in relief, "Finally, I can be a real detective!"

"I wonder what time it is…" Tenma looks to the wall clock at the living room and starts panicking, "WAH!! Now I'm really, really, REALLY going to be late!"

With that, Tenma rushes out with her two bags and reaches the sidewalk, "WAH!! Ah! I forgot to lock up!"

So, she turns back to lock up then sprints like crazy to the direction of Yagami High. Halfway there, she slows down and eventually stops to catch her breath, "Too…much…for…me…to…do…"

"Geez! Now I'm really going to be late!" a familiar voice reaches her ears.

She turns around to see Harima Kenji refueling his motorcycle…two feet behind her.

Kenji complains to himself, "I'm sure that Yamazaki is gonna say that I've been too engrossed in my dreams about Ten—"

"Harima-kun!" Tenma yells to Kenji.

"T-T-Tenma— uh, no. Tsukamoto-san?!" Kenji is obviously sweating from his beautiful goddess's presence, "Uh, how much did you hear?"

"Huh? What were you dreaming about? Ten?" Tenma replies.

"Uh, Ten…Ten…Ah! Ten Cats!" Kenji replies.

"A story? Can you tell me about it?" Tenma asks.

"Well, once there was a cat that—" Kenji sighs in a little bit of relief, "Um, Tsukamoto-san, you do know that you're going to be late if you don't hurry to school, right?"

"Wa! I forgot!" Tenma panics again then looks at Kenji's bike, "Wait a minute! I need your help!"

"Y-You need my help?" Kenji gets a bit serious, "What do you need, Tsukamoto-san?"

"Well, I had to look for something at home, so…I won't be able to go school on time, because of—"

"Say no more!" Kenji removes the fuel nozzle and jumps on to his motorcycle, "Jump on!"

"Hai!" Tenma jumps on and holds on to Kenji…obviously, almost making him faint in ecstasy.

"Uh, uh…Here, you wear this!" Kenji puts his helmet on Tenma.

Tenma adjusts the helmet and replies, "Arigatou, Harima-kun!"

"IKUZO!" Kenji revs the bike, and they're on their way to Yagami high…at mach speed.

Back at the gas station…a couple of guys are yelling at the guy who rode off without paying…Kenji…

Anyway, they make it to Yagami High around five minutes before the bell would ring.

Tenma instantly jumps off, throws the helmet to Kenji, and runs off, "Hontou ni arigatou, Harima-kun!"

"Anytime!" Kenji parks his motorcycle and follows Tenma to class.

Once inside their homeroom of 3-D, Tenma rushes to her desk and throws her bags to her seat…

"Ah, Tenma, are you okay?" Keiichi, who is seated right front of Tenma's seat, asks her.

"I-It's…nothing!" Tenma breathes a little difficultly.

"What do you mean 'it's nothing'? You look like you ran a mile!" Sawachika Eri, the blonde princess, comments to Tenma.

"…nonstop…" Suou Mikoto, the kenpo blackbelt, adds.

"I-I'll…be…fine!" Tenma replies, "And…sorry for being…late! A few things happened at home, so…"

"Ah? I knew you would use 'Tenma time' again…" Eri titters.

"Eri-chan!" Tenma yells.

"Don't ya mean 'Tenma time and a half'?" Mikoto corrects Eri, "We asked her to meet us forty-five minutes ago!"

"Mikoto-chan, not you, too!" Tenma yells then remembers something, "Where's Akira-chan?"

Keiichi points to Takano Akira's seat, where Akira is playing on her Sony PSP, "She's playing GGX2, so I asked her to play as Testament in survival mode and go to level 999."

"Okay!" Tenma rushes to Akira and greets her, "Ohayou, Akira-chan!"

"Uh…" Akira sighs from having just lost at level 989 in survival mode, "Ohayou, Tenma?"

"Um, can you help me with something?" Tenma asks.

"What is it?" Akira replies.

"Well…" Tenma looks for the book that she found in Keiichi's room and puts it in front of Akira's face, "THIS!"

Akira moves it out of the way, "You're Sherlock Holmes, and you need a Watson, right?"

Tenma gleefully nods a number of times.

"Alright…" Akira answers.

"Yatta! Yatta! Yatta!" Temna jumps in excitement

Akira continues, "But I'll start after the field trip tomorrow…"

Tenma remembers, "Ah! I forgot! I need to ask Yakumo to make snacks for us tomorrow!"

"Okay…" Akira replies then

"Don't worry, Kei-kun! I'll find out who's spreading the rumors about you! I'll be the next Sherlock Holmes!" Tenma laughs loudly…oblivious to the fact that most of the students are staring at her strange antics…which most likely will get stranger the day after the field trip.

Tenma: Next time on School Rumble: Detective Tenma-chan!

Akira: We'll be at a field trip to the museum. I can't help you yet.

Tenma: But we can still gather clues, right, Sir Watson?

Akira: Have you read the book yet?

Tenma: I'll take that as a "Yes"!

Akira: Next time…

#2 Tenma's Lone Museum Investigation

Tenma: WAH! You're not going to help?!

Akira: After the field trip.

Tenma: Akira-chan wa hidoi!

"assumed Japanese"
"assumed English"

Random Notes:
Well, it took me a while to come around and finish the first chapter, even though it's a closer look at Oniisama wa Sugoi desu ne (ONSD) Ch10 #28. Well, basically, I added a lot of things and removed a few things.
Anyone reading ONSD, might have to read this series, if they want to continue ONSD.

And for those who aren't reading ONSD, here's a little background info:
Most of the gang is now in third year at Yagami High and their homeroom is at 3-D.
Yakumo and some of her classmates are now in second year and their homeroom is at 2-B.
Keiichi returned before the start of the current school year.
Karasuma Ooji moved to America at the end of the last school year.
Keiichi and his sisters have kept the fact that Keiichi is originally a Tsukamoto a secret.
A rumor has spread about Keiichi being a pervert and about Yakumo and him dating.
Well, I think that
's everything.

So, see ya next time!