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A/N: Hey all! So this is my second Twilight fanfic, and it's about Bella's transformation. This will be in multiple parts, relaying all of the point of views of the Cullens. I'm starting off with Bella, but I don't know the order in which I'm writing, kind of going with the flow and inspiration. I have read a few fics on Bella's change and I wanted to make this one what I always envisioned to read. Please, please read and review and any tips for further chapters please let me know! I will write quicker depending on the reviews on whether or not to continue. Thanks guys!


Bella's POV: post-Eclipse (Her Transformation)

I felt Edward's cool fingers brush along the side of my hairline as my breath caught in the back of my throat. The final bite on my wrist was complete, as his icy tongue ran the length of my forearm, capturing the remainder of the blood that had escaped from the deep wound. I could already start to feel the tingling sensation in the arms and shoulders, moving slowly down my body. My chest started heaving and it felt as though every vein in my body were to seize and burst, combusting all at the same time. My eyes were barely able to stay open, but I made out another figure near my bedside. His hands upon me, cold as ice, wrapped around the upper part of my right arm, palpating the crease of my elbow. I adjusted to his sight, noting that it was Carlisle, trying to find a vein to inject morphine. He did so, sticking the needle gently inside of me, as I felt the drug slowly fill my insides. I heard voices, muffled, panicking.

"Edward, relax! Do not let Bella see you in this state. She needs to stay as calm as possible. The transformation has barely begun." Carlisle spoke in a low voice.

"She'll be fine, right? The morphine will help with the pain? Carlisle, I don't know.. if I can.. see her in any worse condition than now..." Edward's voice was drifting, sounding almost as if he was out of breath or finding it hard to locate air. I knew that was impossible.

I wanted to calm him, tell him I was to be fine. We went over the procedure multiple times, explaining that the pain would be excruciating, beyond anything else I have ever experienced. I chose this, I chose this life for Edward. I would suffer a thousand deaths just to end my life next to him.

"I'm fine, really.. It doesn't.. even hurt that ba.." I tried to finish, but my words caught in my throat as I felt a surge of pain run down the length of my left leg. It felt as though it was being broken in every spot imaginable. My lips parted and I felt a load moaning sound escape from my lungs but I tried to suppress my cries so that Edward wouldn't hear them. I know that was nearly impossible, but for now, while I was still in control, I would do my best.

"Shh, baby, try not to move, okay? I'm right here, so is Carlisle, your going to be fine. Okay? Bella?" His voice came out in waves, then I realized the waves were actually my veins and heart pumping louder and louder, muffling any sounds in between the thumping.

It felt as though my heart was literally jumping from my chest walls like in a cartoon when the character sets their eyes on their love interest. Although, it wasn't butterflies I was feeling, it was more like someone was ripping my heart from my body, putting it back inside, and pulling it out again, repeating over and over again. It was unbearable. Then, the burning sensation hit.

I felt my back arch up, until my body was completely off the bed. My eyes shot open to stare into two worried ones, his lips moving making out sounds I could not hear.

"EDWARD! Leave me here to die! I want to be dead!" I wished death upon myself. This was different, no one should ever endure this much pain in their life.

My ears blocking and unblocking, adjusting to the sounds of my veins and heart, pumping and thumping, faster and faster. I could feel every bit of my blood draining from my veins and exiting my body. I heard moans but that were not coming from me. Edward's eyes were running the length of my body and I saw his arms on mine, but I could not feel them. All I could feel was pain.

"Edward, kill me. Take my blood, take it all.. PLEASE!" Another rack of sobs escaped my mouth. "Oh God, please, make it end. If you love me, make it stop!" I couldn't handle it, Edward was right. He was afraid I wouldn't be able to endure the pain and he had every reason to believe so. My reactions were confirming all of his hesitations and I would do anything in this moment to take it back, all of it. Let me die, please, just let me die.

"Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.." That's when I heard it, clear as day. My lullaby was somehow filling my ears and floating inside my conscious. My eyes, I could feel were bloodshot and protruding out of my skull, flew open to find my body laying in Edward's lap. His body was making a rocking motion and his lips lingered right below my ear on the side of my neck. I felt his palm on my cheek, rubbing softly against my face, trying to soothe me.

"Hmmm.. Hmmmmm.." It was calming me, it was working. His voice, so smooth, was calming all of the sensations going on throughout my body. I don't know how, but my eyes were slowly closing and I was relaxing at his touch and my song. My lips opened and closed, desperately wanting to feel his on them.

"Edwa..r.." My voice cracked. I felt my lips were quivering and I was suddenly cold. It made no sense at all, because just moments ago my body was on fire. I wasn't able to move my arm to touch him, to bring him to my lips. I was so numb. My body lay limp in his arms and the only thing I could concentrate on was my lullaby humming from his throat. My eyes struggled to open and I saw him staring straight down at me. My lips tried to make out words before I fell into a deep, painful slumber, but they would not move. He brought a small piece of ice towards my face, rubbing it against my lips, soothing the chapping and burning sensation on my sensitive flesh.

"There you go, better?" His voice so soft, trying his best to keep me calm.

"Yes." I spoke softly, my lips not moving but Edward able to understand.

Another piece of ice was being rubbed along my lips, melting quickly, within a few seconds as Edward's hand dropped to pick up another cube.

"Hmmm.. hmmm.." I tried to hum, doing a horrible job in the process. My mouth was so dry that my voice sounded as though I smoked for a hundred years.

"It's alright, baby. It's alright. Shhh.. relax. Try to close your eyes for me." He purred, as I felt my body being rocked back and forth again and again. The burning sensation still there but I was able to shut my eyes and block out everything but the sounds of my angel's voice.

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