"Will you stop worrying Edward

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"Will you stop worrying Edward?" Bella's voice glided into my ear, tuning out my thoughts. I whipped my head around to meet her eyes, giving her a crooked smile.

"I'm not worried. What makes you think I'm worried?"

"You are worried. You have been rubbing my arm for so long it's started to hurt." Bella informed me, her eyebrows raised, motioning to my hand that rubbed against her right arm. She knew my routine, she had me down pat. I was worried.

"I'm sorry." I quickly dropped my hand and left it curled around her waist as we sat on the couch inside my bedroom.

"It's okay, but you don't have to be nervous. I'm going to be fine." Bella threw her arms around my shoulders and leaned in to kiss my lips. "You'll be there every step of the way, right?"

"Of course." I told her, mumbling into her kiss. "Don't ever doubt my love for you, Bella."

"Never." She stated simply.

We sat together enjoying the rest of the moment. Bella's eyes never left mine, as they glazed over with tears. This was it, this was forever. I knew today was the day, I had known for a while, but it was finally sinking in. I was changing the love of my life today, and I know that without her beside me forever, I would die; I still had lingering doubts and insecurities. To not hear the pulse of her heart, my favorite sound in the world besides her voice, was creating knots deep inside my stomach. To never see her face blush when she's embarrassed or nervous was almost as painful. I leaned down, kissing her throat, working my lips down to her collarbone. She moaned pleasantly into my ear as she placed kisses on my cheek and earlobe. We were interrupted by Carlisle, knocking quietly at my door. Our faces turned in his direction as he walked to stand next to us.

"It's time."


"Okay, so let me see if I got this." Bella's eyebrows raised and her index finger rested on her chin softly. "You are going to bite me in six different spots, two at my neck, both wrists, and both ankles?" She eyed me suspiciously. I let out an uneasy sigh.

"Yes. I wish I didn't have to do more than one, but the transformation will go quicker and not as painful this way." I paused. "You see, the venom will attack your entire body all at once, instead of slowly making its course through your veins from the initial bite." My hand rested on Bella's thigh, rubbing it reassuringly. I didn't like this one bit, and I wish there was a way for me to take on the pain for her, as I know how difficult it is for me to see her in agony.

"I understand." She looked towards her feet; my eyes followed and watched her tapping toes.

Explain the morphine to her Edward. Carlisle appeared next to me, his thoughts entering my mind.

"Carlisle will be giving you morphine, Bella. We can't be too sure if this will keep the pain at a reasonable level, but he is going to try. I'll be with you the entire time; you will not be left alone. Okay?" I tried to give her assurance, but my own fears were racing through my head. Was she going to be alright? I know I wouldn't make it if she wasn't. I am nothing without her.

"Okay." She nodded towards me as we walked back inside my room together, hand in hand. My mouth dropped as the room was not in the same condition I had left it in.

I heard Bella gasp next to me, and I almost turned and strangled my father when I saw the bed. On the posts hung shackles, ropes, and ties, looking like a torture chamber. Was Carlisle seriously thinking that I would let Bella be tied up? He was absurd.

"What the hell is this Carlisle?!" My voice ranged and boomed out of my throat at an unreasonable level. Bella gripped my hand tighter and I turned her face into my chest.

"We are just taking precautions. I have been through these transformations many times, Edward. Trust me; the shackles will come in good use later on." My father explained as my head shook back and forth.

"Are you insane?! She is not a wild animal, Carlisle! I will not allow this!" I let go of Bella's hand and moved swiftly to the bed, ripping the chains and restraints down.

"I don't understand, Edward. We had you restrained, all of you, during your transformations, it's easier this way."

"This is different! This is Bella!" I threw everything in my hands into a pile on the floor. I rushed back to Bella's side, throwing my arms around her waist, hugging her tightly to my chest.

"I wish you didn't have to see that." I threw a frantic stare at Carlisle. I'm sorry. Whatever, I thought.

"It's okay, really Edward, its fine. Use them if you must." I couldn't believe she was fine with this. She looked up and smiled that beautiful perfect smile. She truly didn't understand just how perfect she was to me.

"Absolutely not." I stated, and that was final. Have it your way. Damn right, Dad.

"Let's get you comfortable, Bella." Carlisle held his hand towards Bella and she took it gracefully. I watched my father lead her to the bed as I went to the other side. I puffed the pillows and pulled down the comforter and sheets. Carlisle lifted Bella onto the bed, into the pile of soft pillows. I climbed up next to her, kissing her forehead.

"Are you alright, baby?" I whispered against her forehead. I closed my eyes, letting the reality sink in. "You sure you're comfortable?"

"Yes. I'll be alright. Can we start?" She was anxious to begin, her fingers clenching my collar.

"Yes, of course." This was it, oh my God, what was I about to do? "Turn your head to the side." I sighed, and closed my eyes. "I love you, my Bella, my one and only." I murmured against her neck, before slowly curling my lip up to expose my teeth. I hesitated for a moment before biting down gently into her delicate flesh.

If her mouth watering scent alone wasn't enough, the taste of her sweet blood in my mouth was going to be the end of me. The taste was incomparable to anything else I have ever experienced in my hundred years of living. Bella's warm blood flowed down my throat easily, my muscles constricted as I gulped, almost too much and too soon. Before I could take another taste, I lifted my head, gently moving hers to the opposite side and biting again. Her moan was not that of pain, it was of pleasure. More delicious liquid seeped down my tongue towards the back of my mouth and I groaned. This was impossible not to enjoy, but my shaky hands lifted myself from Bella's neck and I moved to her wrists. Again, another two bites at her ankles. After enjoying what I knew was the limit, I trembled bringing my body up to face hers. The wounds were my teeth cut her weren't too deep, but blood lingered at each cut. I let my tongue lick at each of her wounds, letting the taste of my singer linger on my lips. I brought my face to her ear.

"I'm all done, sweetheart. I will be here the whole time. I'll see you when you wake up.."

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