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Chapter One

Summary: Because of Shadow Magic, the Hikari's and Joey become pregnant and so after the children are around two years old, Yugi, Malik, Ryou and Joey demand some time to themselves will Yami, Marik, Bakura and Seto be able to take care of children alone??

Round One:

Yami and Yugi have one son and his name is Samuel and he is a really cute little boy, but he is also very hyper and so today Yugi has demanded that Yami take care of their son so that he can go to the Domino Health Spa and have a day of rest and relaxation. Yami agrees and so Yugi gets ready and he is waiting for the limo to come and take him and the other hikari's and Joey to have some time alone, Yugi is still undecided if Yami can take care of their alone.

"Are you really sure that you'll be alright by yourself?" Yugi asked.

"Yugi, go have take some time to rest, Samuel and I will be just fine." Yami tells him.

After Yugi is gone, Samuel wakes up and when he notices that his momma isn't around he begins to fuss and soon he is screaming and throwing a fit. Yami tries his best to get him to settle down but soon his is so frustrated that he is ready to pull his hair out of his head. So he calls Seto to ask his advice on how to get his son to settle down.

Seto has also agreed to let Joey go and have some time alone. He is like Yami and he thinks that it will be a piece of cake to take care of their son Tyler. Well he is finding out that not only is it not that easy, Tyler is also screaming at the top of his lungs and Seto can't find anyway to get him to stop. Seto wonders "How in the hell does Joey do it?"

Just then the phone rings and Seto grabs it thinking that it's Joey calling, but when he hears Yami's voice he just wants to sit down and join his son.

"What in the hell do you want Yami?" Seto nearly screams into the phone.

When Yami hears their son screaming almost as loud as his son is screaming well Yami regrets calling but he can't just hang up so he asks "How do you stop a screaming child from screaming?"

Seto then says "I don't know, how do you stop a screaming child from screaming?"

Yami then in the deepest voice says "Kaiba it isn't a damn joke. I really want to find out how to stop my son from screaming."

Seto then said "Hell how do I know, Tyler won't stop screaming. He began when he noticed that Joey wasn't here."

Yami then said "Samuel did the same thing. Why is it that our lights can do it and we can't?"

Seto sighed as he said "Maybe we aren't doing something right."

Yami then said "I"m going to call Bakura and see if he knows what we can do."

Seto hung up the phone and he started making weird faces and talking gibberish hoping that it would get his son to stop screaming. Hell he was getting red in the face and that really scared the shit out of Seto.

Bakura and Ryou have a son and daughter and when Ryou demanded some time to himself, he actually suggested that they hire a nanny to come in and take care of the children, but Bakura wouldn't hear of it.

"Nanny, I won't hear of it. I will take care of Rachael and Richard while you go get some rest." Bakura said.

This scared the hell out of Ryou and when he voiced his opinion well Bakura just said "If you can take care of them then I can too, now go and rest and don't worry about us we will be fine."

After Ryou left the twins woke up and when they saw that their momma wasn't there well they too started screaming and god it was in stereo and Bakura was about to slam his head into the wall. "What in the hell does Ryou do to stop them from screaming?" He asks himself.

The phone rings and when Bakura picks it up he hears "Bakura how do you stop a child from screaming?"

When Bakura heard Yami's voice he wanted to reach through the line and strangle him. "If I knew that would I be doing it to stop these two from screaming. Now leave me alone and don't call here again!"

Yami stared at the phone as if it bit him and then he called Marik who was home trying to get their son Amir to stop screaming and he wasn't having any luck at all. The phone rang and Marik heard "Not you too, how in the world do we get our children to stop screaming?" Marik heard Yami ask.

Marik nearly threw the damn phone, but he just calmly said "How the hell do I know. When you figure it out call and let me know."

Well Yami wasn't having any luck on discovering how to stop his son from screaming and he was almost ready to join him when there was a knock at the door and when he opened it, there stood Tea and she smiled when she saw little Samuel and when she held out her arms and Yami let her hold him he stopped screaming and settle right down.

"What did you do?" Yami asked.

Tea chuckled as she asked him "Is this the first time you've ever taken care of this precious child alone?"

Yami blinked and then he said "Hell I've never been alone with Samuel at all."

Tea then smiled down at the little one in her arms and she said "Well for one thing Samuel can tell that you're unsure as to what to do and so he's only trying to let you know that he's scared too. What you have to do is just hold him to you chest and whisper that it's going to be alright and he'll begin to settle down."

Yami nearly hugged Tea but he refrained and then he asked "Could you please come with me and help Seto, Bakura and Marik what you've just told me?"

Tea giggled and then she looked down at Samuel and she said "Your daddy is really silly isn't he?" Samuel smiled and reached up to grab her hair and he started making happy noises. So now Yami along with Samuel and Tea went to each of the other homes and helped the frustrated fathers. But this one just round one...

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