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Chapter Twelve

Joey's, Yugi's, Ryou's and Malik's pregnancies have progressed and everything is going great and they are all very happy to be having another baby.

When the time came, all of them nearly had their babies one after another and it was like being in some comedy movie with the men running around like maniacs trying to remember what they did when their wives first delivered their children and if it wasn't for their children they would of probably never gotten their wives to the hospitals in time to deliver their babies.

Joey delivered a baby girl, she was born screaming and when they placed her in her daddy's arms tears ran down his face and he leaned over and gave Joey a kiss and he said "She's beautiful." Then named their daughter Melissa Marie Kaiba, and she has a very happy big brother who loves her as much as her parents do.

Yugi delivered a baby boy and he too came into this world screaming and like Seto, when they placed the baby in Yami's arms tears ran down his face and he too kissed Yugi and he said "I love you and thank you for our new son." They named him Joshua William Motou.

Ryou delivered a little boy and when he came into this world he too was screaming and as Bakura held his son he had tears running down his face and he kissed Ryou and said "My love thank you for our son." They named their son Jeffery and as his brother and sister looked down at him he seemed to smile up at them.

Malik delivered a little girl and Marik couldn't believe how beautiful she was and as he held his daughter in his arms he smiled down at her as tears ran down his face and he looked at his love and he whispered "She looks so much like you my love. They named their daughter Syria Diana Ishtar.

So all the mom's and babies were alright and the families were all elated to have a new bundle of joy added to their family.


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