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Cant Keep a Good Guy Down

By the Untalented JOxER

Chapter 1.

Shawn McQueri was early to today's schedule meeting. He always like to be there and
greet his employees. The clock inside the room read 7:45 am and he sat himself down at
the edge of the enormous table. He sat in the bosses chair. Oh how is was great to be
him. Not long ago he bought out an old toy store and started 'Vintage Toys'. Shawn had
the great idea to bring back the toys from the 60's through the 90's. Many of them had
loss their use due to technology but there was a lot of men and women collecting these
ideas and he couldn't deny that some kids still love playing with the train sets and the
'ma ma' doll. 'A 35 year old playing with toys' he amused himself with his title. But the
business had gone real well and people were buying these old new toys. Shawn had
called the meeting to think of another toy to bring back. So many toys have already been
made and so many others were still yet to be discovered. As his employees gathered in
the meeting room, he could help but grin. 'All these people work for me?' He thought. 'I
have only been in business for 2 years and I have more people under me than the Disney
company' He sacristy thought as all 12 employees were present and was time to begin the

"Alright people, sales have been off the wall! You all know that our latest item had been
doing great- who knew people loved Cuqpi dolls so much. Now, it has been over 4
months and we need something 'new' in the store shelves. So, I gave you all a week to
think it over, lets see what you guys got!" Shawn folded his hands and prepared himself,
there was going to be a war.

They went in clock wise order, all telling them new ideas for the toys. All from before,
from Mattel's old Barbie to Lionel Train sets: all companies that went bankrupt after
2013. Those ideas were great but old news from last meeting. After 8 employees
presented their case, Shawn was losing hope. 'It was time for employ 9' He thought as
she began to present her idea.

"What about the good guy doll?" Susan Martinez stood up and had a folder full of facts
to show her boss. Mr. McQueri gave her the go on hand signal and she took it as a
maybe. "They were very popular when I was a kid, heck, even I had one. I was a tom
boy back then and everyone on the block had a good guy doll."

"Martinez... not a bad idea, go on." Shawn was very interested in the idea, it could work.
He remembered growing up and playing pirates in his backyard with his good guy doll
named Tommy.

"Well" She walked over to Mr. McQueri's seat and handed him a folder of her
presentation. She then passed out more copies to her other employees. Susan go up to
the pull screen and began her PowerPoint presentation.

"AS you can see sir, the Good Guy doll was doing great when they first came out. On
that Christmas, every toy store was sold out of the item. It was very hard to find them
and if you did, they were too expensive but that never stopped a mother to buy one for
her son. Or in my case, for her tom boy." She clicked the screen and a picture of a good
guy standing in a colorful scenery. "The good Guy represented the best pal for every boy
in the world. 'He was your friend till the end.'" She mimicked the good guy old line.
She clicked on to the next screen that showed a very old picture of kids, 5 boys and one
girl in overalls, holding their good guy doll. "As you can see, I have grown up a little but
while I was, my good guy doll Peter was always there for me."

"Wait, isn't there a reason why the good guy doll failed miserably after the three years in
the market?" A very annoyed employee asked Susan, hinting that he hated the idea.
Mostly because it wasn't his.

"I was getting to that Cunningham." Susan took a breath and continued. She clicked the
screen and a picture of a little boy appeared. "If you are all following in the folder I have
prepared, there was a case involving this little boy." She pointed to the screen. "His
name was Andrew Barcely. He claimed that his good Guy doll, Chucky, was posses with
the serial killer..." She paused as she clicked on the mouse to change the screen.
"Charles Lee Ray."

"So what happened?" Cunningham interrupted again. Knowing that the company went
down hill from there.

"I am getting to that. The good guy company Vs Andrew Barcely was ruled out and the
murder charges was filed on his mother, Karen Barcely. After Andy was sent to a foster
family, he claimed again that the doll tried to 'take his soul' again. After the doll had
been destroyed , it mysteriously came back. There was a witness, his foster sister but she
had a record longer than the phonebook, that she was an unreliable witness. Andy was
put into therapy and after that, there was no incidence with his Chucky Doll." She gave
another sigh and continued. She clicked the mouse to show a ware house completely
destroyed. "The good guys factory was left with so much damage caused by Andy
Barcely, that the store had to file bankruptcy in 1989. There were 1 million good guys
sold and since the Barcely case, all have disappeared. Some parents threw them away or
just simply lost them."

"Do you think that this case is going to affect the sales?" McQueri asked. Intrigue with
the idea but the idea of bring back a 'murder' doll is pushing it.

"I think it will work both ways sir. The case is very old and hardly people remember
Andy Barcely. He died 10 years ago in a car accident and no one really remembers him.
For those who do in the other hand, people who remember this case might just want the
doll to have as a memory about the case or the serial killer Ray."

"What happened to the doll? Chucky I mean?" McQueri asked.

"Know one knows sir. The doll was taken by police for evidence and it has been under
lock and key to this point." Susan informed her boss.

"I don't know sir, it seems, well, who would buy this toy? Kids are into computers not a
buddy." Cunningham asked McQueri.

"I hope you have something better than she does Cunningham. I think people are a little
too tired of the Lionel trains." Shawn shot back to the employ and Cunningham just
stared at his hands. He slowly turned to Susan. "Alright Susan, great idea. Now, do we
have a mold to copy from or do we have to make our own?"

"Actually sir, my computer whiz friend Josh Crawley found me an original doll and had
it copied to our computers. The body is just stuffed but the head was a classic mold."

"Any idea where he got it Susan?"

"He wouldn't tell me, I am just glad we got an original to copy from, makes it more

"alright people, lets hear it for Susan." Shawn got up and clapped for his new vice
president Martinez. Everyone clapped except for the stubborn Cunningham as he only
gave a single clap. The meeting was over now and people went back to their stations to
get working on their new toy- The Good Guy Doll.

*-*-*-*-*-*2 weeks later-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

Susan drove up to the fed ex building with a package to send to her favorite nephew. She
was more than surprise that her boss, McQueri appointed her as his new vice President.
That made her day just to see the old vice president move down a rank. She smiled as she
told Cunningham that his job was changed and she was taking over. She entered the
station only to find a hour long wait. As she took a number and sat herself down with her
package, she phone buzzed.

"Hello. Thanks for calling dominos, we have a special today of pineapple...."

"Ha ha very funny Susan. Last time it was papa johns, you need to get new material."

"I thought it was funny Mattey."

"Don't call me that Susy!"

"Matty matty, I heard no complaint last night. What's the problem?"

"The problem is that I excepted my vice president home over an hour ago. Where are

"In Cancun Mexico."

"I swear you sound more like your brother everyday!"

"Heck yea? Don't ya think I'm getting betta at it?"

"Stop it, really, where are ya...see, you got me doing it!"

"Funny. No, here at fed ex."

"Ok, what is up?"

"I got the first Good Guy doll ever made, the shipment goes out today, over 300 hundred
in the city alone!"

"Santa little elf. But that doesn't explain you being at fed ex!"

"Oh puddin, I am getting to that."

"Number 59, window 4 number 59."

"Is that you?"

Susan looked at her number tag. "No, number 60."

"Oh, so why are you in fed ex?

"I am sending the doll to our nephew. You know he is into the classic stuff and I know
you don't want anymore toys around the house. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not, it is great. He will love the doll! Did you get him the Elvis disks too?"

"Sure did. He kept buggin me about them so I am also sending it to him."

"Are you sure they are not going to make fun of him, you know, it is all doll Susy?"

"I don't think so, I think he will enjoy it."

"Hope so."

"Number 60, window 6 number 60." The computer operator said.

"I got to go Matty, se ya in a jiffy."

"Bye honey." With that Susan grabbed the package and the disks and headed toward
window 6. As she put the package down, the man in window 5 helped greeter her with a
warm smile. He took notice of the package.

"Hello ma'am. Is that a good guy doll?" The mans kindly asked.

"Yes sir, my company just brought them back! I go the first one, I am sending it to my

"I remember them, I had one named Clark. We have fond memories. So, they brought
them back? I must get one for my son." With that, Susan smiled. She knew her idea was
a smash hit. She set the package and the disks for weighting and picked out a box for
both of them. "so, how are you sending this?"

"Next Day delivery. It has to be in Florida by tomorrow."

"Florida! That is a long way, it is going to cost you."

"It is alright, Tony's worth it."

"Who?" The man asked

"My nephew, Tony Piccolo, he is too old for toys but he loves classic stuff."

"I can see that, it also explains the Elvis disks" With that, Susan as the man took the
package and stamped them with fed ex stamps. She handed him the address to where to
ship. "That would be 35.00 dollars ma'am."

Susan wrote a check and handed it to the fed ex man. With that, the man took the package
and shoved it to the back room. Susan left the fed office and headed toward her car. She
was not going to call her nephew, she wanted for Tony to be surprised.