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Can't Keep a Good Guy Down.

By: The Untalented JOXER!

Chapter 12.- Epilogue.

Wendy Smith stood outside the Launch Bay 3 door. She had her stuff packed and waited for the shuttle that was taking her back to shore to be ready for her. She knew she was not needed here. Kristin Westphalen had all the help she needed and she felt that the best thing to do half the time while working with the doctor was to step out of the way. But the main reason she was leaving was to do some extra research on what had happened on the seaQuest and the small little killer doll. The research, the explanations and the video from the security cameras captured the doll on the move... this will break the scientific code of the human mind even more so then when phsics were introduced.

Captain Bridger stepped into the docking bay and walked towards the Launch Bay. He really hated to see Dr. Smith leave but he knew that her findings here were extremely important to her. He smiled as he caught her in time before she left for shore.

"Hi Captain." Wendy greeted him as he stood at ease infront of her. He held out a small package that was wrapped in a nice shinny red paper. "What's this?"

"Open it. It was something that Darwin wanted you to have." He smiled as the doctor opened up the package. The small packaged box opened as she removed some of the tape holding the paper in its place and found a small tooth inside the box. She looked at Nathan confused as she held up the small tooth.

"wow... I... Darwin wanted me to have this?" She sort of laughed. She thought the tooth was some sort of gag joke but was still puzzled by it

"Darwin came back from hunting some fish last night and he had a half eaten fish in his mouth. He didn't eat it but came up in the bridge and wanted me to take it. I asked him why was he giving me the fish. Darwin said that the shark took his fish but he got it back from the shark. And I looked at the fish and there was a shark tooth embedded on it. I told him what would I do with this tooth and he said to give it to you. So you remember stories from home." The Captain finished the story as Wendy placed the tooth back inside the small box and placed it in her pocket.

"Strange stories I have to tell everyone. Especially this one." Wendy said as she looked at some of the bags near her. Inside those bags were all the body parts of the doll that had been shot at and torn apart. "I still at times can't believe what happened but... I know I will make some news with this and this time no one will think I am crazy like the first time this happened."

"You are the right doctor to unlock this whole mystery.. you will be missed." Nathan said as he extended his hand for a handshake. Dr. Smith smiled as she preferred to huge the captain. The Launch Bay crew member called out to smith that the launch was ready. The crew helped her with her bags as she waved her goodbyes to everyone and headed down to the launch. As she stepped off the ladder and took a seat at the launch she felt something... strange. As if her work was not done with the seaQuest.. there was a feeling coming over her that asked her to come back. A feeling she did not feel until when she picked up the devilish doll... She shook her head. No.. everything was right now and she knew that the doll was in her bags in pieces. Thank god.

Nathan sighed as he left the Bay and headed down to Lucas' quarters. The past 3 days were hard on the teenager. The first day he didn't want to sleep alone and had Ben staying over with him and the day after that asked to be left alone. The mood swings are normal for a kid his age but he only wished that he would open up more to him so he can at least know whats going on inside his head more.

Nathan knocked on Lucas door before stepping inside his quarters. Nathan almost groan to see all the mess inside the quarters. Pants everywhere and shirts on the ground. He didn't even know if Lucas was somewhere buried in the room or just in.

"Lucas?" Nathan called out to see if the teen was somewhere inside the mess.

"Over here" Called back Lucas. He was laying on the ground messing around with a panel on the ground and holding up a small pair of wire cutters.

"I thought you were eaten by your clothes here." Nathan joked.

"Looks like it doesn't it sir?"

Oh Great.. moody teenager alert. Warning Warning. "well I was wondering that after you clean up your room, that maybe you wouldn't mind playing a game of chess with me tonight?" The Captain invited. Maybe this night was the night that Lucas would try to talk to him about whats troubling him.

"I don't know how to play chess..." Lucas replied.

"Oh yea right. You beat me everytime we play..."

Lucas sat there for a while. He knew how to play Chess?... "Oh.. yea.. sure ok. We will play some chess tonight. Just let me finish what I was doing here..."

"And clean your room young man..."

Lucas grinned.. Youngman... "Yes sir." he replied back as he went back to his work. He waited until the captain was gone before he got up from under the panel. He dusted himself off and sat back at his computer chair. Gosh that was a close one. He had to pretend he was working on something so that the captain would think that he was keeping busy. Lucas laughed at the thought of being a youngman as the Captain had called him. He turned to see Darwin banging on the aqua tube that was near his bed.

"Not Lucas... Bad..." the Vocoder was left on and translated what the dolphin had said. Lucas got up and grabbed the device and threw it towards the tube.

"Not that Bad." Lucas laughed as he sat down at the computer. It was only a matter of time before the whole ship knew what had happened to their dear little Lucas. He began to type in placed he would like to go see and travel. The kid was rich and had plenty of cash in bank accounts and trust funds to have him set for life. His face was dark... sinister eyes and... an evil grin. Soon the whole boat would realize what Lucas had become. NO more was there a teen genius on board. This is what he promised himself... a new life... a new body... a new start...

"Can't keep me down... " Lucas... Charles Lee Ray... Chucky said to himself as he started to laugh...

...Man, Life was good... THE END.

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