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If the Seeker from the Wimbourne Wasps shoved him one more time...well let's just say they'd find out exactly how Harry defeated Voldemort.

Well, that was a little violent actually. But then the bruises on Harry's side did ache like hell. He didn't know whether it was because of intimidation that the other Seeker had resorted to less agreeable tactics, but whatever it was, Harry wasn't taking any more of it.

Puddlemere United- Harry, and coincidentally Oliver Wood's team- were currently up by forty points. Harry wasn't that surprised actually, the chasers on their team were superb this year. Harry had been on the team for the last six months, after his stint as an Auror.

Puddlemere United had won all of their matches so far.

Harry wasn't going to take all of the credit, by all means. Oliver was an excellent superb keeper. Harry had always known he was having played with him in Hogwarts. Ron had been a good keeper as well, but he did have a problem with match nerves. Their chases; Jess, Liz and Andy were brilliant. Complete in sync with each other, they passed accurately and had scored so many goals for the team, Harry had lost count. Their beaters; John and Steve were amazing as well. Not as brutal as the Slytherin beaters had been (and the Wimbourne Wasps beater's were) but they hit precisely at the right time. Harry had often wondered how on earth they did it.

He had asked them once before as well, when he first joined the team. They had smiled at each other secretly, before telling Harry it was mainly luck! He'd stared in disbelief until they explained that they had been joking. Harry had joined in after a while, immediately liking the two beaters.

So far, Harry's quidditch career was a far more comfortable one than his Auror job. He had been less stressed and he definitely had a better employer now. Helen Markavisk, the coach of Puddlemere United had been thrilled to offer him a placement when he applied. Harry had of course, insisted that she watch him first. She had agreed enthusiastically, having already heard stories about Harry from Oliver- a few that made Harry blush as Oliver recounted them.

Harry had trialled with three other people...and had been offered the job three days later. He'd been thrilled to pieces of course. Draco had been thrilled for him as well. Celebratory sex had definitely been in order. It had been the last few times they'd had together in a while actually...

Harry was a little worried, if he told the truth. He wasn't able to see Draco as much as he would like; his apartment was quite a way from Draco's. Not to mention, Draco worked more than Harry as Harry only had to come in for a few hours each day to practise with the rest of the team. Draco worked pretty much from 9 till 5, leaving Harry without a lot to do during the day. They still saw each other during the nights- Harry mostly sleeping at Draco's before going back to his place in the morning- and at weekends of course.

Draco had been somewhat busy for the last few weeks though, constantly being piled up with paperwork etc. Harry had offered to help...but his offer was rejected. Draco liked to do things a certain way. In other words, Harry had been doing it wrong.

The Seeker jammed into Harry's side again and he snapped to attention. He blinked before glaring furiously at the other player, as if willing him to combust. Harry had picked up that look from Draco. It certainly worked on Harry... and he had defeated one seriously Dark Wizard.

The Seeker just looked smug.

Harry's gaze darkened and he pretended to spot something over the Seeker's shoulder, his expression purposefully going completely blank. The Seeker quickly glanced around...only to curse loudly as Harry sped down towards the ground at a breath taking speed. Above the wind roaring in his ears, Harry could vaguely make out the commentator's excited spiel and the dull cheers of the crowd. He ignored them though. They'd be disappointed soon enough.

He could feel the Wasp's Seeker closing up on him and he slowed down just a little bit, to let him catch up. He waited until he was just on his tail before speeding up again, angling his broom directly at the ground. He shot down, his eyes focussed against the rush of wind in them. The ground was rearing up dangerously in front of him and Harry could sense the other Seeker pulling back, already probably anticipated what Harry had first thought of doing.

Harry abruptly changed direction and headed towards the goal posts. The Seeker behind him was obviously confused by this quick change of direction, but followed Harry nonetheless. He sped up behind Harry, until Harry could see him out of the corner of his eye. He pulled up directly next to Harry and gave him a determined look.

Harry hid a grin behind a glower.

He purposefully allowed his broom to slow down slightly and leaned over his handle. He wanted to let the other Seeker think that he had the advantage here, that he could overtake Harry if he wanted to.

What an idiot he'd have to be to swallow that. Harry's broom was a Firebolt Series 4. Harry was going a third of the maximum speed he could. He was capable of sweeping the floor with the Wasps' Seeker's Meteor 3000. Harry's broom was just built for speed. Rather like Harry actually.

He pretended to give a frustrated groan as the other Seeker drew up slightly in front of him. He panicked a little, before drawing up next to him again. If his plan was to work, he'd have to be right next to the other seeker.

The goalposts- and Oliver, who was smiling slightly at Harry- were approaching at a rapid pace. Abruptly, Harry veered off before slamming into the other Seeker's side. The Seeker was knocked off course for a few seconds before shunting into Harry's side. He winced as the motion jostled his poor abused side, but gritted his teeth. The other Seeker would get what was coming to him in a few minutes...

Stupidly, the other Seeker wasn't paying attention as to where exactly he was flying. Instead, he was focussing his attention on shoving Harry as hard as he could. Harry slowed down minutely, which didn't really make a lot of difference considering the speed they were flying at, and moved slightly to his right. Predictably, the other Seeker kept shoving and followed Harry's motion...

And went flying into one of the Goalposts.

Harry turned just in time to miss the metal post himself. He turned on his broom so the side of the post was just millimetres away from his nose. He righted himself and zoomed at top speeds- much faster than what he had been showing the Wasps' Seeker- to the top of the Stadium.

He ignored the groans of the crowd beneath him, which most probably belonged to the Wasps' supporters, and scanned the surroundings. The referee was blowing his whistle for a time out, probably to take off the other Seeker, but Harry continued to scan the air in front of him.

He could have sworn he saw a glint of gold a few seconds ago.

The Referee's whistle blew again and Harry glanced down again quickly as a broom headed towards him. He winced as the other Seeker came towards him, his face bloody and with a lovely murderous expression on it.

He turned back to the game, searching desperately for that glint of gold again. There it was!

"And it seems Potter has seen the Snitch! Whether or not it will be for real this time, there is no way of knowing! He does seem to have favoured the feints these last few games..." the Commentator boomed from one of the top boxes. Harry ignored him and carried on flying towards the Snitch he had seen this time.

The other Seeker was flying next to him. Harry grinned at him, before turning back to the game. So he wanted to play it that way...

Daringly, Harry sped up to the maximum level his broom would go. The wind was roaring in his ears...and the Seeker was dropping back behind him.

"Sorry Gardding, you'll have to buy a better broom if you want to have even the slightest chance of keeping up with a Firebolt Series 4...not to mention Potter himself!" the Commentator chucked lightly, the stands cheering behind him.

They were barely whispers to Harry as he stretched out his hand...and grasped the ball, centimetres away from one of the chaser's faces. He pulled up hard on his broom and skidded to a stop in the air. He grinned in triumph before raising the fluttering Snitch up in the air.


"Potter, what have I told you about feints?" Draco drawled from the doorway.

Harry turned in surprise as Draco's voice echoed around the changing room. The others had changed and gone to celebrate long ago. Harry had denied their invitation; he'd celebrate with them another time. Right now, all he had wanted was to go see Draco. But, apparently, Draco had decided to come see him.

Harry tugged back down the shirt he had been in the process of taking of, and made his way over to Draco. He could feel a big grin on his face- partly because of the match but mostly because Draco was here-and it refused to shrink. He pecked Draco on the lips lightly.

"Hey...I didn't know you were coming to meet me" he greeted happily. He was sure Draco had mentioned something about a rogue clan of Heckleberts. Harry hadn't thought to ask what they were, but they certainly sounded nasty.

Draco smirked in reply before grabbing the back of Harry's neck and tugging him down into a more passionate kiss. Harry was panting slightly as he drew back, his cheeks flushed. "I was here for your entire match, you prat. How else would I have known about your dangerous flying again?" he rolled his eyes, looking fondly and exasperated at Harry at the same time.

Harry nodded, embarrassed. He supposed it had been rather obvious...it wasn't his fault though. Harry's brain became a little slow around Draco, though Draco would argue it always went at that pace. "Right. I thought you had some trouble with Heckleberts today though?" he questioned.

Malfoy cheeks went a little pink. He was obviously pleased that Harry remembered. He wouldn't show it openly of course, but that little colour in his cheeks told Harry everything he wanted to know.

"The case was resolved quicker than I expected, so I thought I would come and watch your match. You don't mind do you?" he teased. Harry immediately shook his head violently. No, of course he didn't mind! It was a pleasant surprise actually.

"No! Don't be silly! Where did you sit, I didn't see you?" he asked, smiling.

"I was in the Top box. Helen saved me a seat. I'm surprised you didn't see me though," Draco narrowed his eyes. "You were too busy trying to disfigure the Wasps' Seeker's face." Was it just Harry...or did that sound like a subject change?

"She saved you a seat? How did she know you were coming?" Harry asked, probably a little sharper than he should have.

"I warned her I might" Malfoy answered vaguely, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture. "Now about that feint; you could have broken your neck if you had hit that goalpost!" He frowned slightly at Harry.

"Bloody hell, Draco. You sound like a mother hen" Harry retorted exasperated. It hadn't been that dangerous! Well...not really...

"A mother hen, Potter?" Malfoy purred dangerously, "Would a Mother hen do this?" Without further warning he grabbed the back of Harry's head again and dragged him into another hard, hot kiss.

The grabbled together, craving what they had missed for a few weeks. Clothes were torn off and mouths crashed together. Mouths found other uses, sucking necks and biting collarbones. It was fast and hot and just what Harry needed.

There was something about Draco today. He seemed nervous and oddly angry about something. His practically threw Harry down onto the bench, growling lightly as Harry nipped his neck. Harry loved this type of sex though. Usually they were caring with each other, their motions slow and gentle. This wasn't like those times. When one of them was stressed or nervous about something, the sex they had also tended to be fuelled by pent-up frustration...and sure Harry usually ended up with a few mementos- like the love bite he could feel Draco burning into his neck- but he didn't care because it was fantastic.

The stress from their relationship eased away as Malfoy eased into Harry, pushing him up against the changing room wall. Harry thanked the gods that his teammates had gone out drinking already. Oliver might not have minded, considering he was about as straight as a roundabout, but the others would have covered their eyes screaming. It wasn't the homosexuality that bothered them. It was just the fact that Harry and Malfoy would have been having sex in front of them that was the issue.

Harry gasped loudly, clutching Malfoy's back with his hands as his legs wrapped firmly around Malfoy's slim waist. And then Draco began moving. Harry screamed as that spot in him made white dots dance in his vision. His quidditch tense muscles, tightening until Harry thought they'd break.

Everything was tense as Draco sped up, faster and faster until Harry couldn't take it anymore. He thought he screamed Draco's name as he came, but his ears refused to hear anything as the room went white. His vision detonated until all that was left was Harry and Draco slumped onto the changing room bench. Harry wasn't too sure how they got there, but he found he couldn't care less as long as Malfoy kept running his hands through his hair.

He wished he knew what had got Draco so frustrated though.

An idea struck his pleasure muddled brain: Draco was awfully cooperative during post sex.

"Draco" he asked slowly, "what were you really doing today?"

Draco's hand stopped its stroking and Harry wanted to smack himself. The silence dragged on for a while until Draco sighed loudly.

"God, Potter. You can't even let me plan a perfect romantic gesture, you're so impatient!" he burst out exasperated.

Harry raised his head and stared at him confused. "What romantic gesture?"

Draco slid off Harry's body and Harry immediately began missing his warmth. He rustled in his pockets for a few seconds before extracting a velvet box. Harry's breath caught in his lungs and a small niggling feeling of dread began working its way into his gut.

"Here, Harry" Malfoy said carelessly before chucking the box to him.

Harry caught it with Seeker fast reflexes. Slowly, he lifted the lid and opened the box.

"What is this?" he asked stunned.

Malfoy grinned at him. "It's a key... to my apartment. I want you to move in."

A key? Harry took it out of the box and examined it closely. It looked pretty ordinary, normal key shape...but there seemed to be a tiny HP engraved into the top of it. He smiled softly running his finger lightly over the surface.

"Is this what got you acting so weird recently?" he asked, a brief moment of insight striking him.

Draco looked awfully adorable when his cheeks flushed like that. Harry would have said he looked cute all over...but his naked sinuous body rejected that idea.

Draco smirked slightly before looking up at Harry again. "Malfoy's don't act weird Harry. We act dignified...unlike Potters apparently. I'm pretty sure you're meant to answer me...and then thank me. Properly." He grinned lasciviously at Harry, but the under tone of worry in his voice immediately alerted Harry to Malfoy's fear of rejection. Harry had obviously spent too long looking at the key and Malfoy was now worried that Harry would say no. He closed the box carefully and placed it on the bench beside him.

Grasping Draco's face, he placed a small kiss on his nose, then cheek, and finally he dropped one on his lips. Draco immediately began to devour Harry like he was a starving man and Harry Potter was a delicious delicacy. Harry responded, his happiness joining Draco's relief in the kiss. Finally he broke off, smiling at Draco's pink tinged face.

"Thank you" he said simply. He didn't need to tell Draco he accepted his offer. Draco would be able to gather that himself.

He kissed Malfoy again lightly. "What I don't understand is...why didn't you just alter the wards to accept me as a tenant as well? A key is rather pointless, considering we're wizards and apparate in anyway..." He smiled cheekily at Draco's rolled eyes.

"For Merlin's sake, Potter! It was meant to be a romantic gesture!" Draco pouted, throwing his arms in the air. Harry grinned at him, wrapping his arms around him. Draco didn't respond and just remained stiff in Harry's arms.

But Harry knew he wouldn't take much consoling...and if he did. Well, Harry had all night.



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