The last few months I have been living in the past

I'm back! :) Well, actually, I was never really gone, but you get what I mean. It took me a while to get started on a new story because I just felt bled dry (Family business, illnesses).

But now I have all this spare energy that I have to channel into something useful 'Or I could start writing again' I thought and that's what I did! ;) Now I'm gonna shut up because no-one reads this shit (oops, the rating just went up ;)) anyway.

I did not write a summary because I couldn't without giving away too much of the plot or without making it sound lame.

It's a short first chapter to (hopefully) make you interested and curious. It all sounds pretty basic and simple in the beginning, but, as I always do, I will soon start complicating it.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Made in HeavenChapter one: The Twilight Zone

'Daijoubu desu ka? (Are you alright?)'

Out of a thick mist that surrounded his consciousness a voice came and travelled towards him, like it came from a dream, but he could not understand a word of what was blurrily uttered to him.

'Are you alright?' The voice repeated.

Duo was grateful the words finally made sense to him, though through the mist and his pounding headache he was pretty sure that was not what had been said before. He opened his eyes to a blinding light, he forced to keep them open, despite the intensifying of his headache. To ease his throbbing headache he started rubbing his temples, frowning deeply and squinting his eyes against the light till they finally started adjusting to the bright white wash that was all around him. In the light a dark figure appeared and cast a shadow over his face, immediately his face relaxed and his eyes fully adjusted. Able to see again he realised what he was staring at were a pair of old, black, army boots, scruffy and well-worn, on the verge of too-well-worn. Only now did he notice he was lying down, on something not as soft as a bed, but not as hard as the ground. His eyes slowly traced up dark jean clad legs, long dark jean clad legs, he noted duly, up a dirty, once white, long sleeved shirt and up a long, graceful, muscalur neck, straining his own to finally look at the face of the man towering above him.

The face was dark, nothing but a mere silhouette with the source of light, now by Duo identified as the blazing mid-afternoon sun, all he could really tell was that the figure had long, dark bangs that danced in the wind, in front of his face.

'Are you alright?' The mysterious stranger repeats with a monotone voice. The kinds of emotions you'd expect to hear in the voice of someone who is standing over a man, who he had found lying unconsciously on the ground, were absent and he could only trace a hint of annoyance and impatience.

'I suppose so.' His throat hurt like he had been drinking heavily the night before. Drinking bottles of liquid sandpaper that is.

The figure suddenly stepped away, allowing the rays of sunlight to brutalize Duo's face once more. He turned on his other side with a displeased groan. For a moment he lay there quietly, giving his abused eyes the rest they deserved, waiting for the burning imprint of the sun to fade from his retina, before he even dared to peek through his lashes again. His surroundings were still bright, but after some patient moments he was finally able to identify his surroundings and they shocked him. With his eyes open wide, about as much as his mouth, he slowly sat up, ignoring the explosives that set off in his head as he did so.

'Oh my God,' he uttered, flabbergasted. 'Where are we?'

A sarcastic reply came from behind him 'On a beach.'

Ignoring the insensitive tone of voice from his 'companion' Duo just nodded his head dumbly as he looked at the expanse of soft white sand before his eyes, on one side there was the sea, a calm and crisp shade of blue, with waves gently rolling up the beach. On the other side, no palmtrees or any other form of foliage he had hoped to see, but only… more sand. Sandy dunes, the next even taller than the last.

Now that he was sitting up he could feel the wind going by his face, carrying little particles and grains of sand. Often so many that it was impossible to keep his eyes open. Sometimes so many that it even hurt his exposed skin.

He looked back at the other person that was with him, despite his sarcasm and impatience, he was suddenly grateful the stoic, unidentified man was with him. He supposed it was better to be with someone, even when all you'd do is fight, than be alone in a situation like this.

He looked at his face and realised he was far younger than he had estimated him by the sound of his voice. He couldn't be much older than he was himself.

His features were sharp and angular, his skin tanned golden, his lashes were thick and obsytructed any view of his eyes as he stood squinting in the relentless wind, scanning the dunes, then looking over his shoulder to glance at the sea.

Then, finally, the young man turned to look at him. Duo gasped when they made eyecontact and he saw the electric blue of the stoic one's eyes. He had seen them before! He had seen them when he couldn't breathe, when he was losing his consciousness and his body was sinking underneath rough surface of the sea. He remembers reaching out to him, but no more, then it all went dark, till only a few moments ago.

Duo tried to scramble to his feet, but when a wave of pain crashed into his brain he stumbled and fell back down, with his butt in the sand, groaning and holding his head. When he opened his eyes again, the young man was merely watching him. Duo reached out his hand, hoping the man would take it and help him to his feet, but there was no response and Duo's hand hung awkwardly in the air, unanswered. Feeling like a loser who had just been denied a high five, he lowered his hand, more like: let it drop to the ground. Incredulouslyhe stared at the wildly haired man for a while, waiting for an explanation of some sorts for his rude behaviour, though probably no response in the world would have been smart enough to explain it, he waited anyway. When he realised he was getting nothing, no help and no explanation, he struggled to rise on his own. When finally standing at eyelevel with the guy he tried to mirror the dangrous glare he was being given by him, but Duo was left more flustered than the other in their little match of glares'O'death. Because the other appeared totally unmoved and above that, literally, did not move, unlike Duo, who had started to fidget.

He decided to cut the man some slack. Afterall, couldn't expect someone to be cheerful and attentive when in the situation they were in and he had already saved him from certain death by drowning, so how much more could a guy want in one day? That is, assuming he had only been out cold for one day, or less.

'You saved my life.' Duo stated. 'I don't know what to say. I guess 'thank you', but that sounds so weird to say to someone who saved your life, I mean, you say 'thank you' to the mailman, or to the cashier, or when someone hands you the butter, not to someone who saves your life. At the risk of his own no less. But, when it comes down to it, 'thank you' is really all I can say so…: Thank you.' Once more he brought up his hand and reached it out to him, this time wanting nothing other than for him to shake it, surely this was not too much to ask for, right? It was only polite, seeing as how they were stuck together for what could become quite a while, they'd better treat each other with respect.

The man just stared at his hand as if it was filthy, while really only some grains of sands stuck to his sweaty palm. He then looked him in the eye, his eyes had narrowed, like he was really annoyed with him now. All of a sudden, he graced him with some more words spoken in that monotone voice of his. 'You talk a lot, do you not?'

Duo, taken aback, lowered his hand, unanswered, once more and got the feeling like he was the unpopulair boy in highschool. Again! 'I don't remember seeing you on the boat.'

The guy just 'hn'ed.

Duo bit back his comment. They were in a dangerous situation, in a foreign environment, they shouldn't be fighting, they should be working together. 'I'm Duo Maxwell.' He bravely held out his hand again. 'Though we've just met, you obviously don't like me and I'm not very fond of you either, I don't wanna be stuck in this situation with you anymore than you do with me. But I am. We both are. I'm standing here offering you my best to get us out of here and all I'm asking in return is for your best effort. So, do we have a deal here?' He firmly spoke.

The man stared back and forth at him and his outstretched hand, then finally, he nodded, lifted his own arm and folded his hand into Duo's, gave it a good squeeze and a single shake before releasing it.

With their deal sealed he started to walk away from Duo. Dumbly, he followed with large strides.

'Aren't you gonna tell me your name?' He asked indignified.

He didn't turn to face him, but instead, kept on walking, up the first dune. This time, however, he was at least 'courteous' enough to answer him. 'You only asked me to give you my best efforts in return, did you not?'

Duo could swore he heard a smug smirk in that voice. He grumbled, he really wanted to know the guys name, how else was he going to call him for the duration of their companionship? 'Smug Smartass'? Also, Duo found it insulting, after all, he had volunteered his name. Why does this guys name matter? Duo asked himself. It's hot enough already without getting myself worked up about this.

By the time they reached the top of the dune, Duo was already panting and in the hot blaze of the sun he had started to sweat. His clothes, which had dried up stiff after being in the salty water, while Duo was busy drowning, were getting wet again, on his back, chest and under his arms. His long hair, contained in a thick braid, also stiff with salt and sand, felt heavy against his back. He came to stand next to Smug Smartass and followed his gaze to the sea.

Then all of a sudden, Duo realised with a feeling of peril sneaking up on his, that this was not a sea. It was an ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, all the way from the shore, where the water was light and welcoming, to the horizon, where the water was dark and dangerous. And stretching out behind them, from their feet to as far as the eye could see, were the dunes of the world's largest hot desert. The Sahara.

'My name is Heero.'

Duo sighed. It seemed redundant now.

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