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Sasuke reached the pastry shop he wanted to go to, so he started thinking of Ino's favorite flavors as he was walking into the shop.

Okay, she likes vanilla, mocha, chocolate and…caramel. Sasuke thought, so am I buying 4 cakes for her?! He shrugged it off and decided he'd take a look first then decide there. He walked into the shop and looked at all the cakes neatly laid out.

"Good morning sir, how may I help you?" a lady about Kakashi's age asked Sasuke, who just walked in. He gave her a smile and said, "oh, I'm just looking…" the girl nodded.

Sasuke looked at the different kinds of cakes…hoping to make his decision easier by looking at each one, it made it even harder for him. Damn those cheesecakes! He cursed in his head. He remembers one date he and Ino went to and Ino munched on her cheesecake dessert to no end.

"I've got an idea!" he said to himself. "…a couple of small cakes, and one main cake for her to blow out the candles!" he was proud of his proposal, and he was going to tell Shikamaru about it. Ask for his approval and everything. He looked around and decided for the mocha cake to be the main cake, and get small chocolate, caramel and vanilla cakes for them to try, oh, also a New York cheesecake—one of the many different types of cheesecakes Ino likes.

He smiled at the lady working the shop and said, "I'll be back tomorrow." The lady returned the smile, "see you again, sir." She said as Sasuke left the shop.


"So Tenten, now that we've got most everything covered, what's gonna happen next?" Naruto asked Tenten as they walked around town. Naruto was falling behind, team Gai walked a faster pace than Naruto did.

Tenten looked back at him, "I don't know, Naruto, you tell me. I'm buying the ice-cream tomorrow…since aunt Tina's gonna text my mom later tonight…" Tenten told him.

"Do I have to meet up with you guys again for the ice cream?" Naruto asked.

"Not really, as a matter of fact, Tenten could just buy it herself…" Neji told Naruto. Tenten shrugged, "it's true. I can pick up the ice-cream by myself tomorrow and we can meet up." Tenten explained.

"Oh…that works." Naruto said.

"What exactly is the plan for Ino's party?" Lee asked.

Naruto thought. He honestly didn't know. "I don't know…" he said.

"Okay, how about this Naruto…you go and look for Sasuke and ask about the party plans then come back and inform us…" Tenten suggested.

"Why don't we just go and ask Sasuke as well?" Neji asked. Tenten thought about it, "well…oh, I don't really know. I just think we have to wait till Sasuke asks to see us first, y'know…" Tenten said.

"Tenten does make a good point, Neji." Lee backed her up.

"So that's it, I go look for Sasuke, then look for you guys again?" Naruto said.

"Yeah…we wanna know what's gonna go down…" Tenten said with a smile.

"Fine, I'll see you guys soon. Most probably." Naruto said.

"Oh yeah, you'll be seeing us at the latest, tomorrow…" Tenten told him. It was a fact. There's no doubt they aren't going to see each other the day before Ino's party.


"So? What are Sasuke's plans for Ino's party, Kiba?" Hinata asked setting all the party supplies inside her living room closet. She looked toward Kiba who was sitting on a couch all the way across Shino. Hinata walked toward them but just stood beside the couch.

Kiba shrugged, "uhmm…" Kiba thought, "Im not exactly sure…" Kiba said.

Hinata and Shino raised their eyebrows, "so…you have no idea what'll happen?" Hinata asked him. Kiba put on a confused face and shrugged, "Sasuke isn't exactly the most detailed person when it comes to these things. I don't think he even knows what's gonna happen, himself." Kiba explained.

"hmm" the two other members of Team 8 thought about it. True, Sasuke didn't have a clue about planning surprise parties. That's why the others were there so he can make their ideas a plan, and the plan might actually happen and not stay as ideas.

"Kiba's right. Sasuke has never done anything like this before…" Shino said.

Hinata nodded, "Kiba, why don't you find out if Sasuke has a plan and we can have another team meeting, maybe tomorrow…" Hinata suggested. Kiba nodded.

"sure, that works." He told her.

Hinata smiled, I wonder how well this is gonna come out…I hope it pulls through. Hinata thought. You don't plan surprise parties without the party queens Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno. No—that doesn't happen. But they'll sure get a shocker…a party they don't know about…that'll be a first.

"So, I'll take off now. The sooner the better…" Kiba said standing up.

Hinata agreed, "how about you Shino? Are you staying? I'll go get some snacks…" Hinata said. Shino shook his head, "nah, I think I'll go home and stay there for awhile, I gotta get som stuff done…" Shino told her.

"Oh." Hinata said, "well, alright…I'll see you guys, then…" Hinata told her teammates.

"Sure, see you Hinata…" Kiba said walking toward the door, Shino stood up and made his way out as well. Hinata also stood up and saw them out the door. When both boys left the Hyuga compound it was Hinata who closed the gates and the door.

"oh no…what gift will I get Ino?!" Hinata panicked.


Sasuke pulled out his cellphone and phoned Shikamaru. It rang a good 5 times before Shika picked up, Sasuke was able to mumble a 'lazy ass…' before Shika picked up, though.

"Yo. Shikamaru…" Sasuke said over the phone.

"What do you want?"

"Listen, listen…I've already got an idea for Ino's cakes…" Sasuke said calmly informing his comrade.

"yeah…wait. Cakes?" Shikamaru asked confused.

"Yeah… "Cakes"—plural…as in, more than one."

"What the hell will we do with more than one cake, Sasuke?"

"Don't worry! That's part of the plan, lazy-ass…"

Shikamaru rolled his eyes, "fine, whatever…it's too much of a drag to think about it, anyway…"

"So…can the Temster make it tomorrow?" Sasuke asked.

"Yup. She'll be here…"

"How about her brothers? Can they come to the party?"

"Yes…you wanted only Temari to arrive earlier, right?" Shika asked.

"Uh huh…" Sasuke spoke, since he was walking his words didn't come out evenly. "Okay, so the Suna siblings can make it…is everyone in Konoha free?" Sasuke asked. Who knows, right? Maybe Someone might be unavailable that day.

"Well…obviously." Shikamaru said plainly and in a bored tone.

"Sasuke…you do know that it's Shikamaru's birthday tomorrow…" Choji yelled into the mouth piece.

Sasuke stopped in his tracks. 'shit' he thought, it was Shikamaru's birthday tomorrow.

Shikamaru hinted that Sasuke forgot and might be embarrassed from the awkward silence, no footsteps and just wind. And Shikamaru was right…Sasuke completely forgot. He was way to busy worrying about Ino…but Shikamaru was fine with it.

"Sasuke..." Shikamaru started, "it's fine, don't listen to Choji. I don't like big parties. That'd mean I'd have visitors…guests, stuff I don't have the patience or the strength to even think about." He explained.

Sasuke smiled and started to breath properly again, Shikamaru was too lazy to host or even have a party. "sorry man…" he said, "for not paying attention to your birthday." Sasuke laughed.

"It's fine…really. I don't like being bothered." Shika said.

"so you'd rather do labor for Ino's birthday than your own?" Sasuke asked.

"well…I'd rather not do any labor…but it's Ino, y'know…" Shikamaru explained.

"eh, well…" Sasuke shrugged and continued walking to his house. "you got that right" he laughed.

The pineapple headed boy chuckled, "So…we're getting her cake tomorrow?" Shikamaru asked.

"Yup." The Uchiha answered.

"I'll see you then…unless I see you later." Shikamaru told Sasuke.

"Yeah…whenever. I'll phone you…oh and the early arrival of Temari is my birthday surprise for you…" Sasuke teased. Shikamaru didn't blush but he put on a straight face.

"Ha-ha. Very funny…" Shikamaru said in an annoyed tone.

Sasuke laughed, "sorry…we can get you a cake tomorrow, too. I heard you like cakes." Sasuke tried redeeming himself. Shikamaru rolled his eyes on the other end. "Who doesn't like cakes?" Shikamaru asked. Sasuke shrugged, "point." He said.

"anyway…bye." Sasuke said, "bye." Shika replied. The two then shut their phones and then Sasuke continued his walk home. Shika on the other hand was still chill on Choji's living room couch.

"Do you know the details for the party?" Choji asked. Shikamaru eyed him. "eh…Sasuke will call…" he answered plainly. No. Shikamaru has no idea what the details are.


"So! What happened?" Sakura asked all excited.

Ino squealed, "I think Shika's finally asking Temari out!"

Sakura clapped and squealed herself. "so good for him!!" she said.

"I know! Shikamaru's finally becoming a man…"

The two girls started laughing and imagining how awesome it would be to see Temari around more often.

"but wait…" Sakura said in the midst of their celebration…

"what is it, Sakura?"

"well…don't you think it's an awfully big coincidence that Shikamaru would ask for Temari's number so near your birthday?" Sakura asked Ino.

Ino thought about it, she really thought about it…

"What do you thinks going down?" Ino wondered out loud.

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