Authors Note : Hey all, i know my last story was never finished and i deleted it eventually, but i kind of lost interest in my own plot (: this is the same idea but set a bit earlier and as i'm a few years older now, and have a more mature writing style (or so my English teachers tells me) hopefully this story will be better written.

Disclaimer : I do not own hackers, Angelina Jolie or Jonny Lee Miller (unfortunately)

Chapter One

Simple. The most accurate word that comes, almost inadvertently, to mind when taking the time to consider Jonny Lee Millers life in February 1994. Not bad, but not extraordinary either. Fresh out of his parents house (a late bloomer, now at the age of 20) the poor lad had never thought of himself or his life as exciting or even worth a second glance. He'd graduated with average grades, had his share of average looking girlfriends (though none he would particularly enjoy reminiscing on), spent an average amount of time with his smallish group of relatively close friends and never ever under any circumstance took a risk. He found risks to be far too…well, risky. And so you can imagine his jaw dropping, though pleasant, surprise when on a plane to New York City in search of a career in acting a dark haired, slightly insane yet mesmerizingly intriguing young beauty decided it was here perogative to change all of what i've just told you. And in just one year.