Summary - Sequel to 'Breaking Rule 23'. Ziva has a moment of madness and learns that Gibbs always keeps his word.

Warning - Contains spanking, don't like, don't read - Step away from the story now!

Disclaimer - I do not own NCIS

A/N - For Crazy4Gibbs who wanted to see what would happen if Ziva broke another rule.

Monday morning at NCIS was quiet. With no cases, Jethro Gibbs had endured the almost silent groans of his three field agents as he gave the order to start sifting through cold cases. He lifted his third cup of coffee, his muscles instantly relaxing as its scent reached his nose and he sipped the hot drink slowly. As his phone rang, his gut tensed in anticipation of a new case.

"Gibbs……yeah….on my way."

Gibbs ignored the expectant eyes awaiting his command and said nothing as he bounded up the stairs for the Directors Office. He smirked as he neared the last few steps and swore he could have heard sighs of relief from the three young agents he left in his wake.

"So, Zee-vah, what did you do this weekend?" Tony asked as he perched himself on the edge of her desk.

"I worked out at the gym and I read a little. That is all. I was not in the mood."

Tony frowned, "something up? You want to tell Uncle Tony?"

Ziva rolled her eyes, "There is nothing to tell apart from the fact that he is intolerable!"

With a laugh Tony stood up and began pointing his finger at her, "Aha, you're still angry and pissed off that Gibbs chewed you out for the coffee rule twenty three thing last week aren't you!"

"He had me writing lines Tony, like……a child!"

"Well, you know what they say, if you can't do the crime, don't break the rules."

"Actually, it's if you can't do the time, don't do the crime Tony," McGee explained as he joined the debate.

"I hardly think I committed a crime!" she snapped indignantly.

"You did screw with his coffee, in Gibbs terms that's as close to homicide as you can get," Tim added.

Ziva huffed and folded her arms, "I do not think he should get away with it, if he were in Mossad he would be anticipating revenge."

"Well, he's not in Mossad, so you can forget that whole revenge thing, trust me you'll only regret it," Tony explained as he put his hand on her shoulder.

Tim raised his eyebrow, "Tony, why don't you tell Ziva what happened to you after you decided to get Gibbs back for making you babysit Mrs Mallard and her corgi's in Interrogation for three hours as punishment for calling him old."

Instantly Tony's face paled, "I've tried to suppress that memory Probie, I haven't been able to walk a dog since."

Ziva furrowed her brow in confusion, and Tim leaned close and whispered in her ear. Her eyes widened in disbelief,"

"With a dog leash?" she spluttered.

Tony winced, "Gee thanks for un-supressing things there McGee" and he headed back to his desk, "Trust me, my little Mossad angel, revenge is a dish best left in the kitchen."

Tim nodded in agreement and Ziva narrowed her eyes and glanced over at Gibbs desk, immediately targeting the freshly started cup of coffee on his desk.

"I may be working with NCIS, but in my heart I am Mossad. I would be betraying all of my instincts and my training if I did not make him realize that we are not broken or punished like children and that there is a price to pay for making me try to conform to his stupid rules."

Ziva opened her top drawer and began shuffling through the items. She smiled as she found what she was looking for and sprang to her feet and stomped over to Gibbs desk.

Tim and Tony stared in total disbelief as Ziva lifted the coffee and placed a large glob of superglue on the bottom of the cup, before replacing it firmly and securely back on the desk.

She smiled with supreme satisfaction as she sat back down and returned the tube of glue to her desk drawer.

"Rule number 23, never mess with a Marine's coffee….."

She raised an eyebrow uncannily like her boss and looked at the open mouthed faces of Tony and Tim,

"… doesn't say anything about the cup"

To be continued...