Summary - Sequel to 'Breaking Rule 23'. Ziva has a moment of madness and learns that Gibbs always keeps his word.

Warning - Contains spanking, don't like, don't read - Step away from the story now!

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She gave him a startled look.


"You heard me, give me your badge!"

Her mind raced with confusion. She had been given the choice to stay or go and she had chosen to stay. Now he wanted to fire her? Did he still not realize that Mossad do not quit and that was the reason why she could not return to Tel Aviv. She did not want to go back to Tel Aviv. Not this way. It was not her time. She pictured herself standing alone staring at the stone decked walls of Tel Aviv airport and swallowed hard.

"Officer David!" Gibbs barked, bringing her to her senses.

She stood up and fumbled at her waist and slammed the badge onto the table.

"Fine, fire me if you wish. It's not that you ever….."

Her eyes met the floor for a second and she spun towards the door.

Gibbs grabbed her arm firmly before she reached the door handle and turned her towards the table. He picked up the badge and held it close to her face.

"When I'm going to fire you David, you'll be out of this building so fast your feet won't touch the ground. But that, is the farthest thing from my mind. Now you tell me, what does this badge say?"

Ziva gulped, "Naval Criminal Investigative Service."

"Ok, what is the name on this badge?"

"Mine, Ziva David," she added quietly not entirely sure where Gibbs was heading.

"Does it say Mossad?"

Ziva rolled her eyes.

"Answer me!"


"I'm glad we cleared that up."

Gibbs took her hand and slapped the badge into her palm.

"First off, you were punished for breaking one of my rules last week because they are my rules and you are part of my team. You carry that badge, you work for me, you work by my rules. Secondly, I will not have you acting like a petulant kid just because the ideals and standards which you have do not match those that I operate with. What you did in there was stupid, unprofessional and childish."

Ziva huffed, "I am childish? I think that you are forgetting we are talking about a cup of coffee here!"

She rolled her eyes again and folded her arms defiantly.

Gibbs narrowed his eyes, "Ziva, if you roll your eyes at me one more time I swear you won't be sitting for a week, not just a few hours."

It was her turn to narrow her eyes, "you wouldn't….you are not intending to…."

"I warned you last week, that the next time it wouldn't be your hand didn't I?"

She studied him, looking closely into his eyes and then she gulped.

"You are serious aren't you? You would actually…."

"Oh I am serious alright. Over here! Let's get this done."

Ziva stood motionless as Gibbs moved his chair away from the table and beckoned her forward with his finger.

"Gibbs, I have endured torture that would break even you. What makes you think that….what you are going to do…..will break me?"

Gibbs couldn't help but smile, "the idea is not to break you Ziva, it's to punish you, so that next time when you feel like breaking one of my rules, you remember what the consequences are…..especially when you have already received a warning about breaking them."

"Can't you just restrict me to desk duty?" she blurted quickly without thinking and immediately regretted how feeble it sounded.

"You're not much use to me or the team if you're stuck behind a desk are you? Besides this way it's over and done with quickly."

She looked around her, unwilling to look at Gibbs and then, after a few moments, took her first tentative steps towards him.

"If this is the way you want to run your team, fine. I will go along with it, simply because I am being ordered to."

Gibbs took hold of her wrist and pulled her into position across his knee.

"You'll go along with it because you are part of the team Ziva."

She turned her head to protest but no words came out as Gibbs lifted his hand and brought it down hard across her butt making her gasp at the shock of it. She suddenly realized at the sting his hand produced, that this was not going to be easy.

Gibbs continued until he had delivered twenty hard swats to her backside, ignoring her strangled breathing and barely audible groans which she was desperately trying to stifle. When he was finished, he lifted her up and stood up with her and took hold of her shoulders firmly.

"Look at me."

She complied immediately and he smiled gently at her wide eyes, immediately registering her unspoken remorse.

"No more coffee screw ups...ok?" he whispered softly.

Ziva sniffled, "Got it….boss. No more coffee jokes."

Gibbs face went stern and he kept his voice low, "I need you to understand that I do not want a Mossad Officer on my team. I want and need Ziva David, the agent I trust and can rely on, the one who doesn't roll her eyes or get payback like some spoiled kid."

She blushed and then simply nodded her acknowledgement. He squeezed her shoulders before they exited the Interrogation room and walked back together to the bullpen.

"I'm going for coffee!" Gibbs barked as he picked up his jacket and headed straight for the elevator.

As Ziva sat down carefully at her desk, Tony and Tim walked over and winced in sympathy.

"You do realize that he only has all of these rules cos he cares don't you?" Tony said smiling gently.

"You saying that he cares more about me than his coffee?"

For a few seconds Tony and Tim looked at each other and then they both smiled broadly at one another before heading back to their desks.

"Yup, I think she's learned her lesson Probie!"

"Tough lesson Tony, but one we all learn eventually!"

Ziva rolled her eyes and then quickly glanced at Gibbs desk and breathed a sigh of relief.