4 Tempation

As they approached the edge of the city, Drake spoke again. "Do you mind if I come with you? It appears there's nothing left of this world I once knew?"

"You gonna kill me and drink my blood?" Riddick pinned Drake with a look. He asked casually, but it was a real question that he wanted answered.

"I will not kill you unless you really piss me off, but I plan on drinking your blood. Frequently, as you will mine." Drake replied.

Riddick wanted to deny Drake's words. Tell him to fuck off, that he'd never drink his blood, but he wasn't so sure. He was already beginning to crave, to imagine what Drake would taste like. He tried to fight the feelings, the hunger, but that seemed only to make it grow stronger.

Riddick glared at Drake, "'Don't want to be converted, Drake. Don't want to be no bloodsucker."

"I am sorry, Riddick, but that is not really your choice, is it?"

"The fuck it ain't!" Riddick bellowed.

Drake hissed once again at him and dark ridges appeared to ripple under his flesh making his once beautiful face seem disfigured. "I can force you!" Drake growled in promise.

That just pissed Riddick off. He hated being forced to do anything, even if it was something his body was screaming at him to do. It had to be his choice.

"Make it so that your every thought is of me. Make you insane with the wanting, needing. I can wait until you finally break and beg me to convert you. To fuck you." Drake lowed his voice and ginned, "To own you."

"Just try it!" Riddick said softly. It was a warning. A promise of violence.

Drake wasn't about to back down. He was almost sure this was the one and he'd fight to get what he wanted. If Riddick wouldn't go peacefully, Drake had no problem forcing his hand.

Drake growled deep and low. The smooth voice that was liquid sex now turned grating and demonic. "You will do as I command!" Drake insisted.

"FUCK YOU!" Riddick roared before he punched Drake hard in the face. "I bow before no man or god."

Drake wiped the blood from his split lip and looked at it on his thumb in shock. Riddick had hit him hard enough to draw blood, something few had been able to do, especially someone that wasn't a god or vampire. He was certain now more than ever.

"Get that through your fuckin' head. If I choose to be like you, it's my choice. MINE. I won't let you command me to do anything. I don't give a shit if you're half-god or the devil himself. I control my own fate."

Drake let out a deep breath and then another. It never served him well to get pissed off. He decided that the truth was in order. "I have been searching for thousands of years for a companion. One that could walk beside me in the light of day." He turned and looked at Riddick. His face and voice once again beautiful and serene. "I believe that you are the one I have been looking for."

"And what if I'm not? What if you convert me and I don't turn out to be this daywalker you're looking for? You just gonna kill me? Toss me aside while you look for someone else? Fuck that." Riddick growled. He wasn't a piece in a chess match. He wasn't going to be used and then tossed aside like he was nothing.

It wasn't that he was looking for forever, but it appeared that Drake was. That was a big commitment, pledging yourself to someone for thousands of years. Not a decision that could be made after only knowing someone for a little over an hour.

"I do not think that will be an issue. I am sure it is you." Drake assured him.

"And what if I'm not?"

"You are."

Riddick let out a growl of frustration. This wasn't going to work. They were both too headstrong. Too stuck in their ways and too used to their will being law.

Riddick sighed, "Look, Drake. I'll take you off world, but I ain't willing to risk my life because you got a gut feelin'. I just don't know you or trust you enough for that."

Drake looked at him, "You will. In time."

Riddick didn't reply. What could he say? He had a sinking feeling that he would and that threatened to being the rage back. He didn't have the energy to maintain the rage though. He needed to eat and shower to wash off the itchy, drying blood from his skin and to peel the damp, blood soaked clothes off and burn them.

They walked in silence again as Riddick searched. Finally, just on the outskirts of town, he spotted Carson's ship. Sighing with relief, he strode toward it, uncaring if Drake followed or not.

The hatch hissed as it lowered to the ground and Drake stood in amazement as Riddick walked up the gangplank.

Riddick turned and look at him. "You comin'?"

Drake followed and Riddick waited until he was fully inside before he closed the hatch and entered in a new locking code.

"1658537246 's the code. Don't forget it or you won't get in." Riddick told Drake. Drake nodded and committed the series of numbers to his memory.

Riddick wasn't sure why he was letting Drake board the craft minutes after telling himself, and Drake for that matter, that this wasn't gonna work out. He wondered briefly if Drake was influencing him somehow, but realized that wasn't it. Riddick asked him if he was coming because he wanted him to come. It was that simple and that complicated.

Walking straight to the bathroom, Riddick stripped and dropped his soiled clothes along the way. He was completely naked by the time he reached the door and Drake was ready to drool at the sight of him.

Drake could tell Riddick was solid muscle, but he hadn't realized how ripped Riddick was. Drake himself was big, but he didn't have quite the definition that Riddick did. He looked down at his own body and grimaced. He could do with a shower himself.

He only wore a pair of brown leather pants and boots. That was all. His bare chest was streaked with dirt and some blood. Smiling, he stripped and followed Riddick into the bathroom, just to see what he'd do.

Riddick's head snapped up and he glared at Drake when he stood, naked, outside the shower door.

"The fuck you want?" Riddick asked gruffly. He was tired and sore. Hungry. His leg burned and he just wanted to shower, eat and sleep, but knew he still had to fly them out of there, at least away from this port before he could rest.

Riddick had no desire to fuck at the moment, no matter how hot a naked Drake looked. "A shower?" Drake said smoothly, like it was the only reason he was there. He stepped in the enclosure and moaned as the hot water hit his back. "Hot showers are one of the best inventions of the modern world." He muttered absently.

Riddick had to agree with him there. There had been a lot of times, while he was stuck in slam or on T2, that he would've killed for a hot shower.

"Turn around and I will wash your back." Drake offered, "You have a large cut on your shoulder." Drake took the wash cloth from Riddick's hand and began to soap it up. He spun Riddick with a firm hand on his hip and started to scrub and rub his back.

The soap foam turned a dirty pink as Drake washed every inch of his upper back, working slowly down to the indents before sliding back up.

Riddick felt his cock stir, he couldn't help it. Drake was using a soft, but firm hand. Kneading the muscles and whispering over the cuts and bruises. Purring, Riddick humped his back, bending slightly at the waist.

Drake took this as a good sign and continued his cleansing. Over the balls of Riddick's shoulders and upper arms, back down the spine until he slipped lower over hips and Riddick's ass. Water rinsed the soap away and Drake's eyes settled over a stream of blood that was making a small, red rivulet down Riddick's back.

Drake leaned in, tongue darting out to lick it before his lips settled over its source and began to suckle slightly. Riddick stiffened instantly and began to stand up, but Drake stopped him with a firm hand on his shoulder.

"I will not bite you, Riddick. Not until you ask me to. Just let me taste you." Drake sighed and licked again. He stood and whispered in Riddick's ear. "You taste so good. Pure. Strong. I can not wait to drink deeply from you."

"Drake," Riddick whispered and closed his eyes when he felt Drake's hands slide against the skin of his hips only to stop a half inch from the root of his now fully erect cock.

It appeared that there was some part of him that wanted to fuck after all.

Drake stepped closer, meshing their bodies and Riddick felt Drake's hard cock against the cleft of his ass. It was hot, thick and very long. Drake leaned in and licked the blood seeping from the wound on Riddick's neck. When his tongue pressed against the pulse point there, he felt Riddick's heart jump and groaned.

Drake moved his hands, both of them gripped Riddick's dick firmly. Riddick shuddered as he felt Drake start to move, grinding his cock against his ass. Riddick moaned and allowed his head loll to the side, giving Drake better access to the cut on his throat. He knew, for some odd reason, that he could trust Drake not to bite him. He could take him at his word and just enjoy the pleasure he was receiving.

"You have a beautiful cock, Riddick." Drake said against his skin. "So big and hard." Drake moved a hand an cupped Riddick's balls gently. "Do you want me to bite you?" He asked.

"No!" Riddick said firmly, but with a hiss of pleasure behind it.

Drake only chuckled, "Just let me know when you do. Are you going to cum, Riddick? Are you going to cum all over my hand?"

Riddick didn't answer, he just began to roll his hips in time with Drake's. The perfect rhythm. In to total sync with each other. Drake moved his hand from Riddick's balls and used it to grasp his head. He wanted to kiss him. Taste the flavor of his mouth.

Their eyes locked as they both strained in the position they were in. It wasn't very conformable, one leaning back, the other forward, but they managed. Lips met, teeth clicking together as the coppery taste of blood mixed. Was it from Drake licking him? Riddick wasn't sure and could hardly find it in him to care. Funny that, when he was so adamant about not being converted only moments ago.

The taste of blood heightened the lust for both of them and while their mouths brutally devoured each other, they hips kept that same smooth, steady rhythm.

Riddick hissed when his tongue scraped against a sharp fang, releasing more blood into their mouths. Drake growled and began to suck on Riddick's tongue, his orgasm threatening to overtake him with each taste.

Finally, Drake spun Riddick around, slammed him against the wall and ground their cocks together as they kissed and sucked at each others mouths. They stiffened together, Riddick's back arched away from the wall and Drake arched back in the other direction. Their mouths unable to stay welded together as they roared and came in large, powerful spurts against each other's stomach.

Muscles relaxed and foreheads touched. Rested. They panted, each breathing deep, taking the scent of the other in their lungs. Drake was convinced, Riddick was starting to agree. If the sex was this explosive, this perfectly synced after only knowing each other for a short time, how would it be in a month? A year? A thousand?

"I know you fear what I am, Riddick. What you will become, but I know that you are the one I've been waiting for. There is no doubt this time."

Riddick looked at Drake, "You were wrong before?"

Drake shrugged and stepped back to rinse the semen from his body. "Not so much wrong as not fully convinced."

"Hum, what happened to him?"

Drake snorted, "He tried to kill me," his head snapped around, "He failed and almost died."

Riddick arched a brow at Drake, "You didn't kill him?"

"No. He was a daywalker. The only other one. I could not kill him."

"Couldn't or wouldn't?"

"Does it matter? He is dead by now, I am sure. He refused to drink blood, thus only making him long lived, not immortal. I do not know the full extent of what Daystar did to him. He was a hybrid. Half human, half vampire. He did not get it by natural means. He was exposed to the virus while his mother was pregnant. He only got a mild form of the allergies that other vampires experienced and he could tolerate, sunlight and silver. But he was as strong as any vampire and he had the bloodlust. He denied it of course. Denied me." Drake scowled and Riddick cocked his head.

He sounds hurt, Riddick thought. Could somethin' like Drake feel real emotion?

Drake stepped out of the shower grabbed a towel and one to Riddick. Riddick just watched him, trying to figure him out.

"You're upset?"

Drake just looked up, his face calm and betraying no emotion. "No, but it seems it was just yesterday to me. I have been sleeping a long time. Perhaps too long." He met Riddick's eyes again, "Do I need to go back to sleep, Riddick? Do you think I am wrong about this?"

Riddick shook his head. "Don't know what to think, Drake. It's hard shit to buy in to, I'll tell you that. Vampires were always a thing of Earth's legends, but they were known around the universe. I've heard of Dracula and his impalement."

Drake grinned, "Ah," even his eyes were sparkling with laughter, "My favorite. It's messy, but fun."

"Fun?" Riddick shook his head, "And they think I'm the fuckin' psycho."

"I am not insane, Riddick."

"Yeah well, we'll see 'bout that." Riddick walked out of the bathroom, "Come on, lets see if we can find somethin' to wear and eat. Got to find some credits, I'm getting low, so we can get the fuck out of here before the police show up."