An Ending

They found the body exactly one week, to the hour, after he had killed Misa and Mikami. If anyone had been alive to make the comparison, they would have said that the suicide was a lot like that FBI agent's; Naomi Misora. This too was a hanging, and also in a deserted place. It seemed to have been done in the old English way of the gallows; when someone has committed high treason. What most people don't know is that in England, if you commit treason, you will still get a death sentence. It's the only crime which still gets the death penalty. Oh, you can murder, lie, tortureā€¦ but if you commit treason you had better be ready to feel a rope around your neck. The English are not so forgiving of betrayal.

Light did not hang himself in England. He was never charged of any crime. He hung himself on the roof of L's old building because he had betrayed L. Whether he had made the right decision or not back at the warehouse, part of him would never be satisfied with the result. He could give up the notebook and allow his mind to tell itself everything was fine; forget like before, but he would always know something was wrong simply from the way in which Mello and Near looked at him now. He was a traitor. He didn't want to take the easy way out and forget again.

Near found him there when they realised he had been missing for two days. He and Mello searched the whole building until finally Near made his way out onto the roof and saw Light's makeshift gallows. He hung limply and rocked in the breeze. Mello reached the roof eventually as well, and also saw it. Near had been standing gazing for almost half an hour. Mello looked at him for a moment, then put an arm around his shoulder and steered him back inside.

Mello went back to England and contacted Matt. He did not tell Matt everything that had happened; he left the details seriously sketchy.

Near took on the role of L. It wasn't the success he had always assumed it would be when he was younger. It was hollow.

L had died a long time ago, and now so had the second L. What good was it to be the third, especially seeing as he had only been handed the job as his predecessors were dead and Mello had not wanted it. He had not won the job; it had settled for him.

The world still longed for Kira. Near never bothered to make an official statement as L; let the people have their opium. If they want to believe Kira will return, then why not let them? It kept them quiet and it kept crime down. He was just cynical enough to let them all live in fear. It made his job a hell of a lot easier.

After Mello had led Near inside, after they had found Light's body, he had said something. The first time it was too quiet for Near to hear. Without being prompted, he looked Near in the eye and repeated it.

"L is dead. Kira is dead. Why are we still here..?"

Neither of them had found an answer to the question. Presumably, Mello spent the rest of his life trying to. Near simply allowed it to kill him slowly, like with so many other thoughts over time.