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Dean opened his eyes and instantly closed them. The bright sunlight peeking through the curtains had shown in his eyes.

"Dammit." He whispered harshly. He opened them again, more slowly this time. He looked down at Lauren's sleeping form, her short brown hair in her face.

Wow. He thought. God has to be crazy or I am the luckiest SOB on the planet. I mean damn. He smiled and brushed a tendril of hair from her cheek. She must have felt it. She opened her eyes, but closed them when the sun hit them too.

"Dammit." She said. She rubbed her eyes fiercely. Dean laughed. She looked at him angrily. "What?" She asked. Dean continued chuckling.

"You are the only girl I know that makes cussing cute." He grinned. She smiled back and shoved his head to one side.

"I hate you." She teased. He wrapped his arms around her and leaned closer.

"I hate you more." They smiled and kissed. This kiss pretty much was the only reason Dean ever wanted morning to come. Sort of a routine. Lauren jumped off the bed and turned on the radio.

"Aw," Dean groaned. "Why do we have to listen to this crap?" He complained. Lauren smiled.

"Because if the music goes, I do." Dean rolled his eyes. Lauren started singing as she walked into the bathroom. "Our song is a slammin' screen door. Sneakin' out late tappin' on your window..." Dean grinned again. It didn't matter what the hell she sang, as long as she was singin' he didn't care.

"Sam up yet?" She asked. Dean shook his head.

"I don't think so. I'll go check." He went to open the door.

"Hurry back I want to take a shower." She said. Dean looked at her curiously.

"What does that have to do with me being here?" He asked. Lauren put her hand on her hip, toothbrush in her mouth. Dean looked at her expression and grinned.

"Oh, that kind of shower." He said, blushing slightly. Lauren nodded and rolled her eyes.

"Duh." She said, spitting into the sink. Dean walked outside and could still here her.

"I've heard every album. Listened to the radio. Waitin' for somethin' to come along..." She sang.

Dean smiled again and started toward Sam's room. They had recently getting two rooms after and...incident. Dean and Lauren wanted to have some fun, Sam wasn't asleep yet but they thought he was...So after mental scarring they got two rooms at each motel. Dean reached Sam's door and knocked.

"Rise and shine Sammy!" He called. He got an irritated moan from the other side of the door signaling Sam was up. "C'mon Sam we gotta be there by nine."

"Alright, alright I'm up. Jeez." Sam grumbled. Dean laughed and headed back to his motel room. He opened the door and heard the shower running.

"'Bout damn time!" Lauren called. Dean smiled and walked into the bathroom.

"Me and my gang. We live, to ride, we ride, to live..." The radio in Lauren's car blared. Dean didn't know the name of the song, or who sang it. Sam said it was Rascal Plattes or something. Lauren had a 1970 red Chevelle. Black leather interior and an engine that purred like kitten. Lauren's pride and joy. Her pride and joy that lost a race against Dean's Impala but she loved that car. The Impala was getting a tune up at a local mechanic so he had to ride shot-gun and listen to her musical torture. Sam had to ride in the back seat, much to his displeasure and Dean's laughter, and was asking Lauren where they were going.

"Okay," Lauren said. "This is gonna sound a little weird-"

"Babe I think we can handle weird." Dean interrupted.

"We gotta go to Chuck E. Cheese." She said bluntly. Sam laughed. Dean's eyebrow cocked and he smiled.

"Dare I ask why?" He said.

"Well some kids have been dying when they go in that play place thing, you know all the tunnels? And some don't come out. Some fall out and the ones that survive talk about a little girl with no eyes chasing them and trying to hurt them. Then she dissappears in sort of a," She flipped open the packet of papers in her hand. "Blinky squiggily way." She said, laughing. "God I love kids."

"So how are we supposed to work if there's munchkins runnin' around?" Dean asked.

"They closed the place until they find out who, or what is hurting these kids. I got a friend that works there, he called me and I told him I'd help." Sam laughed.

"You have a friend that works a Chuck E. Cheese?" He asked Lauren nodded. She turned the car and put it in park. Dean looked out the window and saw the large, gray rat smiling stupidly down at them.

"That's not creepy." Dean said, getting out of the car. "How the hell do kids like this place? I thought they were scared of monsters." Lauren giggled.

"Yeah, well I guess drunk guys in mouse suits don't count as monsters." She said. They opened the doors and went inside. The place reeked of stale pizza, kids, and metallic tokens. The games were turned off so the place was pretty silent.

"So, acherie?" Sam asked. Lauren shrugged.

"Maybe, we won't know 'till we get up there." She said. Dean stopped.

"Up where?" He asked. Lauren grinned.

"Well we can't check for EMF down here." She said in a mock-sweet voice.

"It couldn't hurt to try." He defended. "There's no way I can fit in those." He gestured toward the colorful tubes above their heads. Lauren nodded.

"Yes you can. They look small from down here but once you get up there they're a lot bigger. And this would go twenty times faster if all of us went lookin' around." Dean and Sam sighed. Lauren grinned. "There's my boys let's go." She headed toward the stairs.

"Shouldn't we talk to your friend first?" He asked. Lauren shook her head.

"No he left the doors open for us last night." Sam's eyebrows raised.

"You mean he left this place unlocked?"

"What's gonna happen Sammy? They gonna rob the ticket machines so they can get the giant mouse? I don't think so." Dean said. Lauren was already at the top.

"C'mon boys let's go play." She said, poking her head out of one of the holes in the tunnel, she turned around and was gone. Dean pulled off his jacket and over shirt, leaving only a black T-shirt.

"Yeah Sam." He said wryly. "Let's go play." Sam grimaced.

"I swear you guys do anything-" He warned.

"Yeah right. Those tunnels are way too small to fool around in...or are they?" He said. Sam sighed and Dean darted up the stairs.


"I hate this. I friggin hate this." Dean complained. He barely fit through the tunnels and he was sick of smelling feet and warm plastic. And the translucent colors that poured in every tube.

"Maybe if your muscles weren't so big you'd fit!" Sam called. Dean shook his head.

"Then I'd be a scrawny bitch like you!" He yelled back.

"Jerk!" Sam replied.

"Hey!" Lauren yelled. "I like his muscles Sam. Shut up!" Sam and Dean laughed.

"You find anything baby?" Dean shouted.

"Nuh-uh not a damn thing." Dean looked at his EMF meter.

"Me either." He looked down and saw powder underneath him. The powder was forget me not blue. He picked a little bit of it up and ran it through his fingers. "Please god let it be Pixie Stix." He muttered. He dropped the powder, some flew up in his face. "Ah, ah, AHCHOO! Dammit." He said bitterly. Slowly a strange sensation came over him. It grew and grew. "What the hell..."

"Lauren I found her!" Sam yelled. "Ow! You bitch!"

Wait, He thought. I just called a six year old a bitch. What the hell's wrong with me?The little girl had dirty blonde hair, no eyes, and had a blue baby-doll dress on. She had on socks with ruffles on them and looked like a sweet girl. Other than the fact that she pinned Sam against the top of the tube he was in. She had an evil grin and she moved her hand up and down, making Sam bounce.

"Hey sweetie let's put the nice man down." Lauren said sweetly. The girl turned around and saw the barrel of Lauren's rifle in her face. Time to cross over babe." Lauren said and fired. The girl was gone, actually gone. Not just for a minute, she was gone and staying that way. Sam fell from the tube back onto his stomach.

"That was easy." Sam huffed. Lauren nodded.

"Yeah I always hate shooting the little ones. They're always easiest to kill 'cause they get scared that they're dead and will believe whatever a grown-up tells them." She said plainly. She gestured behind her. "Let's go find Dean." She said.

They traveled around the tunnels at least three times. No Dean. They shouted his name. No Dean. Lauren and Sam met up in the center of the play-place...again.

"Where the hell is he?" Sam asked. Lauren shrugged. She looked out of one of the domes on the side of a red tube.

"He's right there." She said pointing. She steered left to the multi-colored slide and went down, Sam followed. A little more uncomfortably because of his size. Lauren reached the bottom and jogged toward Dean. He was looking around curiously, almost like he was marveling the devices around them.

"Dean!" She called. He didn't turn. "Dean!" She was getting angry. Still no reply. Finally she walked up to him and shook his shoulders. "Hello! Earth to Dean!" He shrunk away from her, a terrified look on his face. "Dean what the hell is wrong with you?" Lauren yelled. Dean looked around behind him, like he was looking for someone. He turned back around and said in a shaky voice:

"Who's Dean?"

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