Summary: I wish I could go back in time.
From: -bell.esque
Prompt: waves, bells, "Sometimes I like to walk the wrong way so the wind flows in my hair."
Word Count: 230.


For Thunderstorms We Have



The beach is empty.

Sakura stands at the edge of the Wave Country, feet skimming the water.
Her body is tired, her hair is tangled, heavy.
She forever smells blood in the air.

The last time she was here, things had been whole.
Kakashi was her sensei, Naruto was by her side.
Sasuke was still in Leaf.

The tide is rising.
Dark blue fringed with white curls over sandaled toes.
The waves are coming in higher, faster.

Behind her, Wave is in chaos.
Smoke lingers in the ocean air.
Death bells are rung for every lost life.

War has begun again.
War has made Sakura jaded.
Sixteen and already weary – it used to be such an abstract thought.

Ino touches down onto the soft sand beside her.
Ino is tired too. Tired of war, tired of death.
We have to go, she tells her. We have to clean up.

Wind sweeps through the beach.
The breeze comes from the West.
The West where Konoha is.

Sakura nods at Ino.
She turns and walks towards the West.
Towards Leaf, away from Wave.

Ino sighs in protest. Where are you going?
Sakura won't tell her that she's trying to go back in time.
Instead, she shrugs and lifts the corners of her lips into a smile.

Sometimes I like to walk the wrong way so the wind flows in my hair.

This is new, this is not how I usually write, and this is not replacing Like VitaminWater.

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