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Oh shit, I said "cake." Killa's going to think I have some now. Which I do, by the way. It's on the microwave for some reason. But cake is gross.

"I hate hot Floridian days," Edge sighed. He took another lick of his humongous Mickey Mouse lollipop and took off his Mickey Mouse hat with large ears, wiping the sweat off of his brow before replacing the hat back on his head. "My hair is going to frizz! This golden Canadian goodness cannot take much more of this humidity!"

"Quit being such a whiner, Edge," Christian said, instinctively running a hand through his short buzzed hair.

"Yeah, man, we're in fucking DISNEY WORLD!" Jericho yelled, jumping down from the bench he was standing on and drawing attention to himself. "The least thing you should be worrying about is your hair."

"That's easy for you chump stains to say. I'm the only one of us left with real hair. It's a shame that I'm the only real Canadian in the group," Edge said, putting his hands on his hips in a glorified pose.

"Hey, you mean you're the only real Canadian left in the WWE," Christian said to defend his Canadian roots. "Jericho's the froufrou one. He looks like a freak from California with that twelve year old boy haircut."

"Way to steal lines from The Rock, little Christian. Just so you know, my hair will never, ever, be the same again," Jericho whispered.

"Why are you whispering, you creep?" Christian asked.

"We don't want to be found, remember? Stupid management doesn't want TNA and WWE Superstars seen together. I can't risk being caught. There will be no one to save everyone from Randy's child bearing hips," Jericho cockily stated. "Edge is the only good thing on SmackDown, but I don't see why you can't risk it, Christian."

"Screw you," Christian muttered.

"No, thanks. I'll let Batista know, though," Jericho laughed.

"ANYWAYS CHILDREN," Edge interjected. "The reason that we're at Disney World is because it's so far away from Tampa. We're bound to get away from this scotch free. The only people that would come here are like the Divas or something."

"Yeah, you look like a Diva with that lion's mane," Jericho laughed, pulling on a chunk of Edge's hair.

"Hey, quit being mean," Edge whined. "Come on, let's go ride Space Mountain."

"WOOO!" Jericho and Christian both squealed at once.

"See, that's why you shouldn't have your hair like that, man," Jericho teased, pointing at Edge's now messed up head of hair.

"Shut up," Edge quietly said, putting his Mickey Mouse hat back on his head.

"Guys…I just had a brilliant idea. When was the last time you went to Canada?" Christian asked.

"Man…it's been a long time, eh?" Jericho said, realizing he hadn't been to God's country in over two years, minus the sporadic WWE show.

"You're right," Edge sighed. "Why do you ask?"

"Let's go on a road trip to Canada," Christian suggested.

"Sounds like a great idea—" Jericho said.

"NOT DRIVING!" Edge and Christian both screamed at once, interrupting their friend.

"That was low…" Jericho seethed. "But we're not taking my car."

"Not taking mine…and I don't think we should take Christian's. His sucks," Edge laughed.

"Then whose fucking car are we taking?" Christian shrugged.

"I've got it," Edge giggled evilly. "We all live in Tampa, right?"

The other two nodded.

"Who else lives in Tampa that has a lot of extra cars that he's not using?"

The other two shrugged.

Edge rolled his eyes. "Cena, duh," Edge said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh," the other two said.

"But how are we going to get him to let us use his car?" Jericho asked.

"We challenge him to a game of hockey," Edge grinned.

"Sweet," Jericho grinned.

"Come on boys, let's blow this popsicle stand," Christian said. "We've got a drive back to Tampa to make."

"Can I get my picture taken with Pinocchio first?" Edge asked, bouncing up and down like a little kid.

"Yeah," Christian sighed.


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