The cloaked Youkai quickly became annoyed with the pair. "Pah! You lie! I sense no divine aura in this mortal realm!" With a swift motion Ronove summoned a Double-Saber; both blades were crimson and rigid like a saw. The cloaked Youkai grabbed the connecting hilt and thrust one end of the weapon in the direction of the Lens Composite.

"Oh my..." Gutri muttered, pressing a red button on the bottom of the lab table.

"For wasting Ronove's precious time I shall send you to the abyss of hell specter! ARRRRRRUGGGGGGHHHH!" Dark power was fused into the weapon, the cloaked Youkai readied himself to strike when suddenly the two transporters at the back of the room came online! "What!?" From each transporter came four Duelists and four Wizards. The units quickly surrounded the intruder; the Wizards' built-in Positron Blasters were armed and trained on the Youkai. "And what are these!?"

"I'm afraid you're being a rude guest in my home... Put that big toy back in the Land of Spells and Faeries or mah Eight-0 will 'R.K' ya ass!"

He wore an amused look beneath his hood. "You believe these mechanized monstrosities are mach for a Noble such as myself!?"

"Well...yes." And with that the Duelists backed away while the Wizards opened fire!

"Pah!" Ronove twirled the Double-Saber about with such speed the crimson blades appeared as flashes of light, the positron beams were effortlessly deflected into the walls, several consoles and expensive looking lab equipment. When the barrage ceased the cloaked Youkai rose into the air. "It's time to end this!" Black energy was channeled into the weapon once more. "BLOODY..." He entered a stance as to throw a discus, "HOWLING!" And let the weapon fly! It was a blur of black and red that hacked through each of the four Wizard units and two of the Duelists before the weapon returned to it's master. The Youkai descended to the metallic floor just as the remaining units charged him. Ronove held the Double-Saber at his side. "AERIEL RAZOR!" And with a swift motion created a spiral of slashes around him, shredding rhe remainder of gutri's security. The Youkai stood before a mass of flaming wreckage and pieces of scrap metal. He ignored Gutri and reset his sights on Daemon. "Now where was I?" Readying his weapon again.

"...If you want something done right..." The professor muttered to himself while reaching for something on the table.

"Prepare for eternity!" He continued forward then suddenly a...Fire Storm blocked his path. "Damn you human!" Ronove turned to Gutri who now wielded the sword he was experimenting on. His eyes narrowed at the sight of the blade.

"Though I'd MUCH prefer to use my weapon, my prodige's invention gets the job done."

(Im...possible! Those 6 were destroyed nearly 2 decades ago!?) Ronove glared at Gutri. "How did you come about that, human!?"

"Oh, you know did a lil of this, did a lil of that. Liquidated Phandaria's survey of the Dycroft Ruins, it really wasn't THAT hard to find." The professor took on a serious expression... "I'll have you know, I'm a 5th Degree Master of the Tenjoujin Military Art." Entered a few dramatic poses then finally into an offensive stance. "So how about it, do you feel lucky punk?"

Ronove smirked underneath the hood. "Hmpf! My pleasure!" The two readied themselves for the duel until...


"...Well I wondered when he'd get a line." Gutri muttered, lowing his weapon.

"Ronove, the Seishin boy is as FAR from divine as Gutri if from sanity... But his power shall 'awaken' soon. And once it has and his service is no longer needed then you may feast on his life energy, suck him dry and gain the power you would need to BRUN this world to ashes!"

The cloaked Youkai pondered the entity's words. "And what's in this for you?"

"I will use his connection to the Lens and manifest a physically body..."

"As per MY design." Interrupted Gutri.

"And what guarantee do I have tha you won't turn on me once you have gained such a form?"

"This world and it's people don't mean a damn thing to me... It was only by 'accident' that I arrived here and once I have the power I will return to my own galaxy and annihilate the human vermin who infest it like the plague. (Starting with the trator to my Court and his inept bastard son, Lloyd Irving!) Even as we speak he is on his way here, with your demonic presence his awakening shall hasten."

That caused Gutri to snicker. (Yes and I know JUST the medium to use!) His right eye glancing down at the sword in his possession.

As he pondered Daemon's words he felt it! The craving for the sweet taste of human souls. "...Very well, I shall join forces with you...for now. But should you betray me, your end will be slow and painful!" Clenching his fist. "You shall be the first victim in my castle's new Torture Chamber and I will take my time tormenting your soul... Only when I'm bored of you shall I let you die!"

Gutri couldn't help but laugh. (Spoken like a true noble!)

"...I'll keep that in mind..."

The cloaked Youkai turned away from the human and Lens-incased entity then peered over his shoulder. "You know, I sense a hint of," And licked his lips. "human in you..."

"Well then if you're hungry, there's a full-blooded one right here."

"Pah!" Waving it off. "They don't come any blacker than HIS soul! Nothing good could come out of devouring him!"

The professor bowed his head. "It's a gift..."

"What I crave are the sugary-sweet, succulent souls of children! Why, I can sense many morsels nearby...."

"Yes there's a ghetto settlement in the badlands of this continent called 'Hope Town'. It's population is primarily those morsels you crave so much." He suddenly had a brainstorm. "Ya know, that place is on the way to the cavern entrance. Making it the perfect place to trap my guinea pig."

"That's...not a bad plan Gutri."

"Of course they won't reach this continent for a few more days. But not to worry, the city called 'Cherik' has a large population, just pick off a few to snack on and save the feeding frenzy for when our prey arrives!"

"Not bad... it would allow me to savor those sweet morsels... How will I recognize our prey if I can't sense his aura?"

"Simple, he's short, pale with green hair, has a punk attitude and threatens to rip off your balls! You CAN'T miss him! But just remember to bring him back HERE, he's worthless to either of us if his power doesn't awaken."

"I am aware of that, human! I shall take my leave now, but remember, betray me and...."

"Yeah, yeah you'll torture Daemon till you're bored..."

"Hmpf!" And Ronove vanished, leaving the two in the wreckage filled chamber.

"Well, I guess I'll be off too, it's time for my smoke break." Gutri placed the sword back on the table and exited though the double-door. Once outside he pressed a button on a wall panel. "Computer! Clean up!" Then stepped onto the moving floor. (A Youkai Noble... I can't wait to dissect you! All the wonderous things I can do with your parts...) The Administrator of Helraios grinned while plucking a cigar out of his lab coat pocket. (And those Chijou no Tami, that tomboy bitch and... Bocchan, you can be the text dummies for my Valefor Prototype!) The halls soon echoed with maniacal laughter...


A/N: There's plenty more of chapter 7 but this one long-ass scene is enough for a teaser...

Double-Saber was the type of weapon Yuan used as mentioned in the Monster Zuukan in ToS PS2

Since Thunder Blade in the Destiny Remake was redone to be more like a melee attack I did the same with Ronove's version of Bloody Howling. The normal spell version as well as the Eternia-style Thunder Blade will show up later.

Bet you never thought that about Daemon, as for the rest of his origins... well as Jade would put it 'Hi-mi-tsu!'