Talk Dirty to Me

Chapter 6

By Lisababe

I don't own the characters, just playing

I wrote this, because, even though I love Christian Grey, Ranger could rock the Dom role.

I had faced many enemies in my time. I've had more laser sites aimed at my chest than I cared to recall, but the three women currently staring at my chest with their mouths hanging open, was a little unsettling.

"Earth to Stephanie?"

She slowly rose from the couch in the outer office at Vinnie's, and ambled toward me. Her fingers trembled as she touched my tie. She bit her bottom lip, and flushed a deep pink color. Lula and Connie both fanned themselves with a file from Connie's desk.

Stephanie continued to stroke the tie on my chest. "When did you get this?" she whispered.

I shook my head. "I have no idea, that would be a question for Ella."

"You go, Ella." Connie said, her eyes still fixated on my chest.

I have never pretended to understand the female mind; this instance being no different. I put my fingers under Stephanie's chin, and pulled her line of vision up to mine. "My afternoon meeting cancelled; do you want to go out to lunch?"

Her eyes met mine, but her fingers wrapped around my tie, pulling my mouth down to hers. "Could you call Ella and ask if she would make us lunch?" She whispered. The heat in her eyes was enough to undo me.

I smiled, and kissed her softly on the mouth. "I'm sure that could be arranged."

I heard a crash, Lula apparently fell off the edge of Connie's desk. Stephanie ran over and helped her off the floor. "You ok?"

Lula was preoccupied with adjusting her hairpiece, that dismantled during the fall, covering her left eye. "I'm fine, you go on with yourself girl, opportunity has presented itself."

" I'll talk to you tomorrow." Stephanie said.

Connie snorted, "We totally understand if you're tied up tomorrow, Steph."

Stephanie flushed from her chest to her hairline and scurried out the door in front of me. She sprinted to my Cayenne sitting at the curb . When I slid inside; I looked over at her.

"Babe, do I want to know what just happened in there?"

She shook her head, her eyes fastened on my chest. She took a deep breath, bit her bottom lip, and turned to look out the window.

I stepped off the elevator and started toward my office. Laughter was coming from the control room. I reversed my direction, and headed toward the sound of Santos' voice. He was leaning back in a chair; reading aloud from a book he was holding. At least 5 guys were listening. I grabbed Tank by the back of the neck, he looked up at me in surprise. The other guys scattered. Lester slowly closed the book placing it on the counter. I shoved his feet to the floor.

"This isn't a library, if you want to conduct story hour, you picked the wrong place of employment." I stared at the cocky smile that still graced his face.

"Ranger, cool your jets. I'm providing a public service for sexual mankind."

"I wasn't aware that you published your sexual conquests. It's hard for me to understand why anyone would want to read it, let alone hear it out loud."

Lester laughed. " I'm sure it would be a New York Times best seller, but then again, it would rival War and Peace in length." He picked up the book on the counter and threw it at me. I caught it midair, and looked at the cover.

"Fifty Shades of Grey?"

"Fifty Shades of kinky fuckery." He smiled and leaned back, placing his hands behind his head.

I glanced at the picture of a grey tie on the cover. I shook my head, and threw the book down on the counter. I glanced at Tank. "You douche bags are pathetic. I obviously need to schedule a larger work load; if you have time to sit around and read porn."

"Mommy porn." Tank and Lester said simultaneously, then busted a gut laughing. I raised my eyebrows, as Tank stood up and slapped me on the back. "Let Santos enlighten you, it could score you some major points with Stephanie."

"Fuck off,Tank"

Lester laughed. "Tank, let it go. Ranger obviously thinks that just because Stephanie walks into walls around him; that he doesn't have to expand his sexual portfolio beyond missionary man."

Tank picked up the book off the counter and flipped to the back of the cover. "Maybe he's got a point." I recognized Stephanie's familiar script scrawled on the page.

"Stephanie gave you this book?"

Lester nodded with a cocky grin. "This book is causing a sexual revolution. Women are clamoring across the country to get their hands on a copy. It's changed women's attitudes in the bedroom from teenagers to grannies. You need to read it."

"And what has this book done for you?"

"I wore a grey tie to the club, and it was like hanging out a sexual shingle. I had women offering to let me tie them to the bathroom stall in the ladies room. They wanted me to spank the shit out of them."

" What's the deal with the grey tie?" I asked.

Tank laughed. "This dude in the book has a grey tie he uses to tie up his lady. He dominates her, spanks her, and fucks her. Women are crazy about this dude."

"Well, that explains the grey tie incident."

"What incident?" Lester asked.

"I had a grey tie on yesterday, Stephanie,Lula, and Connie were mesmerized."

Santos laughed. "Damn, and you didn't even know to take advantage of the situation. You could have had three women at your beck and call. What a waste."

I shook my head and smiled. "I don't understand why tying up a woman before you have sex is just now causing a revolution. Old news."

Santos' eyes glazed over, "You're obviously reminiscing about the Kline triplets. Those bitches were buck ass wild."

I rolled my eyes as I grabbed the book out of Tank's hands, and walked out of the control room. I heard Santos behind me. "Where do you think you're going with my book?"

I flipped him off as I stepped in my office, and closed the door.

From: Carlos Manoso

Subject: Grey Ties and Kinky Fuckery

Date:May 7, 2012 1321

To: Stephanie Plum

Miss Plum

If the subject matter of this email holds your interest; email a time and place for further discussion.

Carlos Manoso

CEO ,Rangeman LLC

From: Stephanie Plum

Subject: Enlighten Me

Date:May 7 2012 1330

To: Carlos Manoso

Mr. Manoso

I'm intrigued, but unsure of your intentions. Could you please elaborate?

Stephanie Plum

Bounty Huntress

Vincent Plum Bail Bonds

From: Carlos Manoso

Subject: Good Intentions

Date: May 7 2012 1345

To: Stephanie Plum

Miss Plum,

I was a Dom long before the name Christian Grey was ever uttered. Time and place, Miss Plum.

Carlos Manoso

CEO, Rangeman LLC

From: Stephanie Plum

Subject: Time and Place

Date: May 7 2012 1351

To: Carlos Manoso

Seventh floor - 6pm.

Stephanie Plum

Bounty Huntress

Vincent Plum Bail Bonds

From :Carlos Manoso

Subject: Time and Place

Date:May 7 2012 1400

To: Stephanie Plum

Miss Plum,

I look forward to it.

Carlos Manoso

CEO Rangeman LLC

The apartment was dark, except for a small light over the stove. My hands trembled as I sat my purse on the sideboard. Hopefully, I arrived before him. My heart beat was audible in my ears, and I felt could break out in a pant any minute. How did he know about Fifty Shades of Grey? My first guess would be Lester. I didn't know if I should hug him, or strangle him. Ranger was already almost more than I could handle in the bedroom. I wasn't sure I could survive dominate Ranger. I had conjured five million scenarios in my mind since our earlier emails. Needless to say; my concentration was a wasteland. The idea of Ranger in the role of Christian Grey, oh boy. There was no doubt in my mind; that Ranger could make Christian Grey look like an amateur in the Dom arena. I willed myself toward the bedroom. I stepped inside the door, and swallowed. The only light in the bedroom came from the bedside lamps on each nightstand. Red scarves adorned each lamp casting a red glow on the walls and ceiling. The comforter was gone from the bed. All that adorned the mattress was a set of red satin sheets; with pillows to match.

Holy shit, it was the red room of pain.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I glanced at the door to the walk in closet, and nearly fell to my knees. Ranger was standing in the doorway, wearing no shirt, and ripped faded jeans with the top button undone. My mouth fell open when I spotted the grey tie draped around his neck. His face was void of expression.

"Miss Plum, do I need to reiterate the rules for you."

Oh, fuck.

"No, sir."

I stepped back toward the door, dropped to my knees, and looked at the floor.

I screamed inside.

I had to calm myself. I wanted this, God, did I want this, but reading a book, and living what you read, is two entirely different scenarios.

I didn't hear a sound, but his bare feet appeared in front of me. I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. His fingertips brushed my chin and pulled my head up so I was looking at him.

"Unzip my pants, take out my cock, and suck it."

His words registered in my crotch. I licked my lips, and saw his jaw clench. Maybe Mr. Manoso was as affected by this little scenario as much as I was. I reached up and unzipped his pants, his cock sprang free, and I grabbed it around it's thick base.

God, he was beautiful.

He coughed, and I looked up at him. He shook his head.

"No hands Miss Plum."

I grinned, and saw a hint of humor in his eyes. My hands dropped to my lap. I stuck out my tongue, timidly licked the slit, tasting his saltiness. His hands slid through my hair; grasping my head on either side. His breathing altered, as I took him inside my mouth, sucking him to the back of my throat. I looked up at him, his head was back, and the cords of muscle in his neck were taunt. The heady feeling of pleasing him coursed through me; empowering me. He was my everything, and the thought that he made this fantasy happen for me, made me want to crawl inside him. I worked his cock back and fourth in my mouth, putting the most pressure on the tip, almost letting go, but at the last second sucking it back in with my lips. He stepped back, and popped out of my mouth. The loss of him felt unbearable. He grabbed me under the arm, and pulled me to my feet. He was so close I smelled his scent. The masculine smell of Ranger, was like no other scent in the world. Ranger, pheromones, and the lingering scent of sex, equals the ultimate equation. He leaned in close, touching his lips to a spot under my ear.

"We can do this one of two ways Miss Plum. We can start out slow, and vanilla, or we can go all out, and take a walk on the wild side. Your choice." I trembled, as his lips trailed down my chest, as he unbuttoned my shirt. I glanced at him, his eyes met mine and his brow raised in question.

I tried to speak but no sound passed my lips. I swallowed, and tried again. "Whatever gets you inside of me the fastest." I flushed from head to toe. I looked up at him, and bit my bottom lip for effect.

It worked for him. I was on my back, on the red satin sheets, naked, in record time. I felt the tie at my wrists, and my arms being stretched over my head. He finished and hovered over me. His lips brushed mine, then he bit my bottom lip. "Every time you bite your lip, I stop everything. It's mine to bite, Miss Plum. Understood?"

I nodded. "Yes, sir."

His eyes darkened and he lowered his mouth and sucked my bottom lip between his teeth, he nibbled, then slowly teased my tongue with his, until I writhed under him, wanting to touch him everywhere. I pulled on the tie at my wrists, moaning as he kissed his way to each breast, rolling my nipple between his lips, while tugging at the other with his fingers. My hips bucked off the bed,wanting him joined to me. He grabbed my hips in each of his hands and steadied them on the bed. I felt his breath at the juncture of my thighs; my head tossed back and fourth on the pillow. I needed his mouth to cool the heat building inside. His tongue found my clit, and licked it in long strokes. He pulled it inside of his mouth and sucked. I came apart, screaming his name. He blew on my clit, triggering another orgasm. I pulled at the ties at my wrists, I needed to touch him. I wanted to pull him close, and never let go. he grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs toward me. My knees rested beside my ears. He leaned down and sucked my bottom lip in his mouth. I stroked his tongue with mine, tasting myself. He pulled away and looked at me.

"You are mine."

He reached down and cupped my crotch.

"This is mine."

"Let me go so I can touch you." I begged.

He shook his head as he slowly slid inside of me.

I briefly closed my eyes adjusting to the fullness. I felt complete.

He started to slowly grind in and out, brushing my clit with his pubic bone each time he thrust deep inside. He changed his rhythm, pounding hard and fast, just when I felt the start of a slow deep burn, he pulled out and turned me over. I was face down; he pulled my hips up in the air. I felt his hand slowly brush up and over the cheeks of my ass. I held my breath, because I knew what was coming. He leaned over my back.

"The safe word is red. I expect you to use it. Understood?" He said.

"Yes, sir." My voice trembled.

"Babe, look at me."

I glanced up at his dark eyes. "This is for your pleasure, we don't have to do this."

"I want this, Ranger."

His eyes burned dark, as he slid to the foot of the bed. He brushed his palm softly back and forth over my ass. He brushed closer and closer to my core, until I was moving with each stroke, trying to get him closer to where I needed his touch. He brushed his fingers over me, slightly brushing my clit.

I whimpered, then screamed, when his palm slapped the cheek of my ass, hard. He rotated, slapping each cheek, brushing his fingers along my clit, in-between each smack of his hand. My ass was on fire, I counted in my head. I wanted it to end, but I hovered on the precipice, of an undeniable orgasm. When he got to 10, I started to say "red" , but he stopped. He brushed my clit with his fingers; then he was inside of me. He thrust hard and deep, and I broke. I screamed, and an orgasm ripped through me, taking every ounce of my strength in it's wake. I felt him come deep inside of me, and fall to the mattress beside me, he pulled me close, and kissed me on the neck. I couldn't move. I couldn't even open my eyes.

"Miss Plum, I do believe I've wore you out." He chuckled.

"Mr. Mansos, you are correct." I tried to smile, but had no power over the muscles in my face.

I felt him untie my wrists and rub each one. They tingled, he kissed the inside of each wrist, and softly placed them beside me on the bed.

"One question." I said.

"What's that?"

"How did you discover my fantasy."

" Santos, what did you expect?"

"That didn't mean you had to follow through."

"Babe, every man has some Dom, hidden, waiting."

I turned over slowly, lacking the energy to do anymore.

I looked at him. He brushed the curls from my forehead, and kissed me softly.

"So, you were a Dom before Christian Grey was discovered?"


"So, why didn't you ask me if I wanted to be spanked?"

"Because, I don't think you discovered you wanted to be, until you read the book."

He reached into the drawer beside the bed. He pulled out a tube of something and squirted it in his hand. "Turn over."

I flopped onto my front. He rubbed my bottom, the cool cream cooling my flesh until I moaned.

I glanced up at him out of the corner of my eye.

"Christian Grey has nothing on you baby."

He snorted. His face broke out in a 200-watt smile. "One night with me, and women would throw rocks at Christian Grey."

I laughed and socked him with my pillow.

"Make sure when you decide to unleash your kinky fuckery, it's only for me."

He traced his finger down the side of my face. His face sobered. "This is only for you."

I placed my hand on his chest.

"Mine." I whispered.