A/N – Part Three of Three.

Hermione felt Charlie pull back from her and almost groaned at his loss of heat and the fabulous things he was making her feel; that was until she remembered she was in a cage and Charlie Weasley was infact not her lover but her friend. Charlie seemed to have come to this same realisation and was now buttoning his pants back up and assessing their 'situation'.

She was startled to find Remus so close, infact the moment she stepped away from the protective shield the Dragon Tamers buff body had made she came face to face, or rather crotch to face with her lover, and he looked anything but happy.

Resisting the urge to jump back in fear, she slowly pressed herself to the bars of the cage again. Remus merely followed her, sniffing the air around her deeply before throwing his head back and howling in a mixture of pain and rage. Her own breath hitched, this time not in passion but in life threatening fear, her eyes never leaving the possessed ones before her.

"Don't move Hermione," Sirius breathed, standing on the opposite side of the cage now.

"Oh and where am I supposed to go?" she hissed back, causing Remus to stop in his slow approach to look up at her before his attention went back to her crotch.

"What set him off this time?" She heard Bill ask, not daring to look up again.

"That would be your good brother," Sirius growled.

"What? Why me? I was just putting my scent on her, I was saving her life!" Charlie cried in his defence, his volume causing the werewolf to pause again but not loud enough to make him turn.

She heard Bill snort, "Saving her life. Keep telling yourself that,"

"Enough you two. Charlie may have his scent on her upper half but down below I think I can smell her from here," Sirius cut in, his words causing her to blush, Charlie to make a small choking noise and Bill to snort out another laugh.

"Sirius!" she hissed again, mortified.

"It's true love. I may be only one part werewolf but I am sure I could smell you from upstairs right now," Bill explained more gently. She heard the rustling of clothes but was to busy staring at her lover and would be murderer and worrying if her face would starting melting off if she blushed any hotter.

"Can we please change the subject?" she almost wailed, tilting her hips away from Remus, whose hands were reaching out to grab her.

"Actually your … smell … is very relevant right now. We can't risk you being hurt, and seeing as it is only just after midnight we are still stuck in here for a few more hours,"

"Your point being?" Charlie asked, and again she heard the rustle of fabric from their side of the cage.

"That it is too much of a risk for Remus to be exposed to her scent for that long a period without him doing something drastic," Sirius explained exasperated. Remus took another swipe at her, his face now inches from her crotch. She trembled in fear when he caught onto her skirt and pulled its folds toward his nose, snuffling.

"Do something," she squeaked.

"Hermione, we are going to need you to stay very still. Even if he grabs hold of you, don't move," It was Bill who instructed her this time and she wondered if they had been having a silent conversation about her from the other side of the cage. The logical part of her brain seemed to have fled her at this stage when she realised just how ridiculous her musings were.

She gave a barely perceptible nod before making her body rigid. There were several more rustles from their side and she dared a quick glance in that direction, moving only her eyes as Remus moved in closer and ran his hand up her thigh. She was greeted with three very naked chests, two tattooed, one more than the other and the final one scarred almost as badly as Remus' was.

Frowning she turned her attention back to Remus, who was currently sniffing his way up her calf and began to pray that their plan worked and that she would be out of the cage alive by morning.

Sirius watched as Hermione squeezed her eyes shut and suppressed the trembles that wracked her body as her lover caressed her leg and attempted to nuzzle her skirt out of the way in his effort to reach the scent that was currently driving him insane. He motioned for the two half naked men on either side of him to move forward.

The plan was simple; make their own scents cloud hers for long enough so they could get Remus away from her. It had been Bill's silently communicated idea to remove as much of their clothing as was deemed decent, or as decent as they were going to get in this situation and now it was under Charlie's instruction that they intended to herd the part man part wolf away from the damsel in distress. Not fool proof by any means but it was the only plan they had been able to come up with without getting into a heated debate.

Fanning out behind the couple he waited for Charlie's instructions from his left. The second eldest Weasley silently motioned for Bill to close in on Hermione's right and before repeating the motion until all three of them were practically breathing down his poor friend's neck.

It was just as Remus was making to rip the skirt from her body and Hermione let out a shriek of fear that they struck. Grabbing his oldest friend by the hair and pulling him roughly from the woman that he worshiped when he was in his right mind he cringed when the cage was suddenly filled with vicious snarls and the sound of a snapping jaw.

Charlie rushed forward and pinned the lycanthropes' arms to his sides, as Sirius put him in a choker hold, it wouldn't work for long, but it would be long enough for Bill to do what needed to be done. Bill swiftly moved to cover her body, much like Charlie had earlier, and gently pried her fingers from the bars at her sides. She opened her eyes and gasped to find him so close.

"I'm going to have to do something that you may not agree with, but we don't have much choice right now," he whispered against her ear, "if it becomes too much and you want me to stop, pinch me," he pulled back, looking in her eyes apologetically.

"What?" she whispered, but got no response as Bill dropped to his knees in front of her, her hands instinctively going to his shoulders to steady herself when she realised just what he intended to do.

"Remember, pinch me," he repeated before ducking his head under the layers of her skirt. She gulped when she felt his fingers skim along the same path Remus' had and shivered when his hot breath washed over the tops of her thighs. Looking across the cage she found Remus staring at her with wild, confused eyes and Sirius staring at her with such intensity she had to look away.

She was soon distracted by the fingers that hesitantly traced the elastic band of her woefully plain underwear, Bill gave a sharp tug and she was forced to spread her legs enough to let him slide the garment down and off her bare feet. She watched his muscular arm fling her intimate attire across the room toward the other occupants. She suddenly realised that they had every intention of using her knickers as a play thing to distract Remus; as if this night could be any more embarrassing.

Once again her attentions were taken away from the other side of the cage as Bill took the plunge and parted her feminine folds. She bit her lip to keep from crying out at the intimate contact and willed her legs not to clamp together at the intrusive touch. At the first touch of his tongue to her core she felt her knees buckle and her eyes glaze, he was certainly no Remus but after Charlie she was so aroused and sensitive that what he was doing to her, which in retrospect was rather clinical and necessary, felt amazing.

Without meaning to, his tongue brushed against her tight bud of nerves, and she was forced to clutch at his head to try and stop herself from reacting further. He wasn't doing this to arouse she told herself, he was doing this to save her life. That thought didn't stop the spasm that rocked her body the next time his tongue reached high enough to send her spiralling into her orgasm, she heard both Bill and Sirius swear, one angry, one frustrated but she was too much of an incoherent mess to respond.

Bill's hands left her legs and his head slowly emerged from beneath the layers of fabric, he looked at her apologetically before turning back to look at Sirius, who was dangling Hermione's underwear in front of Remus' nose to distract him.

"It's no use," the curse breaker said, "we have been going about this the wrong way, one of us is going to have to …" he trailed off and gave Sirius a meaningful look.

"I'll do it," Charlie said, loosening his hold on Remus when he took the prized fabric from Sirius' hand.

"No, it's going to have to be me," Sirius said.

"Why?" Charlie practically whined.

"Because Remus would not hesitate to kill either of you for touching her, its going to be hard to restrain him as is. He trusts me, he knows I would never do something like this unless I had a very good reason, and saving her life is one hell of a reason right now," the ex-convict growled, putting both Weasley men in their place.

Bill took a step away from her and she suddenly felt very exposed, the feeling didn't last long because he and Sirius were merely swapping places. Sirius shared the same apologetic look with Bill before slowly undoing the belt on his pants. She watched his long fingers perform such a menial task and began to shake.

"You don't have to, we can just keep holding him off till dawn," she whispered, not wanting him, or expecting him, to have to do this for her.

"Your underwear will only hold him off for so long, its better we do this while he is distracted. Just pretend I'm Remus," he whispered back, dropping his belt to the floor and starting on his zipper. Catching the way she watched his hands and took in his arousal from watching all that had happened to her earlier, he decided to take pity on her made a small motion for her to turn around and face the bars. She listened intently to the sound of his zipper going down, followed closely by the rustling of his pants as he pushed them down his legs, her breath began to come in short gasps as reality hit her.

His hands smoothed up the backs of her thighs, probably meant as a soothing gesture before he hitched her skirt around her hips and exposed her backside. She closed her eyes and began chanting Remus' name in her head, as gentle fingers probed between her legs, preparing her for something her body seemed to want but her head told her was wrong.

Sirius' fingers moved to her hips and were replaced by something much more blunt and thick, "I will try and make this as quick as I can," he whispered in her ear and the snort she was about to let out was replaced with a low keen as Sirius slowly penetrated her. Her hands gripped the bars until her knuckles turned white and she was sure there would be bruises from where his fingers dug into her hips. She was still so sensitive from Bill and Charlie that it seemed her passage was on fire, her muscles clenched and unclenched around Sirius' member and he bit down on her shoulder to stop himself from shouting out.

He began to piston his hips, his flesh slapping against hers loudly in a steady rhythm. She was in sensory overload as one hand came around to roughly squeeze her breast, making her gasp. It took her a few moments to register that he was not doing this to arouse her, but to arouse himself; neither of them were particularly happy to be in this situation but she could at least give him a helping hand she realised. With this thought in mind she began pushing herself back into him as he thrust forward and he soon caught on.

She began letting out small cries of involuntary pleasure as he continued his assault, and without thinking very clearly his hand came down from her chest to feel under her skirt, finding her tight bud of nerves and giving it a few teasing flicks. She bit her lips until it almost bleed, he wasn't thinking and neither was she, they were both lost in the moment and when they both found release, she for the second time in under an hour they weren't very quiet about it.

Sirius collapsed heavily against her back, Remus howling like mad in the background as his best friend withdrew from his lover and smoothed her skirt down her legs and fixed his pants. Nobody said a word, all of them turned to watch Remus once he stopped making noise, the lycanthrope gave a long sniff of the air before turning and hiding his head under the discarded clothing in the corner of the cage – it seemed he finally understood that the other men had marked their territory.

"Are you okay?" Charlie finally asked, looking at Hermione, who had been staring at Remus for a long time.

"I think so," she whispered, looking up and giving them each a contemplative look.

"Are you sure," Sirius asked, raising his hand to push the hair from her face before stopping himself from the intimate gesture.

"We had no other choice," she replied, sitting on the floor of the cage and looking toward the small window in the far corner of the room, waiting for dawn.

They assumed their earlier positions surrounding her and blocking her from danger in case Remus decided he wanted to be alpha male again, but it seemed after a while that the part wolf part man had fallen asleep. As dawn rolled around a slight hum, followed by a metallic click echoed around the cold room and they all turned slowly to look at the door. The spell was broken and they could get out.

"Thank Merlin," Bill sighed in relief, the first to step from their prison.

"Can't argue with you there," Charlie chuckled, following his brother out. They paused at the door to wait for Sirius to follow, he was staring at Hermione who hadn't moved from her curled up position on the floor.

"You coming?" he asked, holding out his hand.

"In a minute, I wanted to speak to Remus when he wakes up, he needs to know," she whispered, ignoring his hand.

"Okay, I will put a pot of coffee on for us all," he said and followed the two red heads up the stairs.

Hermione stared at Remus' naked back, listening to the men chat and laugh, obviously relieved to have all their limbs in tact.

"Nobody is going to believe us about this," she heard Charlie say in disbelief.

"Nobody is going to hear about this," Sirius growled, "What happened in the cage stays in the cage,"

Bill said something after this but her attention was drawn back to Remus was just beginning to stir, "Their right you know, what happened doesn't need to be spoken about again," his deep rumble filled the cage before a yawn took over.

"I feel like I have done something behind your back," she replied, crawling over to him.

"No, I have vague snatches of what happened last night and they were right, I could have killed you Hermione, they did what had to be done," he replied, turning to look at her, all traces of the wild beast she had witnessed the night before gone.

"You mean it?"

"I love you. Now lets go upstairs and shower, I am freezing and you stink to high heaven," he smiled. She laughed and accepted his offered hand, following him up the stairs and letting him help her forget all about the night before.

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