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Dear Readers,

Since I took kuroima's date on May 2nd, I wanted to do two YotS fics that could connect with each other, since I would be posting two fics in such a short span of time. The idea came up that I could do a poem for each day, one from Elizabeth's perspective (today) and one from John's (Friday). I had no idea what to write, so, like all my other YotS fics, this came up randomly from the top of my head! I dunno why that always happens with these. But I hope you enjoy! :)

And happy...um...something...May Day? I don't know...

Best Regards from Bookworm (and SGA SPARKY! fan),

Miss Pookamonga

When Stars Bleed (Part I)

One Star,

Twinkling brightly against the stark black of night.

Folds of silver glitter

Pulsating within themselves

And endless cycle of glowing blood

Pumping forth

To illuminate the spark of Her Heart.

As Its Light bleeds,

So does Her Heart with the wound Love's loss

Has inflicted upon her.

The silver blood,

Tracing rivers in her soul

Against the current of Time.

With each pulse, His memory drifts farther away

Upon the sea of vast space.

Each thrum of a blink erodes

The imprint of His immortal image.

Unruly hair, wild and spirited eyes—all rub away into dark whiteness.

And still the silver blood

Flows from the Cup of Defeat

Desire running ceaselessly like a deer

Runs to find the food that will sustain it.

One Breath

One Hope

One pail to catch

The shards of her soul spilling forth.

She breathes in Light, and breathes out a Wish.

He can feel her Bleed tonight.