The battle against the earl was over, well that being said this was the second time there had been a war so the dark religious organisation was still operational. Though they had not managed to completely destroy the noah clan; the earl had been killed, so they celebrated.
It was their victory after all. It had taken 4 years, but they had finally done it. So they celebrated. Leaders from branches in Asia, africa and a few others were in attendance.

Allen, now 19, was definitely enjoying himself, Though that may have been Jerry's...uh...beer wasn't the right word. It was definitely not beer, but not quite...Allen didn't know what it was, but he did know he was definitely on his way to getting drunk, Lavi was already half dead, though somehow regaining enough consciousness to annoy Kanda (whilst Bookman gave him disgusted looks). Allen hadn't been planning on drinking any (that incident with the liqueur chocolates had sworn him off alcohol for life), but it WAS a celebration so he had some. then some more. he had another glass after that. then he lost track, he just knew he hadn't had as many as Lavi.

Allen scanned the room and found what he was looking for. Lenalee was on the other side of the room talking with Bak. Uh-oh. Allen sweat-dropped as he remembered the strange-cough cough stalkerish cough cough-collection of photographs in Bak's possession. Photos of Lenalee. Allen decided to separate the two. if Bak didn't control himself Komui would...no don't think about that. If he admitted it he also had some problems with the perv being around her. He began walking over, a little woblishly (is that even a word?).

It had taken the better part of 4 years, maybe slightly more, but allen had finally come to realise his feelings for the girl. Although he did have to thank Lavi for that, his own denseness had been in the way until lavi had cleared things up for him...


4 years ago...

Allen was sitting in the cafeteria with Lavi eating his usual, colossal, pile of food. He stopped eating when Lenalee entered the room. He watched her for a while, noting her hair looked nice when the light caught it, before picking up his fork to eat again. Lavi watched this sighing inwardly. Allen really was an idiot when it came to such matters. Many people had been observing the two since...well since allen had joined the organisation and were now taking bets on who would confess first and when. With the exception of Komui. They had all decided early on not to make such bets concerning Lenalee around Komui. Lavi was tired of loosing what little money he had so he decided to give things a push. He grinned.
"ne, Allen.."
"nani?" Allen's reply was muffled by his food slightly
"when are you going to tell Lenalee you like her?"
Allen continued eating until what Lavi had said dawned on him
Lavi grinned. this was funny. 'Yuu would enjoy this. pity he on a mission' he thought.
"Wh...wha.. what are you talking about Lavi?! who said- i mean- i don't-" Allen paused. He began to think.
"you know what, You could be right for once Lavi...i do thinks she's nice. her hair is pretty too, but i thought everyone thought that..."
Lavi sweatdropped 'this kid is so dense...and what's with the "for once"?'
"so...you saying anything to her?" Lavi asked
"yada" the reply came between his mouthfuls
"eh? Nande?"
"...you have a point there"


'Was i really that dense?' Allen thought to himself, in all honesty yes. As Kanda so often put it he did have a tendency to be a bit naive and dense at times. Wait...did he just admit that kanda was right...?
He looked round to get his bearings. 'crap' he had absolutely no clue where he was 'i got lost again...' he groaned inwardly. He had been at the order since he was fifteen, 3 years in total; and yet he still managed to get lost. He spent some time trying to find the cafeteria again...but that just got him even more lost. Allen was also wishing he hadn't drunk as much as he had, it was starting to wear off a little bit but it still made navigating the black orders endless halls even harder than it normally was. He realised he had turned up outside his own room. the only reason he knew this was because he had put a name plate on it to distinguish it from the others. He decided this was natures way of telling him to go to sleep and walked into his room, sighing. He would just have to talk to Lenalee some other time.

When Lenalee saw Allen leave the party she began to worry for two reasons: 1) The boy was well known for his terrible sense of direction, the only reason he found the cafeteria was buy smell and some other mysterious force which seemed to pull him in its direction. 2) he hadn't had as much of Jerry's...beer? whatever it was he had had a fair bit of it. Not as much as lavi (who had drunk until he was out cold and had to be carried out by Kanda.), but still enough to make his inner compass even worse.

Lenalee got up to go make sure he didn't get lost. she had had a fair bit to drink as well but at least she could navigate to her room on a normal day. Not the case with allen, however she liked him for it all the same. Allen wouldn't be allen if he had a hallway decent sense of different locations within the order. She wondered if he had found his room, he always ended up there for sum reason. not that anyone knew HOW. they just new that after wandering around for 2 hours after getting lost they would find him in his room, more than likely balancing on his chair.

This is what Allen was doing when Lenalee opened the door to see if he was there. She squeaked a bit when she saw he didn't have a shirt on. He didn't hear her enter, so when hr heard her squeak in suprise, he was a bit suprised himself. In fact he fell off of his chair, and crashed into the wooden frame of his bed.
"Allen-kun!!" Lenalee rushed over, hoping there was no blood
"itai..." he said his black left arm rubbing his head where it had crashed into the bed frame
"Gomen Allen-kun!! i frightened you and you fell and your head hit the frame and then there was blood..." Lenalee continued to babble about the non existent blood until allen started laughing at her
"iei...it fine Lenalee" he pulled himself up.

Somewhere in the back of his mind a little devil-Allen (responsible for his black side and refusal to loose at cards) said;
"yosh! this is your chance! go for it! Jump on her you idiot! Quick, while that overprotective brother of hers isn't around!"
In another part of his mind still, a little angel-Allen (responsible for his denseness and terrible internal compass) said;
"No! you must be polite and not confess in your room alone without wearing a shirt! Especially after drinking!! His love is pure! do you want her to think he's a pervert?!"
"Idiot! im his inner pervert!"
"Baka! im his inner purity!"
All of a sudden a little judge-Allen complete with podium and hammer appeared to break up the fight.
"All right you two break it up! break it up! This isn't a wrestling wring! Allen will confess to Lenalee without the shirt, give her a peck and then let her go.
He will not JUMP ON HER!!GOT THAT?? and no-ones love at the age of 19 is pure, how old do you think he is?! Your both IDIOTS!!"
"Gomenusai" Devil-Allen and Angel-Allen chorused
"that's better." Judge-Allen banged his little hammer and they all disappeared.
(this is completely off topic but did anyone studying Psychology pick up the whole ego, super ego, and id thing? that what i was aiming at, anyway back to the story!!)

Allen shook his head, he didn't understand that but he decided to listen to the grumpy little judge.

"Erm...Lenalee..i, er...i was wondering for you- no i was wandering-no! that's not what i meant i meant i was looking for you earlier but..." he couldn't say it. it was too embarrassing.
"You got lost again didn't you?" she completed his sentence for him. there was silence for a moment.
"...Hai..." there was yet another silence
"ah, what is it Lenalee? you came looking for me right? Nani?" he asked, trying to get past the getting-lost-again-thing.

Lenalee had been trying to calm herself down, but his question caught her off guard. She had planned to use the i-wanted-to-tell-you-Lavi-collapsed-but-don't-worry-Kanda-and-Bookman-can-handle-it excuse and then kind of confess somewhere in the middle of the conversation, but she completely forgot about it.
"Eh? oh that nandemonai! well, it is but its not important, i mean it is but i forgot, i think...not tthat's no it ...i er...um..." 'This isn't working' she thought 'I cant say it.'

A little devil Lenalee appeared. It was kinda pissed off.
"LENALEE YOU STUPID GIRL!! he is standing in front of you half-naked and when you should be jumping on him you chicken out!! BAKA!!BAKA!!BAKA!! You should use the time when your brother isn't here to have your way with him!"
A little angel Lenalee appeared. It was just as mad but, at the devil Lenalee.
"what are you SAYING?! Lenna-chan is too nice to do that, get your perverted ideas out of her head!
"shut up you're thinking the same thing!"
"well, i dont think she should 'have her way with him' as you so politely put it!!" Though the angel Lenalee was objecting a small blush was covering her cheeks
a judge Lenalee appeared with a poof
"hate to say it but i agree with the pervert" she said before disappearing in another poof.
"Yay!! i win!!"
they dissapeard. (sorry i couldn't resist putting it in again)

confused as she was Lenalee decided to go along with what she presumed was her concience.She turned around to look at Allen an idea forming in her mind. She grinned inwardly, but a glint in her eye showed she as plotting something.
"i did come for something Allen-kun. i cant tell you very well but i can show you if you like" Lenalee said, smiling.
Allen could see a glint in her eye and wasn't sure if he should be worried or not. "i dunno you seem a little off ... are you oka-"He didn't get a chance to finish replying as lenalee had glued her lips to his.

they stayed that way before breaking apart. "well, that's what i was GOING to say but i didn't have much luck with that so i figured i'd show you instead. Ah!You don't have to say anything, i just wanted you to know how i felt...well er i'll be going now.

She walked towards the door

"yosh! you did it, but you shouldn't be leaving "the mini Lenalee's appeared again
"no! Lena-chan is embarrassed! leave her alone!!"
"i side with the white one this time" they disappeared (uh-oh i think this is sticking...)

Allen was a bit taken aback, it wasn't something that happened everyday after all and wasn't too sure what to do...
(you can guess huh? damn the little brats are going to be running amok now...GOMENUSAI!!)
"what are you standing there for?! go after her you idiot!! Abduct her if you have too!! hurry up and do something!!"
"idiot! Lenalee needs alone time and Allen isn't a pervert!"
"nani?! course he is all guys are perverts! just some more than others
"lies! Allen is a pure boy"
"i cant believe you are arguing again. The pervert is right Allen, go after the girl. And you! since when was Allen a boy? he's 19!! not 9, 19!! got it?"
"ha ha i won"
"Urusai yo"
"you two are gonna be the death of me if you don't quit this.."

Allen followed the judges orders. Just as Lenalee was about to open the door he closed his hand around her wrist and removed it from the door handle. He closed the slightly open door with his black left arm. He pulled her towards him and kissed her. This time it was Lenalee was the one taken aback. When the kiss ended words failed her. she wasn't too sure what was happening but she was sure of one thing, Allen had kissed her...(and we go to inner Lenalee...sweat-drops..sorry...gotta stop this, but my imagination is a bit weird, i should stop these comments too. ok after this no more mini people or comments i SWEAR!)
"Way to go Lenalee! it worked, NOW HAVE YOUR WAY WITH HIM!!"
"omigosh omigosh why am i blushing?! i cant believe that happened omigosh..."
"congratulations Lenalee, i dont agree with the red pervert and the White one isnt saying much but you should say something, you cant leave him hanging ther you know"

Lenalee was about to speak but Allen beat her too it
"i didn't say you could leave yet Lenalee.." his sadistic streak was showing (or do i mean inner pervertedness? or both?), not that she minded
Lenalee didn't have to say anything, her body was moving itself whether she wanted it to or not. She grinned and kissed Allen again this one lasted longer much longer. and she somehow ended up backing into a wall, but she didn't care. She just decided to enjoy the moment.

The war against the earl had been a great frustration for them in more ways than one. The had been tiptoeing around each other for years. The fear of loosing the other in the war, Allen's own naiveness and Lenalee's shyness had prevented them from letting the other know their feelings the was with the earl was over, in all honest, several members of the noah clan had survived and were still creating akimbo, but the earl had been the biggest threat and he was dead as dead piece of wood. The result was all the tension they had been holing in for 4 years coming out in this precise moment. The uh...alcoholic beverage...Jerry had been handing out had probably had a hand in it as well, but it was mostly 4 years worth of sexual tension. And they had had enough.

Lenalee pulled Allen's head closer still. her hand running through his hair as she did so, it s colour always fascinated her, it was WHITE after all, but id didn't detract form his looks. it enhanced them, well that was her opinion. Allen's left hand pinned Lenalee's right to the wall, he wasn't entirely sure why but his cursed left arm did its own thing every so often right now, it wanted to pin Lenalee's right arm to the wall. and it did so. His other had HAD been rested on her waist, but now it was incredibly slowly inching it way beneath her t-shirt (he could not use the same excuse here as he had with his left arm, simply because the were no curses on it giving it a mind of its own.) In the very back of his mind he thought 'if komui or master find out about this i'll have to flee the country to get away form masters comments and komuis robots..."
Lenalee was also had reservations about her overprotective brother, but at that moment neither off them gave a damn.
Before either of them had completely grasped the situation, Lenalee's t-shirt had gone missing, probably in a corner somewhere, and they were on the bed. It took allen a while to realise what was happening.

"FINALLY!!YOU WERE SLOW ENOUGH ABOUT IT!! good god if it weren't for me things like this would simply not happen with you. be grateful y' hear me?!"
"Allen stop this is too fast! far to fast!This is the sin that is alcohol! at least realise what you're doing! right now you don't have a clue!!"
"i must admit the white one has a point, you really should look at the situation again, but than again you two have been tiptoeing around each other for four years so..."

Allen was suddenly aware of the fact he was in what would have been an uncompromising (is that the right word?) position above Lenalee had anyone entered the room, luckily they didn't. He stepped back off of Lenalee
"Gomen Lenalee! this is probably too fast..yes, WAAAY too fast..umm...gomen!..i mean...um...-" Lenalee pulled his head back and kissed him again, suprising him a bit. She looked him directly in the eye. that glint was there again.
"I didn't say you could stop Allen..." she said half threateningly

"oh my god! di she just say that?! i cant believe this! GO LENALEE!!"
"NOO!! Lena-chan turned into a devil woman!! give Lena-chan back"
"shut up you're enjoying this too!
"whatever just shut up, you two are giving me a headache and preventing the story from moving forward"

Allen grinned at her "gomen" he said before continuing where he had let off, whilst Lenalee hands went to war with what she thought was an stupid, incredibly stubborn belt.


Marie's ears were twitching. something was going on upstairs in the dormitory. He didn't know what though, Jerry's...Beer substance?...was very strong, and after four glasses he was having trouble walking, let alone use his hearing properly. He had noticed that two exorcists were missing from the festivities.
"so I'm not the only one who noticed allen and Lenalee-or the lack of them..."
Marie turned to see where the voice was coming from. General cross was sprawled on a sofa, a mug of Jerry's whaterver-it-was in his hand.
"if you're thinking along the same lines as me" he replied
"Allen left the hall looking slightly dazed a while ago. he probably got lost. Lenalee followed him out some time ago." Cross grinned, an evil glint in his eye. his black side was showing 'i could get some good blackmail material here' he thought.
"so can you hear anything?" he asked
Marie shook his head "i can barley walk straight let alone hear anything. I get bits but its just random noise. and don't think i didn't notice. you are after blackmail material and im not going to let you torture Allen if i can help it." Cross sweatdropped 'am i that obvious?'

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