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Chapter 1

Hatori sighed. It was that time of year again. Everyone else had gotten it already, without complaints. But Shigure. Shigure was a whole different story! He'd cry and whine and even hit Hatori to get away from that dreaded flu shot. Hatori said to himself in the empty office:

"Shigure will get it this year without me getting hurt in the process. But how do I do that? Ayame might be willing to help me though..."

Hatori smacked his forehead: What the hell was he thinking getting Ayame's help?!

"What the hell. It's worth a try."

Hatori picked up the phone and dialed Ayame, but after the second ring, he hung up.

"Why am I acting so scared?"

Hatori picked up the phone again and dialed- after the fourth ring, Ayame picked up:

'Hello?'- Ayame practically screamed into the phone.

"Ayame, I need your help."

'Tori? Why so sudden? Is it your hormones again?'

"Shut up and listen." -Hatori was beet red.

'I'm listening.'

"Shigure needs his flu shot and you know how he gets..."

'Oh yeah!'

"I need you to help me get him to take it."

'...'- Ayame was silent.

"Well? Will you help me?"

'I don't know how I can help. I don't want to be hurt by Shigure...'

"He won't hurt you. Just help me."- Hatori was getting impatient.

'Okay. When should I come over?'

"Come around six and bring Shigure with you."

'Bye- bye Tori! I'll see you later! Don't miss me too much!'- Ayame made a kissing noise.

Hatori hung up the phone and sighed. His eyes widened as he realized what he just did. He buried his face in his hands-

"What the hell did I get myself into?"

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