Computer. Begin Personal Log.

This is all real 'citing, huh? Like when you send a really special letter and Hey -- what's this button do?


Computer. Resume Personal Log

My name is Jack Raymond Clarence Peterson, and this is my very own Personal Log. I heard somewhere like Tanuki says that lots of people who are reading this Log are from so many years ago that it's before I was even born, or my dad was even born, or even my dad's dad's dad was even born

One time I think that Mister O'Brien he tried to tell me about how that happened - like people could read your Personal Log before you even were born. And he called it Temp-ol something. And my brother Tom he says it's all like time travel. I've never been on time travel, but I guess it's really exciting even more than when we all went to Earth that one time to see my grand-dad turn really old on his birthday.

So Tanuki says that if I do this Log for everyone a long time ago, then I can have a cookie with chocolate fudge in it. So I'll do this Log 'cuz of I like chocolate and cookies and also 'cuz of how I've never done a Log before like sometimes the grown-ups do.

And I gotta make this Log and say thank you to lots of people who made Reviews when they read about me and Molly O'Brien. Nobody told me about what a Review is but when I asked my brother Tom he just told me to shut up and leave him alone and then I said about how if he didn't tell me then I would tell on him about how he was hanging round the docking ring again when Mum and Dad both told him not to. So he says it's kind of like a Log only lots smaller.

And now I say thank you to Bandelero-Casanova, and kissmedarling, and swisstony, and Hey -- these names are funny!! I know -- you already told me I have to sit real still in my chair and I'm not gonna touch the buttons again. Okay? And thank you lots and lots to MuseUrania too, and Frizz the Eccentric, and elektrum. Everybody thank you heaps for making the Reviews.

There. I made a Log and didn't touch any more of the buttons at all. Can I have my cookie now?

Computer. End Personal Log


Apologies, but I think I need a break from this, so I'm going to clock it as "complete" just for the moment. Hopefully I should be able to get back to it at some stage. But once again, thanks to all my readers, and especially those who wrote reviews - you're absolutely fantastic.

That's about it, I think. All that's left is to…

Mumph umph mffp.

Jackie - I told you that if I was going to give you that cookie, you weren't to talk with your mouth full and… Ugh! That's disgusting. No - don't do it again. I really don't want to see your chewed up biscuit!


No, really. I mean it. Shut your mouth, right now.