Miley Stewart drummed her fingers lightly on her knee as she waited outside one of the dance rooms of the Birchmont Dance Studio, her patience slowly wearing thin. A lock of wavy chocolate hair fell into her eyes and she blew the offending strands away before quickly looking up at the sound of footsteps. Seeing that it was only her father, her shoulders slumped and her lips pouted in disappointment. She sighed audibly, rousing a chuckle from her father, and she looked up at him once more.

"Is he here yet?" Mr. Stewart shook his head, causing Miley to groan in frustration. "Why the hell is he so late? This thing was supposed to start ten minutes ago," she got up and began pacing, a sure sign that she was starting to get anxious. Mr. Stewart sighed tiredly.

"Miley, he's a very busy person – you know that." Miley stopped pacing and folded her arms across her chest, a frown set on her face.

"I would if you told me who the hell he is!" Mr. Stewart groaned and rubbed his temples, trying to stem the migraine that was fast approaching.

"I told you, Miley, it's a surprise. Now please, be patient for a few more minutes; he'll be here!" Miley huffed petulantly.

"Fine. I don't even see why we have to do this anyway – especially with a stranger." Mr. Stewart rolled his eyes, willing God to provide him with aspirin for his ever-growing headache.

"Don't give me that attitude, please. You already know why we're doing this, so stop whining and act your age." Miley huffed once more and turned away so her back faced her father, muttering curses under her breath.

"I'm seventeen, not eight. I shouldn't be treated like a child…" Overhearing her, Mr. Stewart chuckled lightly.

"I'll only treat you like one if you act like one," he sang, causing Miley to grumble even more.

"Stupid music video…" she resumed her pacing as her father watched on, amused at her childish ranting. "Stupid ballroom dancing…stupid late dance partner," she threw her father a nasty glare, "that I don't even know!" Her father only grinned and casually folded his arms.

"Actually, you do know him." Miley's eyes widened briefly in surprise before they narrowed again.

"Then why won't you just tell me who this guy is?!" Sighing, Mr. Stewart opened his mouth to once again chastise his child.


The door to the dance studio opened and an attractive young man came through the door, followed by a large man wearing a suit and dark glasses, who was the young man's agent. Mr. Stewart's gaze flickered behind Miley's shoulder at the sound and, realizing that this must be her mysterious dance partner, she turned around to greet him. Her mouth dropped open in outrage upon seeing him and an angry fire sparked in her eyes. Looking between the young man and her father, she saw the small smile on her father's face and immediately knew he was the one they'd been waiting for.

"No. No! No, no, no, no, NO! Absolutely not! There is no way in hell that I'm working with that," she spat out the word nastily and threw an accusatory finger the boy's way. Mr. Stewart massaged his temples once more and groaned as his migraine grew even bigger.

"Miley…" Before he could continue, the boy turned to the man behind him and began questioning him heavily, an angry look etched onto his face.

"You're telling me that she's Hannah Montana? I have to work with her?! Have you completely lost your mind?! She's the biggest bitch in the world!" Both Mr. Stewart and the agent groaned, knowing full well what would happen next. Miley whipped around to face the young man, pure fury burning in her eyes at his comment, and stomped over to him.

"Listen here, you pompous rat," she growled menacingly, her anger fuelled by his impassive face, "I am not going to sit by and let you call me all sorts of awful names! Now apologize to me, you obnoxious asshole!" The boy barked out laughter, causing her eyes to flash dangerously.

"Quite the hypocrite, aren't you? You want me to apologize for calling you names, which you deserve," she snarled at the statement, but the boy ignored her, "But you're allowed to call me whatever you want? And here I thought you were at least somewhat smart, Stewart." Her anger nearing critical levels, Miley emitted an animalistic growl, wanting so badly to beat some manners into him but managed to restrain herself from hitting him square in his handsome face.

"Why you–"

Just as Miley was about to unleash a torrent of obscenities to the boy, Mr. Stewart quickly grabbed her by the elbow and dragged her down the hall to talk to her privately. When they were a good distance away, Mr. Stewart dropped her elbow and glanced quickly to make sure the boy wasn't leaving. Seeing the man talking sternly to the boy, Mr. Stewart took that as his cue to explain things to his very volatile daughter.

"Miley, please calm down…" Miley's anger spilled over when the words left his lips. If there was one thing she hated, it was when others tried to placate her.

"Calm down? You're joking, right? You know what I think about him; how could you do this to me, Dad?!" Mr. Stewart looked away, unable to meet his daughter's eyes as guilt slowly gnawed at his stomach. Miley closed her eyes, begging a higher power of some kind to provide some kind of alternative. "Couldn't we use someone else? I'd pick anybody over him! Hell, I'd even pick you over him!"

The young man, who had finished the heated conversation with his agent, slowly strolled over to the Stewarts and overheard their conversation. Smirking at the easy opportunity to insult her, he quickly let the words slip from his mouth before the window closed.

"As if anyone would even want to be your partner, Stewart. No one likes dancing with a cow." He saw her stiffen in anger and his smirk grew wider.

Miley's hands clenched into fists and her face turned crimson from both embarrassment and rage. She scowled as she imagined him looking like a cat that had just got the cream and her eyes burned even further. Oh how she wanted to punch that disgusting smirk of satisfaction off his face. Just as she was about to open her mouth to retort, her father beat her to it.

"Can you please give us a minute? And I'd appreciate it if you did not insult my daughter in my presence."

The stern look in his eye and the tone of authority in his voice let the boy know better than to argue. With one last glance at Miley, he retreated back down the hall to his agent in order to discuss the contract that was to be set up. Still seething silently, Miley looked up at her father for an answer to her previous question. Mr. Stewart sighed heavily and rubbed his face once more in exhaustion.

"He's the only person available to do this, Miley. Everyone else is too busy or asked for ridiculous payments. Besides, he's one of Hollywood's biggest names right now and he'll bring you major publicity once word gets out that he's in Hannah Montana's new music video. He can bring a whole new demographic, Miley, and that's something we need!" Miley shook her head in denial, trying hard not to give in to her father's reasonable explanation.

"What if he doesn't want to do it? He obviously hates me, just as I hate him. Now that he knows who he's working with, he'll never want to do this!"

Mr. Stewart glanced over his daughter's shoulder to look at the young man in question and saw the boy chatting quietly with his agent. Feeling the stare, the agent looked up and locked eyes with Mr. Stewart, nodding in confirmation to the man's silent question. Mr. Stewart looked back down at his daughter.

"He needs this publicity as much as we do. Teaming up with Hannah Montana will boost his popularity and widen his demographics. It's a win-win situation for both of us, Miley." Closing her eyes, she brought up her last line of defense, hoping it would be enough to change her father's mind.

"And what about my secret? He actually knows me, Dad! Have you taken that into consideration? He could just spill my secret at school during a fight or something and everything we've worked hard for over the past five years will have been completely wasted! Did you ever think about that?!"

Miley tried to dissolve the horrible images of her spilt secret from her mind, but they refused to leave. She imagined the words leaving his lips during one of their usual spats, causing riots and chaos throughout the school. Yes, he was dirty enough to go that low in order to ruin her life – she was sure he'd do it every day if he had the chance, and unfortunately he now did. Her eyes snapped open and the image of the boy laughing at her as she became swallowed by fans quickly disappeared. She blinked slowly, trying to focus her blue eyes before moving them up to lock with her father's brown ones. Mr. Stewart smiled softly at her as he calmed her fears.

"I did think about that. Before he even stepped foot in the building, I made him and his agent sign a binding legal contract stating that once he saw who you were, he is not allowed to utter a single word about your identity to anyone. If he does, he will be sued by both our family and the record label for every penny he owns." He pushed back a few of her loose curls away from her face and stroked her hair softly. "Don't worry, Bud. He won't tell anyone."

Miley sighed in relief, knowing that the boy loved his fame and money more than anything in the world, so it was highly unlikely that he'd let her secret slip. She glanced behind her at the young man once more before slumping her shoulders in defeat. He would boost the video's popularity, and he was legally bound to keep his mouth shut about her secret, not to mention he was the only person available for the position…

"Fine," she breathed in defeat, "I'll do it." Mr. Stewart patted her back comfortingly, a large smile of triumph on his face.

"Fantastic! Let's go get that contract drawn up." Seeing the sour look on Miley's face, he quickly added, "Come on, Bud, it won't be so bad. In fact, this experience may turn out to be quite pleasant."

He rubbed her shoulder one last time before striding toward the two people down the hall. He shook hands with both the young man and the agent, a broad smile set permanently across his face. Miley brooded angrily as she watched them discuss a contract, scowling at the fact that she was forced unwillingly to be part of this.

Dancing with Jake Ryan was going to be everything but pleasant.

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