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Spencer Reid didn't fit in anywhere. He was too smart and acted too old to fit in with people his own age, and he was too young to fit in with adults. The only place he really felt like he fit, was with Rachel. His best friend, and his only friend, since he arrived at this high school.

He had been dubbed a genius when he was four. He was dubbed a super-genius when he was six. Ever since then his life had changed. Some for the good, some for the bad. His mother wanted him to have a challenge. And that is a difficult task when someone knows something about everything. He stayed in the grade his age permitted, also Mother's idea, and took college classes online and at night.

Even though adults saw his brain as a gift and claimed him a genius, the people in his class had dubbed him a freak. The kid who needed to get out of the school and go to college, or some other school far away from this one. They think he's only there to show everyone up, and he's not. He's only doing what he's told.

His classmates take every chance they get to bully him. To make him an outcast in every possible way. And they succeeded. Rachel was not only his best friend she was his only friend. And Spencer never knew why she was. Despite her relationship with him she was mildly popular with plenty of "normal" friends. She was very pretty, hazel eyes, sandy blonde hair, trim figure and yet she refused to have a boyfriend. She told everyone she was waiting to find that special someone.

But Spencer knew better. She was afraid if she got romantically involved with someone she'd end up doing something foolish and have it end up all over the place and pretty much ruin her life. Other than that she didn't care what people thought. She was Spencer's friend because he intrigued her. She loved to hear him talk. It didn't matter what the topic was, she loved learning anything she could from him. And she would stick up for him no matter what. If someone called him a name in front of her, she'd punch them in the face as hard as she could. When Spencer was with her, no one dared mess with him. And the brave few who did, wound up in the nurse's office.

That made Spencer feel better about the way he was. He knew his mind wasn't a defect, but sometimes it felt like one. He just wanted to be normal. Then they wouldn't taunt. They wouldn't call him a freak. He'd just be a normal fifteen year old boy.

He faced the front doors to the high school, bright sunlight in his face cutting through the crisp October air. He sighed, staring at the doors. This was the one place on Earth he never wanted to go. He ran his hand through his hair. He looked around at the rest of the student body waiting for the doors to open. The buses pulled up and kids milled out. Gossip from the weekend spread from clique to clique. Jocks spoke of the game on Friday and how they would crush the Cougars. A group of girls walked past him. They looked at him and laughed.

"Hey freak!" One called out. Spencer turned away from them, shut his eyes and sighed.

"Why can't they just leave me alone?" He whispered. He looked up when someone called his name. He smiled when he saw Rachel walking toward him. He raised his arm and waved, making her laugh.

"You know Spence I think I figured out why I'm friends with you." She said. Spencer's head cocked to one side.

"Why?" He asked, still smiling.

"Because you are so nerdy and cute I wanna scream." She giggled. Spencer laughed too, though slightly uncomfortable.

The bell sounded across the courtyard and the students roamed their way into the school. As Rachel and Spencer made their way down the halls they got several glares. Rachel didn't seem to notice. Spencer did. He noticed everything. Every tiny detail that reached his peripheral vision. He reached his locker and dialed the combination without even looking.

"How the hell do you do that?" Rachel asked. Spencer smiled.

"I wish I knew." He said truthfully. Rachel giggled. Spencer's grin faded as Arthur Marks, the high school quarter back, walked up witha cocky grin on his face. Spencer knew what was coming, and Rachel did too. This had happened many times.

"Hey Rach." Arthur said.

Strike one. Spencer noted. He called her Rach.

"You are lookin' hot today. " He said, eyes roving up and down her body. Rachel smiled bitterly. Spencer tried not to smile. He knew what she was thinking. She was having a mental battle whether or not to knee him in a very sensitive place.

Strike two. He only wants her for her body and let her know it."

"So," Arthur continued. "What's say you ditch the nerd Friday and hang out with me after the game?"

Uh-oh. Big strike three. Rachel scowled at him.

"Why don't you get one of those pom-pom bimbos to screw you Art." She said shortly. "And you ever call him that again, I'll castrate you." Spencer's eyes grew. Arthur scowled.

"Fine. Your ugly anyway." He said and walked away. Spencer took a step forward, grimacing and cheeks reddening. Rachel put a hand on his chest.

"He ain't worth it Spence." She said softly. Spencer nodded.

"I know it's just...He had no right to..." Rachel nodded.

"He's an ass." She said bluntly. He smiled lightly and shut his locker door.

The bell rang again and he and Rachel headed to first hour. Before he went in his classroom Rachel squeezed his shoulder.

"See ya later Spence."

"By Rachel." He said, waving again, knowing she'd laugh. And she did. He smiled and walked in the class room, mildly ready for the torment waiting inside. If only he knew the things he would be put through only hours from now.

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