Hey everyone! My first fan fic is up and finally running! After at least a year or so of working on it, I've only got 3 LONG solid chapters which I will break apart on here. I wanted to wait till it was completely done, but couldn't wait. Here are the beginnings. I've been told this story kinda sounds like Alias (which I've never watched). But I hope you like that sort of thing! Reviews are welcome :)

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Darkness fell harder than usual. The wind blew chills throughout the city. By 6pm, it was near pitch black out. The once multi-colored sky quickly grew into a dark gray, filling the atmosphere with such a melancholy tone. She stepped out of the shadows. The wind blew her long, wet hair in her face. She brushed it back with her gloved fingers. She walked with such poise and attitude, as if she owned the town. Walking forward to the edge of the hotel rooftop, she pulled up her right arm carrying her favorite SASR sniper rifle. She screwed on the silencer with her other hand. Slowly kneeling beside the red neon lights of the hotel, she held the rifle up and peaked into the scope. It began to drizzle again as she put the earpiece in her ear.

"Standby for confirmation, Delta One." A crisp voice said in here ear.

The rain began to pour harder. Droplets covered the dark rifle. She pulled back and placed a visor over the scope to keep the water out of her sights. Taking a deep breath, she pulled her hair out of her face and looked through the scope again.

"Awaiting confirmation, HQ." She looked down at her watch. "You ought to hurry. My patience is running out." She responded sternly.

"Standby." The voice replied just as sternly. "Okay, here we go. We just received confirmation on the unidentified, underground boss we've been tracking for the past several months. Target's name is Johnny Diedrich."

"I don't need a name, HQ. I need a face."

"I was just getting to that." The voice became more stern. "Diedrich is 5'8", bald, average set. Our sources say he almost always leaves that coffee shop at approximately 6:15pm to pick up his daughter from her dance recitals."

"Is he alone?"

"That information has not yet been relayed to us."

She looked through the windows of the coffee shop for any possible matches to the description. The men sitting near the window were not bald. She quickly looked down at her watch.

"It's 6:18, HQ. Are your sources clear? Maybe the mark has already left."

"Negative. We have someone working on the inside. Get ready. Diedrich is paying his bill." She peaked into her scope. A bald man walked toward the door smiling and waving behind him. He put on a black trench coat. Two men got up from another table and followed Diedrich. One took his hat from the coat rack and placed it on his head. "Wait a minute. Confirming two bodies following Diedrich."

"Hostile? What is their involvement?" She asked quickly.

"They don't appear to be. Seems like they're bodyguards. Diedrich is at the door. Copy that?"

"I have visual. I'm sending it over to you, HQ. Confirm target." She activated the device on her scope that began relaying her visuals to HQ.

"Standby, Delta One."

"The mark is walking to the nearest vehicle." She became alert. All three men drew their umbrellas and began walking across the street to their car. "I no longer have target visual."

"Take the shot, Delta One. We have target confirmation. He's the man second nearest to the car."

"I have no visual!" She yelled. The men stopped shortly before they reached the car. They seemed to be discussing things. Diedrich pulled out a small, white bunny from his pocket.

"It's ma daughta's birthday. It's da least I can do to make up for all those times I came home late and broke my promises tah her." He looked down at the bunny as the little bell around its neck made a small, high-pitched jingle.

"Aye Boss. Ya daughta loves ya and someday she'll realize that all ya hard work is for her own good." One of his bodyguards said.

"What?! What'd she think of her fatha if she knew da terrible shit I've done?" The two bodyguards shrugged. "Use ya head, Joey!"

"Geez. Sorry Boss!" Joey rubbed the back of his neck.

"All she ever's gonna know is that her pop is the big man at da office." He looked at them sternly. "Don't nobody at home gotta know what we do at da firm, not even family." Something about the bunny took her attention away. It reminded her of her past. She was in a trance and for a second, she forgot where she was.

"Take the shot, Delta One! The mark is about to leave!" The voice yelled. She blinked back into reality and took a deep breath. She blinked her eyes for a long second and aimed a little below the tip of the umbrella. Suddenly, she pulled the trigger twice. She heard two pops before she immediately pulled the rifle down and hid herself beneath the ledge. Diedrich fell to the ground as he dropped the bunny into a shallow puddle of water. His umbrella fell to the side. His two bodyguards immediately drew their guns and took cover. They peeked around the taillight and looked down at Diedrich. His eyes were still open and he let out a constricted breath of air. Blood rushed from his chest and mouth, slowly dissipating in the rain.

"Boss! Boss!" Joey turned to the other bodyguard. "Cova me, Marv!" Joey ran down to Diedrich and immediately put his hands on the wounds. "Ah, God! He's hit bad!" Marv kept his gun up, occasionally looking down at Diedrich.

"I'm getting help, Joe. I think the shoota's gone." Marv put his gun in his holster and ran across the street into the café.

"Confirm target elimination." She said as she quickly dismantled her rifle. She was breathing heavily as tears slowly formed in her eyes.

"Sending our inside man out to check. Standby for confirmation." She stuffed the pieces of her rifle in a thin case, turned on her stomach, and began to crawl to the rooftop door. People in the diner ran to the windows to look at the commotion. Two of the waiters came running out with Marv. They tried to put pressure on Diedrich's wounds, but by then, he was already soaking in his own puddle of blood, which seemed to slowly dissolve in the rain puddles. He was dead. Sirens sounded from the distance as she lifted a loose brick in the wall.

"Awaiting confirmation." She said as she removed her black gloves. The rain poured down her long silky hair onto her trench coat.

"Target eliminated. Case closed." She took out the earpiece, threw it in with the case, and covered it with the loose brick. She then went inside and locked the door behind her. The ambulance arrived along with two police units.

Down in the alley, she walked up to her motorcycle behind the garbage cans and slid her black helmet on. She started it up and slowly maneuvered her way through the alleys and away from the scene. Smoke slowly came out of the exhaust as rain started to pour.