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Inner Sakura/ Shukaku (I probably will put them in just to make it more fun)


'Knock! Knock! Knock!'

Sakura grumbled as she slowly got out of her bed. I swear, who ever woke me up at six in the morning, I'm going to kick their ass! She told herself. She stumbled across the floor until she finally reached her front door. Sakura slowly opened to the door, revealing a smiling Naruto. Her face fell as she slammed the door and started to walk back to her bed. "Aw, come on, Sakura. Tsunade said she had a mission!"

Hearing what Naruto said, she hurried back to the door and opened it. "A mission?"

"Yeah, she said it was kind of important. We have to be there in an hour." Naruto told.

"Okay, thanks, Naruto. I'll be there." Sakura said as she closed the door and started to rub her eyes.

You do know he said in one hour, right? Her inner told her.

Sakura's eyes flew open. I didn't even shower yet! Damn-it, Naruto! He could have told me earlier! Sakura started to run back to her room. She started to dig around in her dresser, searching for clothes to wear. What to wear, what to wear?She kept asking herself.

Time's ticking, hun. Inner Sakura reminded.

Ah, screw it! Sakura grabbed her usual clothes and headed for the shower. Once she was done, Sakura hurried down the hallway and looked at the time. She had about fifteen minutes to eat and arrive at the Hokage tower. Grabbing an apple from the counter in her kitchen, she quickly took a bite and started to head for the tower.

Tsunade sat at her desk, staring at the documents in front of her. She put the bottle of sake on the desk and put her head into her hands. A file just arrived earlier today and it was a big issue. Even though they were allies with this country, it seemed that she was always brought into these events, and they never turn out right.

Re-opening the document in front of her, she started to re-read it to make sure there wasn't anything that she had missed.


About a month ago, it was said that our Kazekage was KIA. No traces of his body were found, and we suspected him dead. Since that day we have been searching for, and to appoint a new Kazekage.

About three days ago, a fellow ninja that was also reported KIA in the same battle, returned to the Wind country and reported the Kazekage was kidnapped by a clan of rouge ninja. The ninja had said the clan kidnaps high-rank ninja, and then tries to break them, and use or sell them as slaves to other countries. He had said before he escaped, he saw our fellow Kazekage in one of the cells.

We are asking Konoha for assistance in this rescue mission. Send some of your strongest ninja out between the west boarders of the Star country. Along a river, there should be a building where all the hostage ninja are being held. If you could, take him back to Konoha to be healed and cared for. The man also said that the rouge ninja use torture as a way to break them. You are your only hope in rescuing our leader. All that we have sent were captured by these men.

Good Luck,

Suna Council

Tsunade rubbed the bridge of her nose. Things were getting out of hand. A knock at her door brought her out of the daze she was starting to fall into. "Come in." She ordered as she folder her hands and rested her head on them.

The doors opened and Sakura shyly entered the room. "Ah, Sakura, glad you could make it." Tsunade smiled

Sakura nodded as she sat down in one of the chairs that were in front of Tsunade's desk. Tsunade leaned back in her chair, making a creaking noise in the process. Sakura nervously crossed her legs, wondering why her teacher wasn't telling her anything.

Suddenly the door burst open and Naruto tripped into the room. "Sorry I'm late." He apologized as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Its fine, Naruto. Just don't do it again!"

Naruto laughed nervously as he took a seat in the other chair next to Sakura. Tsunade eyed the two ninja in front of her as she folded her hands once again. "Um, Tsunade, you did ask for us to com here, right?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, I did, but we're still one ninja short."

Naruto and Sakura looked at each other before hearing someone walk into the room. "Sorry I'm late, there was this one lady who needed help with her bags and, being the gentlemen I am, decided to help her out."

"Yeah, yeah, Kakashi, like we haven't heard that one before." Naruto grumbled.

"Good, now that you're all here, I can assign you to a mission." Tsunade mentioned.

"Finally!" Naruto shouted, throwing his fist in the air.

"This mission is an S-ranked mission. It seems that the Wind country's Kazekage was thought to be killed in action about a month ago. Fortunately, a ninja that escaped a slave base on the Star country's boarders, reported that he saw him at the rouge ninja's base."

"G-Gaara." Naruto whispered.

"Your mission is to enter the rouge ninja base, retrieve the Kazekage, and bring him back here for further examination. Knowing your mission, do you except?"

"We except." Naruto declared standing from his seat.

Naruto . . . Sakura watched Naruto as his face filled with determination. He slammed his hand down on the wooden desk. "We will bring him back, Tsunade."

Tsunade's lips turned into a smirk. "Very well. You three will leave tomorrow at nine. Dismissed!"

The leather whip was brought down onto his bare back. Blood seeped from the newly open cuts on his back, as well as old ones from the day before. The ninjas brought down the whip once again. It slapped against his skin, but he didn't cry out in pain. He wouldn't show them pain.

The ninja's dropped him onto the floor. "You will obey me." One of them whispered before they left him in his cell.

He picked himself off of the cold, stone floor. Biting his bottom lip, he tried to think of a plan.

Tonight, he would escape this place.

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