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Your Eyes are Golden

They met before the accident, they met after the surgery; they met when she was blind, and they met now that she can see—and the first thing the girl sees, are her golden eyes, as bright as the sun can be.


Chapter One: The First Encounter

The first meeting was unarranged.

She was jogging down the street; in a rush because she had overslept, her classes were going to start soon, and it took at least half an hour to get to the university campus. The woman glanced at her watch, 11:13 a.m. She would have to start running if she were to make it on time.

The woman did just that—making sure that her bag was secure on her back; she picked up her pace and began running the two miles to WU, Windbloom University. She kept her fast pace until she saw the University and quickly checked the time, it was 11:28, she still had a good seven minutes until her first class, The Modern History of Windbloom, started.

Happy that she wasn't about to be late for any classes, the woman slowed down and caught her breath as she slowly jogged to the campus.

"Watch out!" she looked toward the voice to see what was the matter, but it was too late and she ran into the body of another person.

"Whoa!" she called out surprised, and she used her quick reflexes to grab the person before they could fall.

"Sorry about that, Nina." said a man with dark blonde hair as he ran up to her. "I was kind of showing my cousin the campus and she decided to run off without her… uh… stick." The man, Takashi Ho, a great friend of Nina's who was also in her Advanced Calculus class, apologized while showing her the long metal 'stick'.

"It's fine." She tried to wave off the apology, but she realized she was still holding onto the person she had run into. "Oh, sorry!" she blushed and released the woman from her grasp.

"I'm… I'm sorry." The former captive mumbled a soft apology.

"No, no, I'm sorry."

"No, I'm sorry if I had watched where I was going—"

Takashi laughed. "Erstin, you and I both know that couldn't have happened!"

Nina raised her eyebrows confused and Erstin just turned her head with a blush.

Takashi bent down and picked up a pair of dark sunglasses, "Here, you dropped these."

"Thank you!" The blonde known as Erstin beamed at her cousin and placed the offered item on her face.

The blonde then turned toward Nina and gave a slight bow, "Really, I'm sorry, and thank you for catching me." Erstin looked up and smiled.

"Oh yeah!" Takashi exclaimed. "I haven't even introduced you two yet!"

Nina gave a short chuckle and Erstin blushed.

"Nina," Takashi looked towards the blunette. "This is my cousin, Erstin Ho." He then turned towards the blonde and touched her shoulder, "Erstin, this is a friend of mine, Nina Wang."

"Nice to meet you, Erstin-san," Nina said with a soft smile and extended her hand.

"Nice to meet you too, Nina-san," Erstin smiled and ignored the outstretched hand. She turned toward her cousin after he tapped her shoulder and he whispered something into her ear. "Oh, I'm sorry!" Erstin exclaimed and removed her glasses with one hand, while reaching out to shake Nina's hand with the other.

After the blonde grasped the blunette's hand she handed her dark shades to Takashi.

"Can I…?" she trailed off her question for the blunette.

"Can you what?" Nina was about to ask, but before she could get past the word can the other woman used the hand that was not in the blunette's grasp and ran it up the side of her arm. Nina looked at Takashi for some sort of explanation and he just smiled.

"Wh-what are you…" Nina trailed off after she noticed the blonde's eyes were closed and that the other woman was innocently tracing the outline of her face with her hand.

"Beautiful." Erstin said after moments getting the feel of the blunette's face.

"What?" Nina asked.

"Nothing," the blonde opened her eyes and looked up at Nina; Nina, in turn, looked down and into the blonde's eyes.

Nina was shocked. Erstin had light green eyes. They weren't light on the side of yellow, but they were so light that they almost seemed to be blue. Although, that was not the only reason for her being surprised, it was the fact that the other woman seemed to be looking toward her, but not at her with clouded eyes that were filled with emotion.

"Oh…" the blunette mouthed.

Nina thought about how ridiculous she was. There were multiple hints that explained what the blonde was, yet she didn't take notice of them. She then decided that she would take notice, and accessed the situation… well, the blonde in front of her.

Erstin was blind.

Nina blinked and gazed at the woman in front of her again. "You're blind?" Her statement came off as more of a question of confirmation.

Erstin's smile fell and she nodded sadly. "Legally, yes, but I still have some of my sight. Well, at times I do, but it's more random flashes of color and blurred objects than anything."

"Oh, so… can you see me?"

The blonde shook her head, "No, but I don't need to."

"Huh?" the blunette was confused and she looked over at the Takashi who shook his head with a smirk.

"I can already tell that you're cute!" Erstin grinned, Nina blushed, and the other blonde was holding his sides trying to suppress his laughter.

Beep-beep. Beep-beep.

Nina looked at her watch, "Oh no, it's 11:35!" Takashi gave Nina a questioning look, and Erstin looked in Takashi's general vicinity for some sort of verbal explanation.

The blonde male shrugged, seeming to forget that his younger cousin was blind. But he actually didn't know what to tell Erstin, he was confused himself.

"My classes started!" Nina panicked. Erstin mouthed an "oh" to the other blonde and Takashi placed a hand on her shoulder.

"So?" Takashi shrugged removing his hand from his cousin's arm. "Just go in late." his voice nonchalant. As important as getting an education was for him, the dirty blonde could actually care less when he got into class. He was a smart guy and he caught onto things quite easily, so missing a few minutes… or an hour of class (to him) wasn't too much of an issue.

"What?" the look the blunette gave him made it seem as though he had two heads.

"Oh, did you not hear me the first time?" Takashi teased. "Just go in late." He repeated slowly.

Nina flushed, "That's not what I meant--"

"But that's what you said." The dark blonde interrupted with a laugh.

Nina scoffed, "Whatever, how can you just suggest something like that?" She had never been tardy to a class, so the very idea of coming into a class late seemed ludicrous.

"It's not crazy, just go. Besides, you're only what… two, no, three minutes late?" Takashi confirmed the time after looking at his cell phone.

"It is crazy! I'm late!" the blunette stressed the last word, as if to emphasize the direness of the situation.

"Oh yeah, three minutes, no wait, four." He teased, rolling his eyes for effect.

"Takashi, this isn't funny! I'm la—"

"Hai, hai!" The blonde female interrupted. "You are late, but you know you are wasting more time standing around and complaining about it." She added a soft smile to show that she wasn't trying to come off as rude.

Nina gasped, the girl was right; she had to get going before she missed more of her class.

"Thank you so much, it's been nice meeting you, Erstin. I'll see you later, Takashi." She started to bend over to bow until she remembered that other woman was blind, so instead she grabbed Erstin's hand and shook it in thanks before running off towards her class.

After Takashi watched the blunette's figure disappear into the building and Erstin could no longer hear the other girl's footfalls, Takashi asked his younger cousin a question. "So, what do you think?"

Erstin could feel her right hand being held in between her cousin's larger ones. "She's nice," she paused, she knew what her cousin was asking, he wanted to know if she was all right with him wanting to date her. "It's okay with me, just don't try and keep her all to yourself if she says 'yes'!"

She playfully pushed the male and he laughed at her joke. What Takashi didn't know, and what she had yet to be aware of, is that she was being serious.

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